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10,000 today too....
5/23/2014 11:26:17 PM,  6 COMMENTS

That's 10 days in a row now. A little harder today to get done but done all the same....  Read more


More steps....
5/22/2014 11:22:11 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Got another day of 10,000 plus steps! 334 And also a ride in on the motorcycle with Jason after work! Not sure which was better but both are...  Read more


5/21/2014 11:18:47 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I think the last 8 days have been a first, I've had 10,000 plus steps each day. I know in the past I would have 4 or 5 days a week at time depending...  Read more


One Light Bulb at a Time!
5/20/2014 3:06:21 PM,  17 COMMENTS

189 3 189 3 189 3 189 3 189 3 The following is an e-mail that a dear friend passed on to me. I feel that its subject matter deserves the cons...  Read more


Getting up on my feet again
5/19/2014 5:36:37 AM,  0 COMMENTS

I have been so down lately (literally). It is very painful for me to stand on my feet so I avoid it a lot. The Doctors cannot find anything seriously...  Read more


Requested Prayer
5/16/2014 10:28:48 AM,  19 COMMENTS

458 459 458 459 458 459 458 459 458 459 The following was a thread post on a team here at SparkPeople. Please, as Holy Spirit leads you...  Read more


Turbulant Twist Thursday
5/15/2014 8:45:17 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Lower - kick ass toner 19 on each side Cardio - 34 jumping jacks Upper - 27 bicep curls Cardio - 27 high knees Core - 26 hula swi...  Read more


Stomach flu
5/15/2014 2:59:57 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Since Sunday I have been down with a very bad case of stomach flu. I am finally able to get more then 3 feet from a bathroom. At least I am feeling...  Read more


PAWSE Week 3
5/14/2014 8:08:51 PM,  0 COMMENTS

P Plan/Prepare: Menu planning and shopping list are a must this week A Act - nutrution tracked W - recommit I signed up for this for a reas...  Read more


Ahead of my goals I set for myself
5/14/2014 2:08:00 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I love seeing the short term n long term goals I set n reach I ahead schedule which great. I am down currently 40 lbs n my goals was by June to be do...  Read more


Every Journey...
5/12/2014 12:13:21 PM,  10 COMMENTS

..starts with a single step, right? Mine has included several stumbles, trip ups, brusies, cuts and scrapes. Nothing is easy. I recognize that. Fo...  Read more


Requesting for prayers
5/10/2014 12:37:33 AM,  7 COMMENTS

I want to request prayers for my sister. Citydweller72, she has shingles and her husband Warren is undergoing surgery for prostate cancer on Tuesday....  Read more


The Thunder game inside and the Thunder storm
5/8/2014 7:20:53 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I went to the Thunder game last night. It was a great game. The Thunder won, it was a great time. However, after the game there was more thunder on...  Read more


PAWSE Week 2
5/7/2014 12:03:28 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I'm feeling a balance coming in with this current BLC even though the team I'm on has a lot of requirements. I'm going to continue to figure out wh...  Read more


The Fabulous Fifties
5/6/2014 11:56:24 AM,  18 COMMENTS

232 652 232 652 232 652 232 652 232 652 I started my school years in the mid-fifties, while living in England, returning to the USA in the lat...  Read more


Great win
5/4/2014 3:55:52 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I just watched a great NBA game. Congratulations to the Brooklyn Nets for a great win. Also to the Toronto Raptors for a great series. NBA playoffs...  Read more


Having a very relaxed day
5/3/2014 3:58:42 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Martha and I slept late today. Have a very relaxing day, but now I have to go to work...  Read more


Day 64 of my 100 Day Challenge and Weigh in Update
5/3/2014 10:18:35 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I know I have really been slacking on writing the blogs and keeping everyone updated. We've had a lot going on around here. DS13, whose birthday is...  Read more


BLC 25 Goals
5/2/2014 11:17:09 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I took a break from challenges on Sparkpeople because it just became to much to keep up with. I also never felt as if I really bonded with anyone o...  Read more


You think English is easy? Consider this!
5/2/2014 12:56:26 PM,  26 COMMENTS

195 20 195 40 195 198 195 211 195 246 You think English is easy? 1) The bandage was wound around the wound. 2) The farm...  Read more


new month new goals
5/1/2014 10:10:07 PM,  4 COMMENTS

The month of May is here. My goals this month is to walk at least 1 mile per day. Also to track all my calories and exercise every day...  Read more


