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Ladies can you lend me your ears for a wee bit .
Tuesday, April 12, 2016      7 comments

as i sit here i am wondering . why is the world full of so much hatred . why can we not all get along ? I must join in the battle and add my voice to those of a famous rock star and he canceled his concert . the reason gay rights and what the la... Read more
New Years eve day . last day of the year . lets review a bit .
Thursday, December 31, 2015      4 comments

as i sit here thinking about the past year i am amazed . all the things that have accored to me are endless . We had a Christmas dinner family started a fight at the dinner table and ruined the spirt of the season . after all that work to make a... Read more
who killed Christmas ?
Wednesday, November 04, 2015      7 comments

as a young child this was my favorite Holiday season . My mom made it such a very good time for a child . I tried to do the same for my own children . Did not work . As a young girl i would wake up Christmas morning and the first sight was a tre... Read more
up date to credit card charges .
Monday, October 26, 2015      4 comments

got in touch with both company . the credit card of mine said they would take charges off . they did and then the next month they put them back on . they said i could not prove that i did not do the charges and that company told them i did . so ... Read more
i want to warn you all of a company that takes your money .
Monday, September 28, 2015      6 comments

then they charge you every month a fee . you can not get them to stop charging you and they keep it up . so far i have canceled my credit card . i wioll tell you if they try to charge me next month but so far they have put 23.95 every month and... Read more
put some thought into it .
Monday, September 07, 2015      6 comments

I have been thinking and a phase that keeps coming to mind is . you have to remember the past so you do not repeat it . Now this can mean so many things . first lets go this WAY . WE THINK WE KNOW YOURSELF WE THINK OUR DIET IS NOTHING TO WORR... Read more
well its a new year . time to report in and tell all . well most .
Thursday, January 08, 2015      8 comments

i am still under doctor care for my shoulder . they operated on me in Oct . they said my shoulder was badly out of place and i broke the cuff . they repaired it and then the long road of physical threap . twice a week . i have worked with two gr... Read more
have not abandoned you all . been a long run .but i can see the light .
Thursday, July 24, 2014      7 comments

I n May i fell into our tub . could not get out . after much pulling and pushing made it out . did not break any bones . just hurt . shoulder . so i waited . in june went to Florida with my daughter . we go every other year . it was our year . o... Read more
one and one make a million .
Monday, February 03, 2014      13 comments

Today is feb 3 the year is 2014. just an ordinary day in the life of a housewife . I find i am thinking what are we doing to help others . somewhere someone is having a birthday . someone is having trouble with a mate . someone is hungry and ne... Read more
let me tell you a tale about santa. How the story began .
Wednesday, December 18, 2013      12 comments

one year the elf's got ill and santa had to hire outside help . they where not as fast as the regular crew . they quickly fell behind and santa was feeling the pressure . then Mrs santa told him her mother was coming for the whole season . so ... Read more
lost my crown among other things .
Saturday, September 21, 2013      13 comments

well I am not queen to lose my crown but I did lose something that was equally important to my health . I lost the crown off my tooth . I bite into a nut . lost the crown with that bite . called the dentist and they said . soonest to get in is T... Read more
my biggest problem .. Boredom
Wednesday, August 14, 2013      5 comments

this allows me much leeway to do just about anything I want to do . start something and then get lost with .keep toss memories take me to a thousand places . Time on my hands leads to not doing more . I need to make time for me to do more for ot... Read more
joke ..lets be light hearted for a bit .
Wednesday, June 05, 2013      19 comments

couple in the ninety's went to doctor . doctor said . write things down so you do not forget them . a few nights later they where in the living room . Hubby got up said do you want anything form the kitchen ? wife says . yes I would like ... Read more
started & stopped this blog many times . but here goes .
Tuesday, May 21, 2013      15 comments

I am weak willed and minded . I am easily discouraged . YOu could cut me down but I am different now then I was years ago . we used to square dance . loved it . I allowed a woman to make me quite going . this woman came up to me and said . Your... Read more
burning the kitchen up with my hubby surprise .
Wednesday, March 27, 2013      10 comments

well at long last i have finally did the unthinkable . I caught my micro wave on fire . I was making my hubby hamburgers . in the micro wave i put his surprise . In the end it was me who was in wonder. wonder how why how could this happen . I p... Read more

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