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My Mental Health Day
Sunday, October 07, 2012      12 comments

So first I gotta address the hypocrite status, because I'm fully aware that a little over a week ago I said I was stepping back from the blogs. So anyone that wants to throw rotten tomatoes, the floor is yours. ... Read more
My thoughts on life, prediabetes, spark, etc....
Saturday, September 29, 2012      17 comments

So I posted the A1C number on my last blog, and it was a 5.8. I knew instantly it wasn't good but upon more research I came to find out that it is indeed considered pre diabetes. I'm not worried at all. Is that cocky or arrogant? Maybe it i... Read more
Let's Get Physical, Physical!
Friday, September 28, 2012      15 comments

Okay, I'm a dork. Old news. But that is what came to mind when I had to go to my physical. So I haven't been in 3 years. I don't know, just not a fan of being told I'm fat and... Read more
BLC 20 Challenge - NSV
Sunday, September 23, 2012      8 comments

A challenge for the Biggest Loser Competition I'm in, so don't mind me. ;) emoticon *Define The Number* My ... Read more
6 months, nsv's, and the boy... (Pretty long, proceed w/ caution)
Friday, September 21, 2012      23 comments

emoticon I have been on Spark off and on since 2009. I had to let go of a lot of success/failure, and the past is t... Read more
Life isn't always puppies and rainbows...
Tuesday, September 18, 2012      21 comments

One of my favorite thing to say when things are going just beyond great is "puppies and rainbows"... unicorns and glitter is pretty awesome too, but my go to phrase is pupp... Read more
BLC 20 - 12 Week Goals
Friday, September 14, 2012      12 comments

First off, I know I am BLC this, and BLC that. But this one if for points and I gotta do it and represent the Sassy ... Read more
Progress Pics/Start of BLC 20 Pics...
Tuesday, September 11, 2012      16 comments

So this isn't like a huge milestone progress pic blog. I wanted to take some super honest starting pics for BLC. But since I had to do that, it's always fun to compare them to where I have been before. :) SW for BLC: 227 GW for BLC: 209 ... Read more
Ready For BLC 20 - Shamrock Sheriff's! :D
Tuesday, September 11, 2012      10 comments

I am super excited to be a part of BLC 20. I am also super dooper nervous, because I've never participated in one before, so I am the total newbie! The Sheriff's have a no nonsense approach, and I am really excited to be a part of the team! They... Read more
Shoutout To My Peeps! I heart ya'll. (video blog)
Thursday, September 06, 2012      13 comments

My ghetto attempt to give a quick shoutout to my peeps, I have no webcam, so this was the best I could do. I have this urge to redo it but if I do it'll be 100 times then I won't post it LOL. ... Read more
Wait, PMS and cramps DON'T entitle me to eat EVERYTHING?! (No boys allowed)
Tuesday, September 04, 2012      12 comments

Well, boys are allowed, but I am pretty sure the title was able to make them run screaming from the room. Whenever TOM comes to visit me, I get the worst cramps. Okay, so I can't really claim the worst cramps, because I am sure there is alw... Read more
No longer starting over & no longer looking for motivation...
Friday, August 31, 2012      19 comments

Disclaimer: This is just my way of thinking on my journey, and I understand different things work with different people. With that said, I used to be someone who constantly felt the need to start over. "Oh I had a bad day, I will start over... Read more
"OMG you're shrinking", and fessing up to 2 bad days...
Monday, August 27, 2012      20 comments

So the highlight of the day was a fellow coworker saying "OMG you're shrinking!!" Today was free dress so I am in jeans and t shirt and it is much easier to tell than when I am swimming in my too big uniform. She even said that "OMG, it's so not... Read more
Yay Me! (Letter to self and nsv's)
Friday, August 24, 2012      18 comments

Hey Pretty Lady, Stop looking around, I'm talking to you, yes you! Don't be alarmed, I know the last letter I wrote to you may have been a tad harsh, but you really needed to hear it. Someone needed to tell you to get a grip, and that you did!... Read more
Faking It Til I Make It...
Wednesday, August 22, 2012      18 comments

So I would be lying if I said I was feeling 100%, but I'm getting closer each day. In the mean time I am simply faking it til I make it. I am going through the motions. I am tracking, and I actually did 5 miles on my Walk Away The Pounds for the... Read more

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