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New focus/goal for health improvement
Wednesday, October 12, 2016      1 comments

Have been thinking long and hard about my relatively new metabolic syndrome diagnosis. Been studying up on dietary tweaks and taking meds faithfully; will see if Joslin-inspired food plan (fewer carbs than the Ornish choices I was using plus b... Read more
Evaluating yet another year
Sunday, September 11, 2016      1 comments

Another birthday come and gone--62 now. Lost a whole net 10 lbs this past year but have so far avoided the general dire prediction of gainback. Metabolism has probably slowed; need to actually START my planned exercise program (literally dust... Read more
Major life change
Saturday, November 07, 2015      10 comments

My 87-yr-old mother passed away on Fri Nov 6th (yesterday). She had been failing for awhile; my brother called me last Monday to tell me that she was MUCH worse so Tues I hopped in my car and drove the entire 600 miles (one way) in one day for ... Read more
Nagging problem remains
Thursday, September 10, 2015      3 comments

Overjoyed at weight loss BUT blood pressure is still terrible even on the buttload of meds I take for it (was 167/107 this morning). I have been eating a LOT of animal protein lately (mostly lean meat as well as my yogurts) b/c of going back to... Read more
Another trip around the sun--goal met!!
Saturday, September 05, 2015      2 comments

Turned 61 yesterday; husband also turned 64 (cue a certain Beatles song). Went out for our annual dinner--had my usual faves; blood sugar not AT ALL happy w/ me but should be back down to usual tomorrow. Still amazed that I met my 200 lb wei... Read more
New plans to go w/ new year
Sunday, February 01, 2015      0 comments

Decided against divorce several months ago; the main reason that my husband's personality went to hell has been effectively dealt with so reconciliation in works, Daughter has essentially moved in w/ fiance so when lease is up at the end of Mar... Read more
Whole New Life
Saturday, December 21, 2013      3 comments

Way too long since I've blogged but multiple big changes this year. Realized that feet were too torn up to resume hospital work, couldn't get uneployment from OH (denied every week for their good reasons), despite extra income from an opportuni... Read more
Six months of going backwards
Sunday, January 27, 2013      2 comments

Got real w/ weight, FBS and other body measurements after seeing this morning how much worse they've gotten. Metabolism has slowed WAAYYYY down since no longer working on my feet, plus I can tell that I've lost a lot of muscle from too-low-calo... Read more
Laid off!!!
Sunday, July 22, 2012      5 comments

Never was happy w/ job after new owners w/ much different business philosophy bought out hospital where I worked. Last week came back from 5 days in MO to visit w/ Mom who had just had a mastectomy (fortunately they got all of the cancer w/ th... Read more
Tuesday, February 14, 2012      2 comments

Everyhing else has failed---going to low-carb for the first time for both weight and blood sugars. So far so good w/both--will attempt to post more often w/ good-news updates!... Read more
Why No Snacks
Thursday, November 03, 2011      2 comments

I spent many years trying to keep my blood sugar stable through snacking between meals only to fail miserably at both stability and weight loss. I have switched over to 3 meals/day carefully timed plus a small carb feeding before bed (per Rad... Read more
Derailed by stress
Saturday, April 09, 2011      3 comments

Runaway appetite/crazy blood sugars/terrible blood pressure due to stress--husband had more (rare and exotic this time) reconstructive surgery about a month ago followed by wound problems including infection. So, I've been playing wound care nu... Read more
Combination therapy working so far
Wednesday, February 16, 2011      1 comments

Thought I would mention that I found out about Hilton Head Health from watching "Heavy" on A&E, which is the spa that they used. The sample menus on the spa's website give their typical fat and calorie allowances for meals and snacks so Ive be... Read more
See what happens when you don't take care of yourself??
Saturday, January 08, 2011      5 comments

Managed to eat myself into diabetic cellulitis--my record-high fasting blood sugar followed that night by sore, already-swollen leg getting very pink and very warm while at work. Went down to ER, showed leg to favorite ER doc--first thing out o... Read more
New to blogging but have announcement
Monday, December 13, 2010      3 comments

Husband, who has lost somewhere between 175-190 lbs (net) since he had his lap band in April of '07 parted with his 37-lb belly flap last Fri, getting him below 300 lbs for the first time in many, many years. Sore but healing--continues to insp... Read more