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Out of the mouth of babes; well, not really a baby
Friday, January 27, 2012      3 comments

I am doing well on my half marathin training. I went back to school and had a bout of eating whatever and whenever -- woke up and said enough of that! I managed to get through yesterday without eating sugary junk food. Also, thanks to my grandda... Read more
Update on me.
Friday, January 20, 2012      2 comments

WOW! I cannot believe how hard it is to find healthy food on campus and easy it is to give in and just buy whatever. I decided to go to the gym on the days that I have classses because that is when I am already out and about. I have not yet got ... Read more
Still at it
Wednesday, January 18, 2012      2 comments

I am still continuing with my half marathon trainig, but the days are mixed up a bit now that I am starting school. Plus it is cold here in MN and so it back to the gym. Treadmill running is so boring. A lot of people say running on a trea... Read more
Enjoyed some spring-like weather and about my runs
Wednesday, January 11, 2012      2 comments

Monday and Tuesday were beautiful here in Minnesota. I took advantage of it and went for a 5-mile on each day. I started Monday's run a bit late and it got dark too fast, I get nervous running at dusk because of the critters. One year, when I wa... Read more
Starting my 4th week of Half marathon training
Monday, January 09, 2012      0 comments

I am starting week 4 of my training and the mileage is going to start adding up so my focus needs to be on sticking with the plan now. I did some figuring with the magic mile using what I had run in the past and am thinking that maybe the 2... Read more
I am going back to school
Sunday, January 08, 2012      2 comments

I am going to start classes tomorrow. I had been planning to go back to school but kept putting it off and last week, I decided to "Just Do It". I registered at the last minute and the counsler did everything in her power to get me registered. J... Read more
Did great til 7pm
Thursday, January 05, 2012      1 comments

So, yesterday, I decided to focus on Michael Pollan's advice to "eat food, not too much, mostly plants". I had oatmeal with fruit, flaxseed and almonds for breakfast. Post run, a cup of homemade minestrone soup. For lunch, I had a vegetable stir... Read more
"Eat food, not too much and mostly plants"
Tuesday, January 03, 2012      3 comments

That is a quote from Michael Pollan's book In Defense of Food. It seems like good advice, doesn't it? I am only in the first couple of chapters and it really has answered some questions that I have had about why do we need to have so much inform... Read more
Week 2 of my half Marathon training completed
Saturday, December 31, 2011      4 comments

Well, I finished week 2 and it is nothing to brag about. I did that workout using the Nike Training Club app and my muscles hurt for two days afterwards, so I ended taking a rest day on my run day and then another rest day on the cross training ... Read more
Review: Nike Training Club App
Thursday, December 29, 2011      4 comments

This is a free app on iTunes and so far, I think it is a great app. My hubby bought me an I Pod touch for the holiday and this is one of the apps as to why I wanted one. I think this is going to be a well used app for me. So, far I have on... Read more
Starting week 2 of my training for half marathon
Wednesday, December 28, 2011      7 comments

My run went well. I was feeling good and had to remind myself that I am using the run/walk technique and it took an effort to walk, but I am glad I did because I felt like I finished the run strong. I have a tendency to start out too fast and ge... Read more
Week 1 of training completed
Sunday, December 25, 2011      1 comments

Week one is finished! 15.4 miles with an average pace of 11:34 per mile. I am satisfied with my results. Although I was off by one day, my daughter was sick and I had to take care of my grandson so I missed a run day, but I just switched the day... Read more
This is wierd for me...
Wednesday, December 14, 2011      6 comments

I did it! I registered for a half marathon to be run on April 28, 2012. It feels wierd for me, because of the distance - half marathon. Does this mean I am a runner?! I have done several 5k this summer and was thinking of doing a 10k this s... Read more
Did I say I was starting over?
Friday, December 09, 2011      6 comments

Honestly, if I had a dollar for every time I said that, I'd be a millionaire by now. emoticon I seem to have a... Read more
Life Happens....
Sunday, December 04, 2011      6 comments

I just read a post about someone who took a detour on losing weight because "life happens". This got me thinking about how many times I have used that as an excuse to eat poorly, not exercise and become downright lazy about doing the things I ne... Read more

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