Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts Take back the Power! 120 pound gone w/Spark 170lbs Gone for good!
Thursday, September 08, 2011      282 comments

I used to be 536 pounds, That's right, 536 pounds! I am now 364! I have lost 170 since my first picture! Is that really possible?..Goodness! If you are asking your... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts 400 pounds and skinny?
Thursday, June 02, 2011      361 comments

400 pounds and skinny? What the who the? Is Kristin kidding me? Yes, I wrote that..400 pounds and skinny! Okay, okay I am not crazy, but I thought I would share with you something really cool in my life. January 17,2011, I struggled t... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts What Sparkers MADE Me do!!!
Monday, May 23, 2011      94 comments

Hey everyone, I have something I must share with you. I am doing so because the day this happened (Saturday) I used Spark People and the sparkers here as my motivational tools! I think of you each know if your my pal on here that my top... Read more
Who are you listening to?
Tuesday, April 19, 2011      22 comments

Are you listening to that little voice? Sunday April 10th, my oldest son looked over at me stuffing the delightful little colored jelly beans in my mouth by the hand full. I saw his look and heard him sigh, "Looks like old Mom is back." I d... Read more
Mom rejected by son
Monday, March 14, 2011      76 comments

It was the moment I had been dreading all my life, the moment of rejection. There is no other fear bigger in a social situation than pure rejection. No one wants to feel as if they are not good enough to be included. As my son spoke I travele... Read more

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