I'm back!
Tuesday, July 27, 2010      1 comments

SOOOO, I'm back after the birth of my third son, Jan. 2010 I ready to do this weight loss thing. I have a corporate challenge in September, so I'm trainig for the run. Wish me luck. July 2010... Read more
Monday, October 15, 2007      2 comments

When drinking water and logging are you logging a full 8oz cup? I'm so into this measuring food thing, that I get confused sometimes. Please let me know. Thanks... Read more
Thursday, October 11, 2007      4 comments

OK, I've been walking/exercising/lifting. No weight loss to report this week. My real problem is, the scale seems to be going up. I know musle weighs more than fat but is it musle or am I really gaining weight. My clothes are fitting a lot be... Read more
Long day
Tuesday, September 11, 2007      0 comments

Well here I am 8:45 a.m. sitting at my desk not wanting to do any work. Ever since my illness I have trouble sleeping at night, so I'm tired. I guess its going to take me awhile to be back to 100%. I know I can do all things through Christ wh... Read more
Wednesday, September 05, 2007      1 comments

Went to the doctor today, gained 2 lbs. Not happy about that.... Read more
Thursday, August 16, 2007      2 comments

Well, due to an unforseen illness, I have reached my goal of 210 lbs before the actual date. I had planned to reach this goal by 9-1 but it looks like I am already there. I want to give thanks to the Lord for me making it through my illness. ... Read more
Thursday, August 02, 2007      1 comments

I am not motivated and I would love to know what keeps everybody going. I was doing good, but I stop for whatever reason then its hard to get going again. It would be nice to have dependable friends to walk with but I guess I must go it alo... Read more
Thursday, July 12, 2007      1 comments

These are my walking buddies. As you can see we all graduated together in Dec. 2006. I love these girls but they aren't reliable walking buddies. lol... Read more