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morning cuppa spark - beck check
Sunday, January 21, 2018      19 comments

it's been a strange week. i've pulled back from much of my online activities, not really doing much more than spinning the wheel and answering quiz questions (annoyed at myself that one day i was sure i answered 3 questions, if not 4, but someho... Read more
morning cuppa spark - beck check
Sunday, January 14, 2018      15 comments

another week. and i've been in a very strange position - not just goal weight, but below! and yes, the pizza birthday celebration brought my weight back up again, but it has held steady. i have not been tracking, but i've followed my basic... Read more
morning cuppa spark - settling in
Tuesday, January 09, 2018      18 comments

choices. i need a few more hours in the day. i can write a blog, or do the morning exercises, or get to work. so just to say - we are getting back into the groove, with beach walks and road walks and work in the garden, and claire is learning ab... Read more
morning cuppa spark - molokai day 1
Saturday, January 06, 2018      18 comments

the first day - waking up, morning coffee on the lanai. checking out the garden... tons of weeds to attack - there will be no lack of spare tim... Read more
morning cuppa spark - we're here!
Friday, January 05, 2018      20 comments

a long day. with the layover in honolulu, it takes about as long to travel to molokai as to sweden - or at least it feels that way. but all went well, and claire seems to have survived it like a trooper. she was not crazy about returning to her ... Read more
morning cuppa spark - travel day!
Thursday, January 04, 2018      15 comments

and finally. after a very emotional day yesterday, seeing DD and DSIL off on their grand adventure, moving to sweden, we will be traveling ourselves today to spend the rest of the winter in molokai, where i will be working as usual, but we will ... Read more
morning cuppa spark - small commitments
Wednesday, January 03, 2018      15 comments

this morning read spark guy's blog about the million small commitments - and tried to think of what to write, what small commitment i could make. i finally came up with continuing to try to achieve my 15,000 steps per day as an average each... Read more
morning cuppa spark - clean slate
Monday, January 01, 2018      17 comments

...and that was 2017... it ended in a whirlwind of putting the house back together after two weeks of house guests. down with the tree, washing machine going all day long. folding up fold out beds. i managed to hit well over 15,000 steps without... Read more
morning cuppa spark - beck recheck and happy new year!
Sunday, December 31, 2017      18 comments

all things considered, not a bad beck week. made it through the holidays without weight gain, and after friday's "hunger is not an emergency," even weight loss. i've slipped up on tracking the last day or so, and the scale tells me that it reall... Read more
morning cuppa spark - the number 4... or, hunger is not an emergency...
Saturday, December 30, 2017      12 comments

it wasn't exactly planned, but that is what happened yesterday - after breakfast at 5 a.m. (a bit on the late side since i had been up working since 1 a.m.), i practiced "hunger is not an emergency" until dinner at a restaurant at 6 pm. what ha... Read more
evening cuppa spark - the number 5
Thursday, December 28, 2017      13 comments

i've been waiting for it for a long time - the number 5. finally hit the 105s today. it was clean out the freezer day - we are still four big people and one small, and rather than cook more, i took out all the small meals i had frozen in. ... Read more
evening cuppa spark - mellandagarna
Wednesday, December 27, 2017      11 comments

the days in between the holidays - christmas and new years. mostly, my clients take the week off, but a few are waiting for deliveries. and i am struggling to hold my chin above water. so far, so good. the first of our guest left today (act... Read more
morning cuppa spark - the day after...
Tuesday, December 26, 2017      11 comments

...aka the second day of christmas. at least in sweden, it is still a holiday, but i realized that when i took off from work (mostly) over the weekend that i had better get back to it during the night. no alarm, but woke up naturally a little af... Read more
morning cuppa spark - was it worth it?
Monday, December 25, 2017      14 comments

...maybe... well, probably not. the slippery slope continued yesterday with our one and only holiday party. the day started off well enough - i baked gingerbread cookies without snitching a single bit of dough (beck rules #1 no food b... Read more
morning cuppa spark - slippery slopes...
Sunday, December 24, 2017      14 comments

one of the items on my beck list, which i reviewed yesterday, is that temptations that are out of sight are out of mind, corollary to don't bring it into the house. well, with the holidays and the guests, we stopped by the bakery on friday, and ... Read more

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