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  • Disappointed

    7/27/2017 1:53:35 AM, by LADYLUK

    Well I had to travel to Little Rock this past week for an arterial angiogram to make sure my brain is healing correctly. We got to the hospital a... Read more

  • Catechism in a Year

    7/27/2017 12:45:59 AM, by DEE107

    339. How does sin threaten marriage? Because of original sin, which caused a rupture in the God-given communion between man and woman, the ... Read more

  • Need a laugh?

    7/26/2017 10:08:20 AM, by LADYIRISH317

    ... Read more

  • Catechism in a Year

    7/26/2017 12:52:04 AM, by DEE107

    337. What is the plan of God regarding man and woman? God who is love and who created man and woman for love has called them to love. By cre... Read more

  • Catechism in a Year

    7/25/2017 12:53:49 AM, by DEE107

    334. Is it necessary to be celibate to receive the sacrament of Holy Orders? It is always necessary to be celibate for the episcopacy. For t... Read more

  • I still hate Mondays

    7/24/2017 11:48:05 AM, by LADYIRISH317

    Two-plus years into retirement, I still hate Mondays and love Fridays. Go figure. I have to laugh. I asked my niece to measure my nine-year-... Read more

  • Catechism in a Year

    7/24/2017 12:48:49 AM, by DEE107

    331. How is the sacrament of Holy Orders celebrated? The sacrament of Holy Orders is conferred, in each of its three degrees, by means of th... Read more

  • Sunday

    7/23/2017 5:24:51 PM, by DEE107

    Went to Mass this morning and saw the sick at home .. then took dad and hubby we went to Mass again for the 75 Anniversary of our church .. B... Read more

  • Hello my day

    7/22/2017 4:58:16 PM, by DEE107

    I crashed early last night after being with dad all day. Last night he a fever so I stayed with him.. he doesnt have internet so my hot... Read more

  • Good grief...

    7/22/2017 1:39:46 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    My roommate leaves today. Unfortunately, they've already reassigned the bed. They're transferring someone in from another room. I had hoped to ge... Read more

  • Catechism in a Year

    7/21/2017 12:38:27 AM, by DEE107

    328. What is the effect of ordination to the priesthood? The anointing of the Spirit seals the priest with an indelible, spiritual character... Read more

  • Catechism in a Year

    7/20/2017 12:40:52 AM, by DEE107

    326. What is the effect of episcopal ordination? Episcopal ordination confers the fullness of sacrament of Holy Orders. It makes the bishop ... Read more

  • Wednesday Funnies

    7/19/2017 11:24:20 AM, by LADYIRISH317

    ... Read more

  • Wednesday Funnies

    7/19/2017 11:24:18 AM, by LADYIRISH317

    ... Read more

  • Day 4 Agra Fort

    7/19/2017 1:35:07 AM, by LADYLUK

    Akbar chose Agra to be his capital and began building a strong citadel. That citadel took 8 years to complete and is called Agra fort. It i... Read more

  • Catechism in a Year

    7/19/2017 12:36:02 AM, by DEE107

    324. What place does the sacrament of Holy Orders have in the divine plan of salvation? This sacrament was prefigured in the Old Covenant in... Read more

  • Day 4 Where did day 3 go?

    7/18/2017 11:34:07 PM, by LADYLUK

    Wow! I totally lost a whole day somewhere! Has anyone found it? Actually I have been house well apartment hunting. I finally found a cute one bed... Read more

  • Catechism in a Year

    7/18/2017 12:43:27 AM, by DEE107

    321. What are the sacraments at the service of communion and mission? Two sacraments, Holy Orders and Matrimony, confer a special grace for ... Read more

  • Melty Monday

    7/17/2017 7:30:01 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    Great news from my niece. My great-niece is still in the NICU, but she's turning out to be quite a little chow-hound. I worked in Pediatric billi... Read more

  • Last Day of Carnival

    7/17/2017 12:40:59 AM, by DEE107

    very tired worked each night but over 10000 steps each day .. Ate at home drank lots of water, and meet a lot of new people ..Ban... Read more

  • Day 2 Taj Mahal

    7/16/2017 11:27:45 PM, by LADYLUK

    Our first adventure of course will be the Taj Mahal. ... Read more

  • Carnival

    7/16/2017 12:37:17 AM, by DEE107

    working the carnival every night and I am too tired to do much I am walking and moving a lot..dont think we made our numbers so f... Read more

  • Day 1 Leaving on a jet plane...

