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  • 1st day weigh in!

    4/6/2016 8:44:50 AM, by MSREVIS09

    So.. .today is the first day of our biggest loser contest at work. I've decided to join for the motivation and the accountability of weighing in... Read more

  • Pitty party and new resolve

    4/6/2016 8:11:22 AM, by LOVETASSIE

    Today I held myself a pitty party. Gawd. How boring and depressing! I grumbled a lot, lounged around and I watched a girlie movie in the afternoo... Read more

  • Progress...

    4/6/2016 12:54:03 AM, by MEGHNA915

    It's great when your hard works pays off. People I haven't seen in a little while notice changes. People at the gym are asking me for help with... Read more

  • New me

    4/5/2016 11:05:27 PM, by ACOOPER12911

    I'm so excited to start my journey to becoming a new and healthier me... Read more

  • 1#

    4/5/2016 10:11:22 PM, by FIREFLY0915

    Eye opening when you see what one pound really looks ... Read more

  • Getting motivated

    4/5/2016 9:55:01 PM, by KMELBER7

    Today marks 1 week of keeping track of what I eat. Which i did get great doing but I'm really having a hard time getting motivated to exercise. ... Read more

  • Stressed

    4/5/2016 9:42:41 PM, by FIREFLY0915

    Getting more and more stressed lately as my work envi... Read more

  • FitBit

    4/5/2016 9:28:21 PM, by AMBERLEIGH9287

    My FitBit came today. Super excited to try it out tomorrow at work. Which is one of my busiest days of the week. Eek! Hope everyone has a great r... Read more

  • self love day 7 and some restorative yoga

    4/5/2016 7:31:45 PM, by LOVETASSIE

    *couldn't post this yesterday for whatever reason* Well first of all thank you all for your wonderful comments! Whilst I am writing these b... Read more

  • Bottled pride

    4/5/2016 4:24:47 PM, by SILVERSPARROW04

    I went walking yesterday and I wish I could bottle this feeling of accomplishment and pride that I did what I said I was going to do. I took one ... Read more

  • So excited!

    4/5/2016 4:16:16 PM, by HMARLOW5

    Thank you eBay! I ordered a fitbit for 65 dollars today!! :) brand new! No one else's sweat on it! Hehe it's an accomplishment tool! I've done so... Read more

  • Today I was reminded why I am doing this...

    4/5/2016 11:53:13 AM, by MUFFINTOPTIFF

    For the last couple of days, I have been fighting some sort of sinus/respiratory cold. I haven't been able to workout without getting extremely s... Read more

  • Feed yourself good food

    4/5/2016 11:26:36 AM, by HMARLOW5

    Took my puppies for a 3/4 mile walk. Still not 100% t... Read more

  • Choices

    4/5/2016 10:25:06 AM, by SUPER_CIARA

    In therapy yesterday, we talked about perfectionism an... Read more

  • Day Two: Cardio Craze

    4/5/2016 10:18:37 AM, by BARDEN21

    Day one went great! Felt really full after all of mea... Read more

  • New Day?

    4/5/2016 9:23:00 AM, by TOEBEANZ

    After my encounter with calorie infested easter candy the other day leading to a mini binge, I decided to not let that get me down. This morning ... Read more

  • First Time Sparker!

    4/4/2016 11:45:49 PM, by CRUNWITT

    I have tried LoseIt, My Fitness Pal and Livestrong fitness/food apps. I feel like I lose focus and fail to be consistent. I hope Spark People can... Read more

  • What a day...

    4/4/2016 11:45:23 PM, by MEGHNA915

    Such a hectic day! Home inspection done. Termite inspection done. Costco errands done. Gym, spin, weight lifting day done! I kicked today's ... Read more

  • Day off.

