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Monday, April 24, 2017      0 comments

There is so much I did not get done while working I am on a corse to at least get caught up so I can have a more leisurely time. I have so much that I am a reading from our other home. Too many years of papers that have info on them. I had s... Read more
Sunday, April 23, 2017      2 comments

Well I have not been at the market as I was working. Finished working on Tuesday and collapsed on Wed ad Thur. Friday I was back to normal. Hubby nd I have so much to do so we are setting the goals to get through with each thing... Read more
Saturday, April 22, 2017      2 comments

Well we officially moved in October, but still so much to do. I had 30 years of records. I am going though and shredding. We do not need canceled checks etc. I have all records that far back. Hubby is bringing in things I've no idea why we save... Read more
Friday, April 21, 2017      2 comments

Well Hubby has Ben sneezing his head of. He always get a sinus infection this time of the year, he has been miserable. He called into work about 3 this morning he had been awake most of the night. We went to the emergency clinic connected w... Read more
Thursday, April 20, 2017      2 comments

Well my work season is over. I have studies to complete over the summer and my Co worker and I are going to do advance study on our own. But during the meantime I am relaxing. Miss Coco and I are sitting out in the morning with my tea and her... Read more
Thursday, April 13, 2017      3 comments

Well since we moved into our new home Miss Coco has become very vocal. I think she loves the space we have now and all the light coming in. We have a doorbell and she becomes very excited when it rings. If a doorbell rings on TV we have to a... Read more
Wednesday, April 12, 2017      3 comments

Well has been a long work day. I came home and Hubby had me a But sandwich. It was good and hit the spot. Miss Coco and I are heading for bed. Need rest... Read more
Monday, April 10, 2017      0 comments

I go in late today which means I am late getting off. I prefer the early in and early off... Read more
Sunday, April 09, 2017      3 comments

We joined our friends for a special birthday dinner for our friends. The sister and brother were both born in April so it was a double celebration. There were 15 of us having a great time. The highlight was when our friends youngest daughter ... Read more
Saturday, April 08, 2017      0 comments

Well I love my clients. After a number of years I really feel that we have personal relationships. So many of my customers will only come to me. One could not get in touch with me but knew where my shop is located. He went by there and left ... Read more
Thursday, April 06, 2017      3 comments

We had really bad storms come thru in the middle of the night. It woke me up and I could not go back to sleep until about 5:30 so I am sleepy. Have too much to do this morning to rest. I am getting dressed now to get on my way. I feel like d... Read more
Wednesday, April 05, 2017      3 comments

Well it is a beautiful morning. I am sitting on the patio sipping hot tea and listening to the birds sing. I have to work this afternoon and we are to severe storms during the night. I hope the storms do not start until after I get home... Read more
Tuesday, April 04, 2017      2 comments

Well I worked today. Busy....busy....came home so much to do. My niece and her hubby are coming to Type Island in May. I asked them if they would bring my sister down with them and Hubby and I will met them and bring her to our house for a we... Read more
Monday, April 03, 2017      3 comments

We will have a storm move through our area today and overnight. We need it badly as our area is extremely dry and we are having fires break out all our area. We had one on the other side of our county that burned 750 acres be for they got it u... Read more
Sunday, April 02, 2017      2 comments

Well I had to work at the office today. I have been selected to do a special program for the company. The main manager called to tell me about it. Apparently this is an honor to be selected.... Read more

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