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what do i really weigh?
3/22/2014 2:46:03 PM,  10 COMMENTS

After weighing on my scale and then being weighed on two different doctor's scales I am befuddled and down right puzzled. I am either 427.6 or 414 tha...  Read more


My Roadblocks to a Healthier Me
3/22/2014 9:02:01 AM,  5 COMMENTS

I have thought long and hard about my situation and the legs have always been a problem because of the limitations, but they are not my biggest roadbl...  Read more


Disappeared for 2 years, so many changes!
3/21/2014 9:12:44 PM,  4 COMMENTS

So I stopped using this site, I don't even remember why. I'm back now browsing and I'm not even sure if I really intend to stick to the site or not....  Read more


Baby steps
3/21/2014 10:11:26 AM,  5 COMMENTS

In the past I have tried so many diets and failed. This time I am allowing myself the time to make the changes that will truly change my life. The qui...  Read more


My visual reminder
3/20/2014 11:05:47 AM,  5 COMMENTS

This is how much weight I need to lose in 10 pound bags of flour. Dang they are heavy, now wonder I am so tired and hurting all the time. I am D...  Read more


Life continues, lose or gain, it's still not my business
3/20/2014 4:28:43 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Yesterday I took the WA State Boards to become a Certified Home Care Aide, I missed 2 questions on the written test and made one mistake with the 3 pa...  Read more


cross stitching is done!
3/19/2014 10:31:03 PM,  10 COMMENTS

First project is completed. I am so excited and happy that Mom loves it....  Read more


almost done with the project for mom
3/18/2014 11:07:21 PM,  9 COMMENTS

I am almost done cross stitching a piece for mom. It says family is forever on it. I just have to finish forever and flowers and it's complete. Does a...  Read more


A little bit of everything.
3/18/2014 9:55:26 PM,  7 COMMENTS

It's been awhile since my last blog post so I think I really need to get a move on it! I quit losing weight for a bit and bounced the same 5 po...  Read more


looking up
3/17/2014 10:02:28 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Well, things are looking better for us. We are going to be able to make our move by the first of May. We have not sold the house, but we decided to...  Read more


Irish Prayer
3/17/2014 10:36:08 AM,  9 COMMENTS

Saw this today in "Dear Abby", and I have seen this before in other places. IRISH PRAYER Take time to work, It is the price...  Read more


bored of playing computer games
3/16/2014 10:33:36 PM,  8 COMMENTS

I have been on the pc playing computer games. Now they don't thrill me at all. I am just like so not into them right now. Anyone else ever get like th...  Read more


Hey You, Refusing to Look in the Mirror
3/16/2014 1:19:29 AM,  7 COMMENTS

I 'borrowed' this from Positivehope. Thanks! Saw this and knew I needed to post it for my Spark Friends. Hey, Yes, you. The one trying no...  Read more


cross stitching is fun! And Leah is a hoot sometimes.
3/15/2014 10:10:33 PM,  11 COMMENTS

I have been doing counted cross stitch when I get bored knitting wise. I love it. It is so easy and fun. Now onto Leah. Leah makes me laugh a lot. She...  Read more


Enjoyed playing piano for the seniors today....
3/15/2014 9:01:08 PM,  3 COMMENTS

"Sweet Lorraine" told me to play "If You Knew Susie Like I Knew Susie" again. She said, "You didn't make any mistakes, so play it again." LOL!!! ...  Read more


3/14/2014 10:39:24 PM,  8 COMMENTS

HANDBOOK 2014 Health: 1. Drink plenty of water. 2. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar. 3. Eat more...  Read more


confession time when it comes to eating
3/14/2014 10:22:36 PM,  11 COMMENTS

I have not been tracking as I should and I still lost. I intend to track every day and every thing I eat....  Read more


down 12 lbs according to doctor's scale
3/13/2014 11:31:24 PM,  15 COMMENTS

I am down as it says 12 lbs now according to a doctor's scale. I officially am seeing Dr. Michelle Malabanan. We are on the same page. She understands...  Read more


Some answers
3/13/2014 7:58:25 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I had a sleep study done. It turns out I have obstructive sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and periodic limb movements. I did the settings study la...  Read more


my mom is talking to her hand now!
3/12/2014 10:59:28 PM,  9 COMMENTS

She said to it that you aren't going to cooperate tonight are you? Then she said why are you hurting now? I ended up laughing so hard i had to catch m...  Read more


