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Helpful explanation of Karmic Law...
Saturday, September 19, 2009      5 comments my teacher, Swami Satchidananda: "We do not know how much we have done before and how much we have to suffer to undo those deeds but the karmic law knows it. Sometimes, ... Read more
Friday, September 18, 2009      11 comments

(and on the filter!) Here's why: Last year Americans spent 15 billion dollars on bottled water and the sales estimate for 2007 is 16 billion dollars. One can argue that it’s money down the drain because the truth has been watered down by s... Read more
I am free. Don't report me!
Wednesday, September 09, 2009      16 comments

OMG! I've been struggling ferociously with my will, my senses since school started. Though I'm managing to handle the assignments well enough, I'm not handling anything else eating is out of control, I'm not exercising, my living spa... Read more
Redemption or the Cult of Victimhood?
Monday, September 07, 2009      9 comments

I'm juxtaposing two pieces that show the great potential of the human spirit for GOOD or EVIL...and how far we still have to go. I begin with Eknath Easwaran, a favorite teacher, as any of you who read my offerings can testify. I then segue in... Read more
Come on, Mr. President. Show us America is more than a circus!
Sunday, September 06, 2009      5 comments

UNCIVIL DISCOURSE by Bill Moyers Friday 04 September 2009 emoticon The editors of THE ECONOMIST magazin... Read more
If you have little even that will be taken....
Saturday, September 05, 2009      8 comments

To me the gospels are the rarest of treasures and the part of the Bible that I deeply resonate with. Sri Easwaran has provided many commentaries on Jesus' words and Christian masters in various texts -- three of his books come to mind: Origin... Read more
Wislawa Szymborska
Wednesday, September 02, 2009      7 comments

Wislawa Szymborska is 80 years old, a Polish poet, essayist and translator. She was awarded the 1996 Nobel Prize in Literature. In Poland, her books reach sales rivaling prominent prose authors, although she once remarked in a poem entitled "Som... Read more
Underneath All Victories and Defeats
Tuesday, September 01, 2009      12 comments

Ahhhh...I REALLY needed this this early morning.... In the midst of some activity, even the activity of reading this now, it is completely possible to allow your mind to open fully, and in that opening to discover the peace and fulfillment ... Read more
Food for thought....
Sunday, August 30, 2009      3 comments

Eknath Easwaran says the important stuff so simply, yet with such depth. And what he is talking about not only has relevance on the spiritual journey, but certainly the journey toward body and mind wellness also: When the heart grieves ove... Read more
7/Summer09: The Journey....
Saturday, August 22, 2009      19 comments is my Toyota Dolphin 20' camper in all her glory: A kind soul took my picture at Yellowstone Falls mid-adventure: ... Read more
6/Summer09: Webster Lake State Park, KS
Wednesday, August 19, 2009      4 comments

That's a great blue heron taking off in the distance. This was a wonderful *find,* after asking in a country store, as I cruised through the back roads of sweet, but seeming... Read more
5/Summer09: In lieu of...
Sunday, August 16, 2009      10 comments

...the lively journal entry I just finished about yesterday's and today's adventures, speaking of placid to raging rivers, a herd of bison leisurely crossing the road, the Bridger-Teton National Forest, the National Museum of Wildlife Art and th... Read more
4/Summer09: Gaia in all her glory!
Friday, August 14, 2009      6 comments

Love all that has been created by God, both the whole and every grain of sand. Love every leaf and every ray of light. Love the beasts and the birds, love the plants, love every separate fragment. If you love each separate fragment, you will und... Read more
3/Summer09: Daisies and Yellowstone
Tuesday, August 11, 2009      9 comments

DAISIES It is possible, I suppose that sometime we will learn everything there is to learn: what the world is, for example, and what it means. I think this as I am crossing from one field to another, in summer, and the mockingbir... Read more
2/Summer09: Traveling Mercies and Gratitudes
Tuesday, August 04, 2009      16 comments

emoticon I who am the beauty of the green earth and the white moon among the stars and the mysteries of the water... Read more

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