    7/16/2017 12:15:15 AM, by LADYLUK

    Today marks the first day of the Shooting Stars new journey. We are headed to the Taj Mahal. But before we get there I want to share with you a b... Read more

  • Catechism in a Year

    7/15/2017 12:45:29 AM, by DEE107

    318. How is this sacrament celebrated? The celebration of this sacrament consists essentially in an anointing with oil which may be blessed ... Read more

  • Whatever

    7/14/2017 1:54:40 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I'm so angry right now. I have headaches every day (I've asked for new glasses). This morning the kitchen promised us biscuits and gravy with sau... Read more

  • Whatever

    7/14/2017 1:54:40 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I'm so angry right now. I have headaches every day (I've asked for new glasses). This morning the kitchen promised us biscuits and gravy with sau... Read more

  • Day 7 final day in Angkor

    7/14/2017 12:36:38 PM, by LADYLUK

    I did things a little backwards. We should probably done these first in order to better understand where we were going the rest of the week. ... Read more

  • Catechism in a Year

    7/14/2017 12:52:35 AM, by DEE107

    315. What is the attitude of the Church toward the sick? Having received from the Lord the charge to heal the sick, the Church strives to ca... Read more

  • Catechism in a Year

    7/13/2017 12:39:35 AM, by DEE107

    313. How was sickness viewed in the Old Testament? In the Old Testament sickness was experienced as a sign of weakness and at the same time ... Read more

  • Let's laugh

    7/12/2017 9:21:55 AM, by LADYIRISH317

    ... Read more

  • Catechism in a Year

    7/12/2017 12:45:18 AM, by DEE107

    311. Can this sacrament be celebrated in some cases with a general confession and general absolution? In cases of serious necessity (as in i... Read more

  • Day 4 The eyes will not stop following me

    7/11/2017 9:23:33 PM, by LADYLUK

    Bayon Temple is part of the Angkor Archaeological Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Read more

  • Brain freeze, please!

    7/11/2017 1:21:06 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I'm driving myself nuts. If I knit a gift for someone, I fret that the recipient will hate the color or the style. If I post a birthday meme on a... Read more

  • Catechism in a Year

    7/11/2017 12:40:30 AM, by DEE107

    309. Is a confessor bound to secrecy? Given the delicacy and greatness of this ministry and the respect due to people every confessor, witho... Read more

  • Day 3 Just another day in Angkor

    7/10/2017 10:40:09 PM, by LADYLUK

    Today I thought we would visit the Angkor National Museum. Read more


    7/10/2017 6:23:49 PM, by SMIDGON

    Sat (Lexis b.d.) was a long, sad day. Sunday, even tho we went to Church, was long! Today, was laundry day. Yesterday I talked with... Read more

  • Is it Monday already?

    7/10/2017 12:20:04 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    Weird -- I've been retired for two years and I STILL hate Mondays. Read more

  • Catechism in a Year

    7/10/2017 12:25:52 AM, by DEE107

    124. In what condition was the body of Christ while it lay in the tomb? Christ underwent a real death and a true burial. However, the power ... Read more

  • Day 2 Angkor, Cambodia or bust

    7/9/2017 8:59:22 PM, by LADYLUK

    Today’s adventure begins with a little bit of mythology first. At the centre of the Hindu (and Buddhist) universe sits Mount Meru, a holy peak so... Read more

  • Thank you for your support

    7/9/2017 6:56:05 PM, by LADYLUK

    I just want to take a moment and say thank you for all the sparkmail and goodies that you have all sent me during this tragedy. I know it is neve... Read more

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