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10 months down
Saturday, January 22, 2011      3 comments

I know this is two days late. I am 10 months into this journey and I am down 75, almost 76 pounds. Am I going to be down 100 by the time March 20th comes? I dont know but I know that everyday I am one step closer to my goal. I have 37 more pound... Read more
Diet Coke brownies... NOT good
Tuesday, January 11, 2011      1 comments

I have come to realize that I am a compulsive eater when it comes to sweets. When I have them it is like I will never have them again sort of thing. I eat until my stomach hurts. Last night for a treat I made diet coke brownies. Its when you get... Read more
A trip and goals
Monday, December 27, 2010      2 comments

My goals have been off this year. I have hit some of them late. As of today I havent seen the damage I did over the two day holiday feast we had. I ate a few cookies and a few bites of cake. Just praying I didnt gain. My 1 year anniversary of li... Read more
What I want to be
Wednesday, December 08, 2010      0 comments

I do not want to be the smallest girl in the room. I want to be healthy. I do not want to be the fittest girl in the room. I just want to be healthy. I do not have to run for hours I am good with doing the elliptical for a hour. On the hil... Read more
Monday, November 29, 2010      1 comments

Note: this blog is NOT about my weight at all. Just a few personal things that have been going on. This started about six months ago. My boyfriend/ fiancé has had some issues with his feelings for me. I caught him texting two different wom... Read more
Christmas is coming EARLY for me
Wednesday, November 24, 2010      1 comments

My mom called me yesterday and informed me that I will be getting my chirstmas present early this year. Starting December 1st. I will have a 6 month gym membership. WOO HOO. Heres to dropping the last 50-60 pounds. I am so happy to have a suppor... Read more
Every day for the rest of my life
Saturday, November 13, 2010      3 comments

I know one thing for sure.... Every day for the rest of my life I am going to have to watch what I eat. Weigh, measure, and write it down. That is the only the weight I have dropped is going to stay off. Every day for the rest of ... Read more
19 pounds in 8 weeks?
Tuesday, November 09, 2010      4 comments

So my next goal is set for New years day. I want to be 175 by that day. I am STRESSING about that. I would have to lose 2.3 pounds per week from here on out through the holidays. I CAN do this. All I have to do is work out more and commit myself... Read more
Scared of the scale
Saturday, October 09, 2010      3 comments

I have said this in the past. I am scared as hell to get on the scale this week. I want to do it dont get me wrong. I just DO NOT want to go over that 200 mark again. I know I have not done anything to go in that direction. I have even put... Read more
Falling off? Getting back on track.
Thursday, October 07, 2010      0 comments

Ok I know I have not really fallen off of the wagon. I have stayed with my calorie range. I have had a visitor these last couple of days and gave myself some extra things here and there. Like some pringles and some mounds oatmeal. This has been ... Read more
6 months 53.3 lbs lost & 45.25 inches
Tuesday, September 21, 2010      7 comments

Yesterday was my 6 month anniversary of living a healthy lifestyle with sparkpeople. I has been a long road and has gotten easier along the way. I am in One derland baby!!! 6 months ago my bmi was 50 today my bmi is 39 My waist has drop... Read more
Review of PB2 and a WOO HOO
Thursday, September 09, 2010      0 comments

I got my first shipment of my bell plantation PB2. I have to say I am a peanut butter lover and it is good. Thanks Katie. I got some sugar free strawberry preserves to make a pbj with it. I will be really good. My WOO HOO for the week..... Read more
Plans for a new generation
Friday, September 03, 2010      2 comments

I want to start a program with the local school here. I wouldn't know how to go about doing this. I do not have any degree or anything. I would love to work with overweight children and their families. I would love to have a night where they cou... Read more
Day by Day
Monday, August 30, 2010      0 comments

I've dropped another three pounds since my video blog. I switched up what I was eating. I started eating a little more. I make sure I get 3 meals and 2 snacks to make sure my body not stop burning cals all day long. Burning that fat off. T... Read more
Dropped 42 Pounds So far
Tuesday, August 03, 2010      12 comments

So here I was after moving from the state I loved. I was tired of living day to day missing home. All I did was eat to make myself feel better about moving away from home. I was a emotional eater. Here I am at the beginning of this journey 253 P... Read more

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