What do I need to do?
3/12/2014 12:51:36 PM,  31 COMMENTS

This is supposed to be a blog about my goals for the spring challenge. I am so frustrated and disappointed in myself I do not know what to write. ...  Read more


Up and down with this bad cold...
3/11/2014 8:41:42 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Saturday I laid around and took it easy. Sunday went shopping at Costco and got the EOBs printed. Monday went to work but felt feverish and chil...  Read more


time for new internist
3/10/2014 8:08:53 PM,  13 COMMENTS

After having a hoopla with current internist over gastric bypass. time to switch providers since he cares about me having the procedure but not my men...  Read more


laid around most of the day....
3/8/2014 8:36:21 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Have sore throat, headache, etc, etc. Laying in bed became uncomfortable so got into recliner to watch several movies. That was something I hadn...  Read more


time to organize craft projects
3/8/2014 5:51:21 PM,  10 COMMENTS

i have a messy room that needs to get organized. I have craft projects everywhere I look. Time to put them somewhere I can find them. I have a plethor...  Read more


school officially over as of tonight
3/7/2014 8:35:02 PM,  14 COMMENTS

As of last night I completed the last of my homework. I now have 10 weeks to do crafts and work on the house. I am actually looking forward to this br...  Read more


Feeling unworthy
3/7/2014 12:47:30 PM,  26 COMMENTS

I have always struggled with feeling bad about myself. I feel so unworthy of being loved. For Lent, I signed up for a daily email devotional. I like...  Read more


Daughter is eating....
3/6/2014 6:49:30 AM,  4 COMMENTS

She gave me a food report on Monday that she had eaten a whole burrito. She also bought some groceries so I am hopeful she is slowly recovering. Her...  Read more


A precious young man
3/6/2014 1:07:23 AM,  4 COMMENTS

There is a precious young man that came into my life 12 years ago and has been a great inspiration to my life. When I am with him, my heart bea...  Read more


Last week of class and some big assignments due by Friday
3/5/2014 7:39:54 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Last week of class and I have essays due on Friday that is why I haven't logged my calories of late will try to do that later though....  Read more


First workout since I was on indomethacin
3/3/2014 9:47:03 PM,  13 COMMENTS

Tonight was my first workout since I was nauseous from my former muscle relaxer. I did turbo jam. i did the whole 30 minutes. I am proud of myself for...  Read more


trying to move forward
3/2/2014 2:43:50 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I have recently talked to the Realtor and got her opinion. She was very impressed with the house and seems to think it should be able to be sold or a...  Read more


need prayers...
3/2/2014 1:26:20 PM,  7 COMMENTS

DD diagnosed with serious brain infection. I feel so helpless as she is 1000 miles away. So some prayers are requested. Will update as...  Read more


Links to Recipes for various Persian, Middle Eastern dishes
3/1/2014 10:30:26 AM,  4 COMMENTS

This is really more a collection of links for me to remember to go check out later - I am fixing to make up some Ghormeh Sabzi (Sabzee), which is a gr...  Read more


Prayer shawl update
2/28/2014 4:15:53 PM,  12 COMMENTS

I am almost finished with the first side of the prayer shawl and I am close to the middle now. When it is completed I will post a picture of it on he...  Read more


2/28/2014 3:54:15 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Okay I have yet to update my weight on here. I struggled for quite a while the last year. I tore the MCL in my left knee during treatment found out I...  Read more


50 lbs before i decide on what's right for me
2/27/2014 9:38:17 PM,  8 COMMENTS

I am back where I started. I have decided to start working out and tracking again. I am letting my school work get me off track. I am going to make an...  Read more


Wow! What a Week!
2/27/2014 5:41:15 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Wow! This has been quite a week! I just noticed this morning that I have a streak of 9 days for posting on Spark People! That is amazing. I defi...  Read more


still Stressing
2/26/2014 10:10:26 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I am still stressing, though not as bad as before. We have decided to go ahead with the renting of our property. The realty company that is handling...  Read more


Fitbit Force!
2/24/2014 12:41:14 PM,  9 COMMENTS

I'm soooo upset! 198 46 28 24 I've been anxiously awaiting my Fitbit Force!!! 311 206 362 405 Now, I'm told, "No can do cuz it c...  Read more


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