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Miserable Run
Saturday, January 23, 2010      4 comments

TIME: 2:00pm LOCATION: Bailey, Colorado -- Platte Canyon High School Track and Cross-Country Trail TRAINING: Slow Intervals + 2 x400 Speed Intervals + 2 x 200 Speed Intervals TOTAL DISTANCE: 5.2 Miles SLOW INTERVAL RUN/WALK RATIO:... Read more
Welcome to My Home Gym
Wednesday, January 20, 2010      7 comments

I took some photos of my home gym last May. A good home gym is a real time saver. The only problem is that sometimes I feel guilty if I am not working out. I spent quite a bit to get the best equipment possible. I have had my equipment for ov... Read more
Recovery Workout
Tuesday, January 19, 2010      0 comments

TIME: 5:00 pm LOCATION: Bailey, CO - Home Gym COMPANY: Alone TOTAL TIME: 60 minutes While running on Sunday I got tired too quickly. My hamstrings were really bothering me. I was very slow. I decided I need some time to recove... Read more
I wonder if I will ever be a good runner
Sunday, January 17, 2010      7 comments

TIME: 3:00pm - 5:00 pm LOCATION: Thunderridge HS Track-- Highlands Ranch, Colorado TIMED DISTANCE: 5K 5K TIME: 29:24 AVERAGE PACE: 9:43 min/mile COMPANY: Alone TOTAL TIME: 120 minutes (Warm-up, Timed Run, Interval Run, 4 x 100 A... Read more
Having fun while running? No way - can't be done!
Saturday, January 16, 2010      1 comments

Time: 5:00pm Location: Bailey, Colorado - Burland Subdivision Timed Distance: 3.0Miles Time: 30 Minutes Average Pace: 10 min/mile Company: Alone Total Time: 40 minutes (Warm-up, Timed Run, Slow Run and Cool-Down) Weather Condi... Read more
Unpopular Immutable Truths
Wednesday, January 13, 2010      9 comments

I weigh about 215 pounds today. My all-time maximum weight was 285 pounds. I have lost 70 pounds. My goal weight is 185 pounds. When I reach my goal weight, I will have lost 100 pounds. My waist size used to be 48”. Today, I can comfortabl... Read more
Long slow distance - What goes up, must come down
Tuesday, January 12, 2010      2 comments

TIME: 5:00pm LOCATION: Bailey, Colorado -- Burland Ranchettes TIMED DISTANCE: 10K 10K TIME: 59:52 AVERAGE PACE: 11:29 min/mile COMPANY: Alone TOTAL TIME: 67 minutes (Warm-up, Slow Run and Cool-Down) WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear,... Read more
Monday, January 11, 2010      4 comments

I had planned going to go running today. However, I found myself a bit stiff and sore from yesterday’s run. I decided to wimp-out and do some cross training. I also wanted to get in some physical therapy exercises. Here is what I did: - ... Read more
That is as fast as I go
Saturday, January 09, 2010      2 comments

TIME: 4:00pm LOCATION: Thunderridge HS Track-- Highlands Ranch, Colorado TIMED DISTANCE: 5K 5K TIME: 27:46:12 AVERAGE PACE: 8:54 min/mile FASTEST PACE: 5:01 min/mile SLOWEST PACE: 11:37 min/mile COMPANY: Alone TOTAL TIME:... Read more
I scare me!
Wednesday, January 06, 2010      3 comments

I know this is really odd. I weighed myself this morning. During a weigh-in I wear just shorts. I want to weigh me, not my clothes. My scale is in my home gym. There is also a full length mirror in my home gym. When I saw myself in ... Read more
Running On Empty
Sunday, January 03, 2010      3 comments

This blog is just a collection of random observations. (1) There is nothing wrong with excess as long as it is done in moderation! I just made that up! However, I am sure that someone said it before me! (2) I will not give up my ... Read more
Running Slowly - But I have Excuses!
Friday, January 01, 2010      11 comments

TIME: 4:00pm LOCATION: Bailey, Colorado -- Burland Ranchettes TIMED DISTANCE: 5K 5K TIME: 34:28 PACE: 11:71 min/mile COMPANY: Alone TOTAL TIME: 45 minutes (Running + warm-up and Cool-down) WEATHER CONDITIONS: Cloudy, Temperatur... Read more
First Run in Many Weeks
Sunday, December 27, 2009      4 comments

TIME: 2:00pm LOCATION: Bailey, Colorado -- Platte Canyon High School Track TIMED DISTANCE: 2 miles 2 MILE TIME: 19:48 PACE: 9:45 min/mile COMPANY: Sons - Ben 29 yrs, Scott 23 yrs. TOTAL TIME: 40 minutes (Stretching, Running and W... Read more
Scheduling Races and the Galloway Magic Mile
Friday, December 25, 2009      2 comments

I am trying to figure out a racing schedule for 2010. I would like to strike a balance between short races and longer races. I have found a couple of 1 mile races. I have also found some and 2 mile races. These short races are trail runs. T... Read more
Medicinal Chicken Soup - I am Not Runing For a While
Sunday, December 13, 2009      2 comments

After my ill-advised attempt at running yesterday, I had a major relapsed of Bronchitis symptoms. So I did what any reasonable man would do. I made Chicken soup! This special chicken soup is highly prized by my family members as a cure-all f... Read more

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