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  • Worst Gym Class Ever?

    3/7/2018 8:13:24 AM, by BECSARAH

    But before I get into that, I clicked on my sparkpage today to add a new blog, and what did I see? Read more

  • 100 Days of Transformation: Day 64

    3/6/2018 1:30:41 PM, by WILDHUNTRESS

    Sorry I haven't been blogging as well as I have at the beginning of the 100 days. So far I'm doing amazing. Still without sugar, still without so... Read more

  • Getting Healthy Again

    3/6/2018 11:43:42 AM, by COUNTRYGIRLY

    I am kind of excited today. I record my weight weekly....I am a numbers person...but I check my weight daily to help keep me on track. I am alrea... Read more

  • 3/6/18 workout

    3/6/2018 8:47:22 AM, by LR237787

    Swimming: 200 free warm up 5x200 free, on a 4:30 5x100 free, on a 2:15 5x200 free, on a 4:30 5x100 free, on a 2:15 2x500 free, hard 200 free cool... Read more

  • Long Time No Blogging

    3/5/2018 8:07:32 PM, by MESS-MAY

    Hi everyone! So you haven't heard from me in a very long time. It's been like 16 months. So here's a break-down of those 16 months. November... Read more

  • :-( Another Day

    3/5/2018 3:09:42 PM, by KROOF613

    Cant seem to get my watch to sync to my android so I am able to track steps a bit more accurately. Pedometers seem not too correct. My 11 year ... Read more

  • 3/5/18 workout

    3/5/2018 8:19:47 AM, by LR237787

    Spinning: 75 min Circuit training: 32 min; arms, legs, core, cardio... Read more

  • Gym Intimidation. Gymtimidation?

    3/5/2018 4:44:28 AM, by BECSARAH

    Well, as you can all probably see, I dropped off the radar for a weeks there. I got pretty ill, and as well as that I got a promotion at work tha... Read more

  • Reason for my March goal

    3/4/2018 11:40:04 PM, by COUNTRYGIRLY

    For March I decided for my goal to be a dry month...meaning no alcohol. I have given myself this challenge to not only get my calories on track, ... Read more

  • I'm back!!

    3/4/2018 11:26:52 AM, by BUTTERNUTTS

    I've been away for a while and even tried out Weight ... Read more

  • Motivation, such a fickle thing.

    3/4/2018 10:32:19 AM, by PEREZJPRZ19

    Starts out as a fire that burns so brightly that you could hardly look directly at it. But as leaves turn and the hard times come ... Read more

  • Gallbladder Removal

    3/3/2018 12:47:34 PM, by GEMINI90

    I had gallbladder removal surgery on Thursday March 1st. I’m still in a lot of pain and I wish they kept me over night at the hospital or at leas... Read more

  • 30

    3/3/2018 11:59:48 AM, by STINA44

    Today, I turn 30. Well, more like I am kicking and screaming being forced to turn 30. I can feel those over 30 rolling their eyes and thinking 'T... Read more

  • Scale Up Shape Down

    3/3/2018 7:31:57 AM, by JULMATT

    The scale numbers keep floating between 282 and 287. Big difference most would say, but when on insulin and prone to retaining fluid it doesn’... Read more

  • Relearning

    3/2/2018 6:59:47 PM, by COUNTRYGIRLY

    I know I keep coming back and fading away and coming back again. But this time I am mentally prepared. It's been a "dark" couple of past years. L... Read more

  • Not really a plateau?

    3/2/2018 5:57:17 PM, by FBAILEY24X

    Ok so I haven't had a super clean month with my food, there have been a few bumps but not this week. How long does your weight have to remain the... Read more

  • Moving In

    3/2/2018 4:30:41 PM, by GLYKON

    Today’s workout was me moving into a new room. We had to move all the stuff in it into the living room, move all my stuff into the room, then all... Read more

  • Stuck

    3/2/2018 1:46:57 PM, by BEACHCALSIX

    stuck Ok, this is week 2 remaining at the same weight. That means that 3 weigh-ins total has read the same number...ugh. This means I need to ... Read more

  • 3/2/18 workout

    3/2/2018 8:14:41 AM, by LR237787

    Swimming: 200 free warm up 4x200 free, med, 20s rest 8x50 free, windsprint, 20s rest 3x200 free, med, 15s rest 8x50 free, windsprint, 15s rest 2... Read more

  • Working out with friends/coworkers

    3/2/2018 3:34:45 AM, by XOSHAYXO

    So I've never really worked out with anyone before. I hate exercising anyway, I hate to be hot and sweaty and out of breath, and I especially hat... Read more

  • March is upon us...

