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Winter is not over yet!
Saturday, January 23, 2010      5 comments

Started off yesterday morning with minus 5 and "RAIN"! I had to use the windshield wipers all the way to work in the morning. By the time I left work at 10am, it had become freezing rain. The roads were absolutely treacherous. I was still in dis... Read more
A wonderful day...
Friday, January 22, 2010      5 comments

We had a wonderful time celebrating Kaeli's birthday last evening. Quin's girlfriend joined us and we headed out to Kelsey's for dinner. Much to Garry's delight, Kelsey's was celebrating their 30th anniversary and it was "Free Wings Night". Ev... Read more
It's Kaeli's Birthday today!
Thursday, January 21, 2010      5 comments

It's my first born's birthday today. What a special day it is. Despite that 34 years have now passed, I can still remember every detail of her birth. What an awesome experience. She started out life as a tremendous gift and joy and remains tha... Read more
Exercising...not all that bad!
Wednesday, January 20, 2010      8 comments

I'm so pleased with myself...I've been doing great at my exercise routine. Not only am I getting exercises done before I head for work in the morning, but I've been making myself exercise with the Wii Fit Plus as soon as I get home from work. I... Read more
Tuesday Jan 19
Tuesday, January 19, 2010      3 comments

Kaeli started her new full time job yesterday. She called me after she got home to say she had enjoyed her first day and that although there is much to learn, she is excited to be challenged once again. Tonight she will start her training for h... Read more
Jan 18
Monday, January 18, 2010      6 comments

Okay, I disappointing day on one hand this morning. Weigh in day and my scales tell me that I have not eliminated any weight. On the other hand...okay, maybe the scales haven't said anything different, but I feel better now that I'm back with an... Read more
Serenity Sunday
Sunday, January 17, 2010      5 comments

I'm having a lazy day today...it's back to work again tomorrow at 5:30 am so today is just for family and relaxing. Nothing major has been planned other than taking the flooring samples back to the store in the city, then Garry is thinking ... Read more
I love my Wii Fit Plus!
Saturday, January 16, 2010      6 comments

I really am enjoying my Wii Fit Plus....just completed 40 minutes on it and now I'm ready to go for the day! I start off with some Yoga and then work my way up from there. I'm gradually getting a regular routine set up on it, but I enjoy the to... Read more
Yay! It's Fabulous Friday!
Friday, January 15, 2010      3 comments

Today just couldn't come fast enough in this work week. It's been lots of overtime and yesterday's 8 hour meeting was exhausting. I need to go in earlier than usual today, just so I can get away on time after work. Great news! Thank you a... Read more
Jan 14
Thursday, January 14, 2010      3 comments

Last evening Garry and I were invited to our daughters place to view and see and have supper with them. What a nice ending to a very busy day. Kaeli had made lasagna and garlic bread and I was mindful of my portions. Nevi and CJ are getti... Read more
Jan 13
Wednesday, January 13, 2010      4 comments

Half way through the work week already! Time sure flies when one is having fun! lol Great day yesterday. I was blessed to be able to help out Geff with delivering a "huge" bouquet of helim balloons to his place for him to present to his wi... Read more
Jan 12
Tuesday, January 12, 2010      3 comments

I survived my first day back at work yesterday and what a busy day. I discovered that I have been scheduled to train someone a couple of hours a days for the next month. This person will be taking over a part of my job for the next year while ... Read more
Back to work today...
Monday, January 11, 2010      5 comments

Holiday time is over for me now and it's back to work today. A nice brisk morning in our house this morning as once again our furnace is acting up. We are hovering at 16 degrees in the house. Certainly gets you moving! Exercises this morning wer... Read more
Last day of my holidays
Sunday, January 10, 2010      3 comments

It's been wonderful having some time off work to relax and accomplish things on my to do list at home. I'm actually looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. I like my routine and now that thoughts of what is waiting in my inbox at work ha... Read more
New Phase of our lives
Saturday, January 09, 2010      2 comments

The new phase of our lives has begun. Garry and I got the girls all moved yesterday. Although I'm sure, there are probably still small items that we will discover over the next few days that have been forgotten and will need to be taken to them... Read more

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