    4/4/2016 8:52:24 PM, by AMBERLEIGH9287

    No work for me today. Instead I made some homemade flaxseed blueberry muffins and worked out. Looking good in the calories department but not all... Read more

  • Need muscle

    4/4/2016 7:40:57 PM, by OMILLS1

    Losing weight. And that's good. But now I need to make sure I maintain muscle and add more muscle for my abs. Am I able to do that on this app? I... Read more

  • Sick day

    4/4/2016 7:24:01 PM, by HMARLOW5

    What a weird day ...I didn't sleep full of anxious dr... Read more

  • day 1

    4/4/2016 7:08:46 PM, by BDEGUNIA

    worked out today and burned 148 calories which is gre... Read more

  • Really tough

    4/4/2016 6:14:04 PM, by MKGURE

    This is a tough time of the month for me because all I want to do is pig out and not move. My job requires me to be up and active but right now I... Read more

  • Here we go!

    4/4/2016 5:12:35 PM, by ALEXISANN14

    I'm manly doing this so I feel better about my self, ... Read more

  • Fitbook (and Reward Thoughts)

    4/4/2016 2:09:29 PM, by KATRICK528

    Last week, I was getting organized. I was putting together lists and charts. I was writing out a daily list on each day. After getting through ... Read more

  • Do you believe?

    4/4/2016 1:06:23 PM, by AE689117

    Hey everyone I know a lot of people say they believe in the cross of Chris, but what does it mean to them. PLEASE TELL ME. God bless... Read more

  • Day One: Vegan Dreams?

    4/4/2016 9:19:58 AM, by BARDEN21

    Hello fellow health junkies! First day using this ap... Read more

  • My transformation thus far!

    4/4/2016 9:04:53 AM, by CBAUMAN6

    I am so proud of the results I see already. I'm doing ... Read more

  • Day 6

    4/4/2016 8:17:05 AM, by CBAUMAN6

    From 190 to 186 within 6 days, wow. I honestly don't even know how it's possible. I'm at 1600 cal and i haven't even started my exercise routine ... Read more

  • Running around...

    4/3/2016 11:34:38 PM, by MEGHNA915

    After a few very rainy days, the sun was out and the day gorgeous. Not only do I need a change but I felt I needed to take advantage of the weath... Read more

  • Down 10 lbs!

    4/3/2016 11:19:00 PM, by LEST0044

    So I sort of fudged my start weight. I had bought the scale in the afternoon and didn't want to wait until the next morning to record an official... Read more

  • My life in a nut shell

    4/3/2016 7:42:22 PM, by CANDYLAND81691

    I was a happy kid till the age of 8 when my dad died ... Read more

  • Sunday April 3rd

    4/3/2016 5:58:49 PM, by AMBERLEIGH9287

    Long day at work. 14k steps later and I'm beat. Haven't made the best food choices but tomorrow is a new day. Down 5 pounds since starting this o... Read more

  • My Treat To Myself Today...

    4/3/2016 4:17:44 PM, by MUFFINTOPTIFF

    I usually stick with non-food rewards, but not today. ... Read more

  • First week back

    4/3/2016 3:49:33 PM, by RAPON84

    Well, it's been a good week. I had almost daily migraines but thankfully I could control them so I could function normally. I worked out every d... Read more

  • 2 Weeks on SparkPeople!

    4/3/2016 2:30:00 PM, by WESTANDC

    I've been using SparkPeople faithfully for two weeks now. I track everything I eat, even if I'm not proud of it. I've never stuck with food jou... Read more

  • Romans 5:8

    4/3/2016 1:59:45 PM, by AE689117

    "God demonstrates his love toward us in that while we were in our sin Christ Jesus died for us." Jesus loves you... Read more

  • Day 9

    4/3/2016 10:45:34 AM, by MKGURE

    I can't believe I'm down 6 pounds in a little over a week! I've been doing light exercise but mostly it's just the moderation in my diet and I ca... Read more

  • Back at it

    4/3/2016 8:50:30 AM, by HMARLOW5

    I missed two days of complete tracking and exercise. ... Read more

  • day 5 operation self love

    4/3/2016 7:33:39 AM, by LOVETASSIE

    Self-love day 5: did my nails smartened up to go out to a farewell party despite not feeling up to it. Felt better after making the effort t... Read more

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