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Week 12- A Real Baby and Belly Shots
Friday, January 21, 2011      19 comments

Happy Friday All! I have to say that after the terrible week I had today has been a breath of fresh air. I found out some terrible stuff about my family's past this week which has truly shaken me to the core. Basically for the past week I... Read more
Week 11- No news
Monday, January 17, 2011      1 comments

I am a little behind in this, as in I'm almost on my 12th week so I'll just make this quick. Not much has been happening anyway. My morning sickness has gotten much better. It's few and far between and mostly on days when I ate long before be... Read more
The List
Thursday, January 06, 2011      6 comments

2 blogs in one day, you guys are getting spoiled. haha. I'm bored at work, slow season is upon us and I am taking full advantage now because in the next 2 weeks we will hit a fever pitch when I won't even be able to take a lunch break. ... Read more
Baby Check in Week 10- Big Changes
Thursday, January 06, 2011      6 comments

Hi all, Hope your new year is off to a fantastic start. I know mine is! Tom and I have just been spending more and more time together. I know the time we have left as just the two of us is numbered so we have been trying to squeeze in as ... Read more
2010 Recap and 2011 Goals
Thursday, December 30, 2010      1 comments

I cannot believe 2010 is almost over. This year has flown by and I still can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I was married! Crazy. I wanted to recap how I did in 2010 and set some goals for 2011. Obviously weight loss won't be a huge p... Read more
Baby check in Week 9- Sleepless nights
Thursday, December 30, 2010      4 comments

Hey everyone, Hope you are gearing up for a great New Year’ Eve. This year will be a little different for Tom and I. For starters he will actually be home on a holiday for once and I love it. Secondly I of course will not be partaking in alc... Read more
Baby Brain!
Wednesday, December 22, 2010      7 comments

Hi All, Hope you are all finding yourself well prepared for the upcoming holiday and ready to spend some time relaxing with loved ones. Tom and I are thrilled this Christmas because we finally get to break our big news to family in person.... Read more
November Recap and December Goals
Wednesday, December 01, 2010      4 comments

I can't believe it's December 1 already. Wow where has the past year gone. In just 10 days I will be celebrating my 26th birthday as well as my 1st wedding anniversary. I say to my hubby at least 1 time a day how fast this first year of marri... Read more
Survey stolen from ANH1227 :)
Wednesday, December 01, 2010      3 comments

I too am bored at work, the holidays tend to be slower for us so I need to find things to occupy my mind(otherwise I eat to occupy my mouth!!) A is for Age: 25- 26 in 10 days!! B is for Booze: Hmm, I don't really drink but I like margari... Read more
Start of the holiday season goal setting
Tuesday, November 02, 2010      3 comments

Holy cow I can not believe that it is already November. Where did this year fly to? I keep saying to Tom "Can you believe we have almost been married a year?" It seems like just yesterday we were getting engaged and now it has been almost a ye... Read more
I have a confession to make!
Tuesday, October 26, 2010      7 comments

Being on spark has been about a journey for me. My journey has ups and downs and I think the reason I have been successful is because even when I have a down a pick myself up and keep moving until my next up. I also pride myself on being prett... Read more
ABC's of Juliene
Thursday, October 21, 2010      2 comments

THE ABC Survey. A What’s your age? 25 (almost 26) What annoys you? Inconsiderate drivers, loud chewing, messes. Do you have any allergies? Unfortunately yes, I am allergic to a ton of raw fruits- apples, peaches, nectarines, cherries, r... Read more
Uh hello where did August go?
Tuesday, August 31, 2010      2 comments

Since it's the last day of August I figure now is as good a time as any to recap the month. August Goals: First I want to work out 24 of the 31 days- actually worked out 22 days so goal not met but really close. Run weekly mileag... Read more
A new month, new goals to accomplish
Tuesday, August 03, 2010      5 comments

here were last week's goals Run all the miles for the half training plan- 15 miles this week emoticon (I ac... Read more
Last week's sickness and moving forward
Monday, July 26, 2010      5 comments

Happy Monday Sparkers. Wanted to check in on last week's results and give this week's goals. I would like to work out 5 of 7 days this week - goal not met. Got strep throat and spend 4 of 5 weekdays in bed. Ultimately I worked out 1 ... Read more

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