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6-month SparkVersary!
Saturday, September 01, 2012      9 comments

emoticon 6 months ago, I started a new lifestyle. And I am so glad I did. I've thrown away 38.6 pounds, reachi... Read more
Weigh-In Day
Thursday, August 30, 2012      8 comments

Weigh-in today showed a loss of 0.2 pounds. Sigh. At least it was down and not up. Stupid hormones. Total released since 3/1: 38.6 pounds. Saturday marks my 6-month SparkVersary. I was hoping to be 40 pounds down by then, but sometimes, our body... Read more
Weigh-In Day
Thursday, August 23, 2012      3 comments

Today's weigh-in, which I was so scared to do because of not being so strict with my fitness plan while on vacation, showed a loss of 2 pounds from last weigh-in 2 weeks ago, meaning my trip really didn't screw things up too badly. Woot! Total r... Read more
Weigh-In Day - ONEderland!!!
Thursday, August 09, 2012      6 comments

Weigh-in day. Ladies and gentlemen, I am now in ONEderland! A place I haven't been since....I don't even remember when. I wanted to cry. But was too gosh-darned excited and screamed and jumped up and down instead. ... Read more
SP's Summer Fun Run Virtual 5k Race
Friday, August 03, 2012      5 comments

Today was Race Day! I did it on the elliptical since the weather's not exactly conducive to doing anything outdoors in the summer here. I completed 3.1 miles in 34:24 ... Read more
Weigh-in and Measurement Day, and the importance of NSVs
Thursday, August 02, 2012      9 comments

Today's weigh-in showed a loss of 1.0 pounds. Oh, I am SO CLOSE to ONEderland I can almost touch it. I think the scale might have been a little more kind if I hadn't had a pretty high level of sodium last night. But that's okay. Total released s... Read more
Weigh-In Day and 5k
Thursday, July 26, 2012      4 comments

Today's weigh-in, which I was dreading, showed another 1.8 pounds shed. Total released since 3/1: 33.4 pounds. Lesson 1: Don't automatically assume that just because you think you've had a bad week calorie-wise, that your change in weight will b... Read more
Weigh-In Day
Thursday, July 19, 2012      5 comments

Weigh-in day. 1.8 pounds gooooone. Total released since 3/1: 31.6 pounds. Also, total lost since I did the first round in 2005: 70.7 pounds. Wow.... Read more
Weigh-In Day
Thursday, July 12, 2012      4 comments

Down 0.4 pounds this week. Dangit. Too small a loss. Frustrating. Yes, I know, still going down, but argh, I want a bit faster progress. Total released since 3/1: 29.8 pounds.... Read more
Weigh-in and Measurement Day
Thursday, July 05, 2012      5 comments

Today's weigh-in showed a loss of 2.4 pounds. Awesome! That was even after eating steak yesterday! :P Total released since March 1: 29.4 pounds. I'm still on target to reach my next mini goal on 9/13 of an additional 10 pounds since last goal ac... Read more
Holy crap, derecho storm
Saturday, June 30, 2012      5 comments

Last night's storm was pretty nasty. Just unbelievable. I remember seeing it rolling in...saw the leading cloud (don't know what kind) roll in just before the initial gust. And I thought that would be it. Nope. The brunt of it hit...intense ligh... Read more
Weigh-In: Short term goal achieved!
Thursday, June 21, 2012      9 comments

Today, the scale showed a drop of 0.6 pounds. This means I've reached the short term goal I set: to be down 10 pounds from May 3 to today's date. Total released since March 1: 25 pounds! My reward: a massage...cuz dammit, I need it. I reall... Read more
Thursday, June 14, 2012      4 comments

Weigh-in today showed I was down, again just slightly. 0.6 pounds down this week, total of 24.4 gone since March 1. I have one more week to reach my goal of 25 pounds down by June 21. 0.6 pounds to go. I'm hopeful, but still frustrated at these ... Read more
Friday, June 01, 2012      3 comments

emoticon Today is my 3-month SparkVersary. Well, close enough. I started on February 29, and since that's a te... Read more
Thursday, May 31, 2012      1 comments

So yesterday I posted how I was fretting over my weight for the week because the number hadn't really moved. Today's weigh-in showed 1.2 pounds gone this past week for a total gone of 23.2 since 3/1. I cheated a little though, and didn't we... Read more

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