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Another Challenge ended
5/30/2014 10:47:52 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Today is the last day of the Spring 5% challenge. I have not done great on this challenge neither have I put forth my best effort. The spirit is w...  Read more


A Virtual Trip to the Zoo!
5/30/2014 8:01:21 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I've mentioned before how I enjoy going to Google maps. Well, they update, and get up closer and closer these days. So on a whim this morning I typed...  Read more


Weighing with a Meat Scale?
5/30/2014 12:45:45 PM,  12 COMMENTS

Yesterday I accompanied the Student Nurses to a village for their Public Health class. There are 16 students and I drove eight of them to the far end...  Read more


Look Alikes
5/28/2014 6:00:35 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Vikki and I have been friends since seventh grade. I'm a little older than she is by several months; a bit heavier too. We've both gone through long...  Read more


Cooking over an Open Fire!
5/28/2014 9:07:59 AM,  12 COMMENTS

How are you at cooking over an open fire? Take the fire here, put a couple of big rocks around it close enough together to hold your big pot and there...  Read more


Countdown to Mission 2014
5/27/2014 7:23:18 AM,  4 COMMENTS

When I changed churches at the Lord's direction two years ago, I knew I was at the right place when, on my first time there as a member, a group had j...  Read more


5/26/2014 11:47:02 AM,  5 COMMENTS

I never met my first DH's Dad, because the man died when my DH was 11 years old. But he served in WW II as a captain in the navy. DH had an...  Read more


My Big Boy
5/26/2014 9:55:20 AM,  4 COMMENTS

My oldest son, William, graduated from a local school here in NC where we are currently on furlough. It was a joyous occasion! We in...  Read more


Things Bizarre, and Things Beautiful
5/24/2014 12:32:08 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Yesterday since I was off from school, I got back down on the basement floor, much to the amusement and interest of our new resident cat, Bert. ...  Read more


More Nursing Students in Photo!
5/24/2014 12:16:20 PM,  9 COMMENTS

Here are a few photos that I took this Thursday during the Nursing School trip to the village for Health Teaching. This week the subject was High Bloo...  Read more


5/23/2014 9:12:57 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I have Bing as my home page because I like the photos that start the day. Today they had one of a stunning tree called the Angel Oak in Charleston, SC...  Read more


My Students in Photos!
5/23/2014 12:30:33 AM,  11 COMMENTS

I teach in a Nursing School on the equator in Africa. Here are a few recent photos of some of my 16 Nursing Students. For...  Read more


Giggle for the Day
5/22/2014 8:19:25 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Faster than a Speeding Nun A police officer pulls over a car load of nuns.... Officer: "Sister, this is a 65 MPH h...  Read more


5/21/2014 2:49:00 PM,  2 COMMENTS

My oldest graduates this week. I'm dedicating my moments to getting ready for the big party and family coming in to visit. Been sick with a bronchia...  Read more


Virtual Travel
5/21/2014 8:20:58 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Well, since I found out that, via Google maps, I can go to street level to my in-laws' house in Pucallpa,-7...  Read more


5/20/2014 5:52:06 PM,  4 COMMENTS

When I was leaving Ireland, my daughter gave me a paperback copy of Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath to give to my son. I'd read it before, and since I...  Read more


Little Thrills
5/19/2014 9:13:56 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Since I started driving I have liked maps. Like my father, when planning a road trip, I'd try to follow a route near bodies of water, for the scenery....  Read more


Success and Progress aren't always a number....
5/18/2014 12:16:47 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Last night hubby and I had a date planned with some dear friends...about 3 weeks ago I tried on a shirt I bought myself as motivation and it didn't fi...  Read more


I may have been away but Sparkpeople is still here!
5/18/2014 1:22:30 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I'm so happy to be a part of sparkpeople. Despite all my inconsistency -- I can come back to my page again after 2 years, and pick it up again! I can...  Read more


Quickie with most recent photo!
5/17/2014 1:28:20 PM,  11 COMMENTS

Our Internet here at the hospital and our homes has been terrible for the past few days. It was mostly OFF today from early morning until a few minute...  Read more


Rainy Day
5/16/2014 6:30:52 AM,  4 COMMENTS

It's been quite warm (for Rochester, for May!) but we've had some cooling rains. Last night I woke to the sound of rain. It's soothing. I love the rai...  Read more