    3/1/2018 10:46:20 PM, by GLYKON

    March has begun! In Mississippi, it’s the rainy season. In 19 days, it’ll be Ostara, and then Spring will flow out of the ground like a bulb!... Read more

  • March goals and progress photo!

    3/1/2018 2:47:47 PM, by BEACHCALSIX

    Well I weigh in tomorrow and hoping to have surpassed my goal for dietbet(s). I was a bit curious and went back to the first diet back I started ... Read more

  • Day 3 to getting healthy

    3/1/2018 2:24:54 PM, by KROOF613

    Day 2 of walking around my industrial park for a bit of exercise i walk til my back starts hurting... 2 rounds but i hope to get to at least 3 or... Read more

  • Core Workout

    3/1/2018 1:23:58 PM, by JULMATT

    Today was my last day with the free training session and I asked to be shown some core stuff to go along with my upper and lower body strength... Read more

  • 3/1/18 workout

    3/1/2018 8:09:31 AM, by LR237787

    Swimming: 200 free warm up (3x200 3x150 3x100 3x50 free, rest 20s 2x200 2x150 2x100 2x50 free, rest 15s 1x200 1x150 1x100 1x50 free, rest 10s) al... Read more

  • Day 1 Writing and Weight loss Challenge

    2/28/2018 10:29:26 AM, by HEATHERGOUGH23

    Today is 25 weeks until the day before I turn 31. When I hit 30 I wasn't upset and I didn't feel old but I did realize that this was the time to ... Read more

  • Unactive Career

    2/28/2018 8:50:19 AM, by KROOF613

    I sit all the time at work my job is all about the phones n computer.... Of course my computer is low on a desk where i cant stand without killin... Read more

  • 2/28/18 workout

    2/28/2018 8:17:44 AM, by LR237787

    Spinning: 77 min Circuit training: 29 min- arms, legs, abs, cardio... Read more

  • Trying to keep my head up

    2/27/2018 10:22:16 PM, by PEREZJPRZ19

    Hi Sparklers! Sorry for the back to back post, just thought I'd make up for last week. I'll try to keep it short for anyone that reads it si... Read more

  • 2/27/18 workout

    2/27/2018 10:24:44 AM, by LR237787

    Swimming: 200 free warm up 20x50 free (25 windsprint, 25 easy) 200 free, 8 kicks 200 free, 6 kicks 200 free, 4 kicks 2x200 free, 2 kicks 1000 fre... Read more

  • 2018 already?

    2/27/2018 9:08:44 AM, by MKWELLS84

    Well, I fell off that train. lol! But I am back on it. Jan 3rd, I started atkins again. I did great for 3 weeks then I had some Cheesecake Facto... Read more

  • Mrs. Bad Self-Talk

    2/27/2018 7:45:20 AM, by JULMATT

    Bad Self Talk is my biggest enemy, not only when it comes to eating healthy and exercising, but in every aspect of my life. I can always find ... Read more

  • 2/26/18 workout

    2/26/2018 8:10:25 AM, by LR237787

    Spinning: 69 min Circuit training: arms, legs, abs, cardio, 30 min... Read more

  • Oh boy, here we go again..

    2/25/2018 9:25:42 PM, by GEORGIAGIRL1989

    Well, I cannot say how many times I have started and stopped over and over again. I have not committed to anything consistently and I really need... Read more

  • Small steps

    2/24/2018 3:41:15 PM, by S3XY_DIVA_QUE3N

    Still struggling to get some momentum and make the life changes I need to make. Right now, I’m just going to make the goal to open SparkPeople ev... Read more

  • Vision Statement

    2/24/2018 1:10:28 PM, by JULMATT

    I am a strong, solid, dedicated woman that includes exercise and healthy food every day of her life to achieve my ultimate goal of a solid, we... Read more

  • Just One

    2/24/2018 1:07:08 PM, by STINA44

    I am reluctant to report that I only lost 1 pound this week. I was hoping to be at 242 this morning or at least 243 but I was 244. I think part o... Read more

  • Food sabateurs.

    2/23/2018 5:41:13 PM, by FBAILEY24X

    I turned 30 this week and alongside this came gifts unfortunately these included champagne, Asti, chocolates and truffles. I don't want to be rud... Read more

  • Friday weigh in, no progress this week

    2/23/2018 1:52:16 PM, by BEACHCALSIX

    Well, this week the scale is stuck and doesn't want to move. I wanted to reach 20 lbs lost this week but, well, the scale has other ideas. lol. I... Read more

  • 2/23/18

    2/23/2018 11:03:10 AM, by DIAMONDTEAR

    Females gain water weight during their menstrual cycle, which I just got off of the other day. Tuesday I'll measure and hopefully have lost weigh... Read more

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