5/1/2014 8:32:56 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Well this should be interesing Lower - 26 donkey kicks Cardio - 11 jumping jacks Upper - 14 push ups Cardio - 29 high knees ...  Read more


I really do not like the new spark team format
4/30/2014 10:39:31 PM,  5 COMMENTS

The new format is really no good. I do not like it. I always enjoyed going on the team sites. But not the way they are set up now....  Read more


PAWSE Day 1 BLC 25
4/30/2014 8:22:07 PM,  1 COMMENTS

P Plan/Prepare: As I stick to a strict budget for intentionally living I won't be hitting the store until this weekend. I do have my meal and sna...  Read more


goal called on account of rain
4/29/2014 12:57:01 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I went to do the 5k at the memorial marathon. It started raining and became a severe thunderstorm. After the start had been pushed back 2 hrs I lef...  Read more


Quotes made by Christ followers!
4/26/2014 2:24:42 PM,  30 COMMENTS

459 458 459 458 459 458 459 458 459 458 304, as always, for checking out my blog! These quotes hold a lot of enriching truth to them. ...  Read more


Jungle ABC's of Me
4/25/2014 11:06:26 AM,  5 COMMENTS

A is for ABOVE and BEYOND...Yes B is for BLC rounds... Oldie?(1-3 rounds) Former BLC team(s)? Outlaws, Rose Rangers C is for CHILDREN...1 3 gran...  Read more


Feeling Fabolous fit n fantastic
4/25/2014 10:22:53 AM,  4 COMMENTS

I have never felt better I am currently down 33.5 lbs n down 2 pants sizes also with dedicating myself to planet fitness which I love I have crazy en...  Read more


legless day
4/24/2014 10:56:28 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I did not have a very good day. My leg hurt all day. So most of the day I didn't wear it. some days are beter then others...  Read more


doing better
4/23/2014 2:06:30 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I was finally able to get my leg put back together. Today is a wii sports day golf, bowling, tennis and I may even to dance a little bit. It is just...  Read more


Shiny happy people
4/23/2014 12:39:32 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Its such a beautiful day outside!! 80 degrees here in Tennessee.. And I am stuck at this desk in the office!!! UGH!!!! But its still a great day. I am...  Read more


bad leg day
4/22/2014 9:19:51 PM,  7 COMMENTS

I did get in a 1 1/2 mile walk in before I had problem with my leg. The sleave that the causes the vacuum that holds my leg on came lose. I was at h...  Read more


just a stumble... not a fall
4/22/2014 12:06:38 PM,  9 COMMENTS

Well, I didnt have a very good week end as far as choices go... BUT I am back on track this morning and raring to go!! It was a holiday and I am cutti...  Read more


Taking A Step Forward
4/21/2014 9:47:19 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Here I am. The day after Easter 2014. It was a cold, snowy, harsh and depressing winter and I had no motivation to do anything. Now there is candy...  Read more


Happy Easter
4/20/2014 1:40:08 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Wishing Happy Easter to all of my Spark Family and friends 449...  Read more


"What is Holy Saturday?"
4/19/2014 2:58:46 PM,  22 COMMENTS

184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 As always 229 and 304 for your show of interest in this blog. The following comes from...  Read more


Day 49 of my 100 Day Challenge
4/18/2014 12:37:04 PM,  3 COMMENTS

So I am checking in after my weigh in last night…and I lost the 5.2 that I gained the week before. Still not certain how that gain happened in the fi...  Read more


Need to turn off the TV
4/17/2014 9:57:28 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Every morning I plan to go do a 3-4 mile walk, but I turn on the tv instead. I need to leave the TV turned off. On the other hand today I made a pot...  Read more


Martha is doing great
4/17/2014 12:21:52 AM,  9 COMMENTS

Martha has lost 8 pounds since she changed her eating habits....  Read more


A great day
4/13/2014 12:44:45 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Started off today with a 5k walk with a new walking club I have joined. First time 1 walked 5k in less then a hour. I ended up with almost 13000 ste...  Read more


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