Comfort and Encouragement
5/15/2014 7:10:11 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I subscribe to a couple of onnline devotionals. Yesterday I got this one from's Girlfriends in God devotional. "A Praying Mom Wh...  Read more


Evaluating how to Prioritize my Time!
5/14/2014 5:20:34 PM,  12 COMMENTS

With only about six months left in Africa before moving back to Omaha, NE for eventual retirement, I am now evaluating how to prioritize the time I ha...  Read more


Time and Pressure
5/14/2014 6:31:12 AM,  8 COMMENTS

A friend posted this on Facebook, and I had to add it to my collection. Yesterday I had to do something very difficult. I had to make my son m...  Read more


One terrific walking partner
5/13/2014 2:34:21 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Not once has she said, "No I cant walk today, or it's too cold or hot" I'm really thankful for my pup!...  Read more


Recovery Blog
5/12/2014 8:03:28 AM,  8 COMMENTS

As I said in my last blog, I only blog when I have to to so-to help my team in some way. This blog is to write about m action plan for after a setback...  Read more


"Assorted Funny and Cute"
5/12/2014 7:02:58 AM,  4 COMMENTS

I keep a folder in my computer files of things that catch my fancy that I like to share. One of the math teachers with whom I used to work apparently...  Read more


Mothers Day Cards
5/11/2014 10:59:54 AM,  4 COMMENTS

We don't have enough to ply the five children in our household with money to buy presents. But we do have a lot of artsy craftsy stuff - paper, scisso...  Read more


Book Review: The 100 by Jorge Cruise
5/9/2014 6:19:06 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I just skimmed through most of the book, spending time reading what interested me. The goal in this plan is to keep the sugar calories you eat a day...  Read more


Gonna Make It
5/9/2014 9:24:20 AM,  7 COMMENTS

My pants are loose I'm being super careful about what I eat I'm working outside a little each day Gave up on daily walks for now C...  Read more


There Are Mothers, and There Are Mothers
5/9/2014 7:47:54 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I have a full household. Besides myself, there is my older daughter Abi, her boyfriend, their 2 children, and 3 more of his children by another woman,...  Read more


A Paradigm Shift
5/7/2014 9:34:14 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I've been gaining and losing the same 15 lbs. for 4 years. There is a Bible verse where God is talking to the Israelites and He says, "You've circled...  Read more


Paradigm Shifts- Bob Proctor
5/7/2014 9:32:46 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I listened to Bob Proctor on as my friend, Vera, recommended him to me on the subject of paradigm shifts. Here are my notes on what h...  Read more


7 Steps to Developing Good Habits
5/7/2014 9:31:47 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I found this talk on the 7 steps to developing good habits on I now don't remember who the presenter was, but I found value in it...  Read more


How to Create Habits for Life by Barrie Davenport
5/7/2014 9:30:30 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Here's another list of helpful steps to creating new habits that I found on 1. Planning: Pre-planning to prepare yourself for...  Read more


Practice Visualization by Brian Tracy
5/7/2014 9:29:23 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I found Brian Tracy on and listen to a couple of his videos. Here is one on practicing visualization, which is one of the things the...  Read more


21 Day Mental Diet by Brian Tracy
5/7/2014 9:28:34 PM,  0 COMMENTS

These are my notes on another video I saw on by Brian Tracy: 1. Wake up 2 hours before you have to be somewhere. Invest the fir...  Read more


2 Important Habits of Successful People by Brian Tracy
5/7/2014 9:27:32 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Here is another summary of a Brian Tracy youtube video: Successful people have 2 great habits: the ability to focus and to concentrate. Foc...  Read more


The itsy bitsy... or was it a HUGE Spider?
5/6/2014 4:09:08 PM,  16 COMMENTS

I went to wash my hands this evening and found this spider next to my soap pump. I have mentioned the stairs that I must climb to get to th...  Read more


Peace in the Storm
5/6/2014 8:46:35 AM,  7 COMMENTS

My grandson Kegan, age 8, has been fascinated with the show Stormchasers, which he watches on Netflix. I must admit, there is something fascinating ab...  Read more


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