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2 out of 3 Dogs are Overweight/Obese?
Tuesday, June 27, 2017      8 comments

I heard this on the news this morning. There was a survey done asking vets about dogs they see in their practice and this was the result. I had just been telling a friend I sometimes walk with that I'm encountering a lot of little dogs with sh... Read more
What the Health? (documentary) & Scary Dog Aggression
Monday, June 26, 2017      9 comments

If you get a chance to catch this on Netflix, I'd be interested to know what you think. I resisted watching it for a long time because I always get bummed out by these types of documentaries that remind me of things like how the food industry a... Read more
Births, Death, Illnesses, and Triumphs Here on SP
Friday, June 23, 2017      8 comments

What a roller coaster ride it is here on SP! Several sparkers are celebrating the births of children and grands. There has also been a death of a dear SP friend that has saddened me in the last couple of weeks. A mutual friend made memorial b... Read more
Heat Wave, Power Outage, Cheese Progress, Sugar Progress
Wednesday, June 21, 2017      5 comments

I guess that's why they call it Summer. It's hot. In fact, a heatwave. I guess CA residents put a strain on the grid last night as our power went out for a couple of hours. Nothing like a reminder of what it was like in the "olden days" with... Read more
Cheese Progress
Monday, June 19, 2017      8 comments

For those unfamiliar with my cheese battle, I've been eating way too much for way too long. So, I've recently started to confront my cheese addiction and am doing well. Prior to this, I couldn't go a day without it. A SP friend gave me a ... Read more
The Father I Never Knew
Sunday, June 18, 2017      5 comments

And have never even seen a picture of. Today I feel a bit sad over that empty space that has always been in my heart. Long story, too gory. HOWEVER, how lucky to have had wonderful father figures in my life providing unconditional love. ... Read more
My Amazing Results w/Rosemary Oil. Can This be for Reals?
Saturday, June 17, 2017      8 comments

Recent years of grieving produced some hair loss and I've been researching ever since. Read about Rosemary oil and thought I'd give it a try. My test patch is on the left top side of my bangs at my hairline. It has been blank for awhile -... Read more
7% People Think Chocolate Milk Comes from Brown Cows (!!), Harry's Test Results
Friday, June 16, 2017      6 comments

It's been in the news all week about how millions of people think chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Can that possibly be true? Just got Harry's test results back; everything is within normal range, so these down turns are puzzling. I ... Read more
Awaiting Harry's Test Results and Misc.
Friday, June 16, 2017      10 comments

My fur baby, Prince Harry, was doing better yesterday (and today). So I really didn't have to bring him into the vet. But I did because he is a senior and I need to see what's going on. I suspect kidney something or other since Himmies are pr... Read more
Going to The Vet Today
Thursday, June 15, 2017      11 comments

Today Harry is showing signs of feeling better. But I'm still taking him in to see what's up. I've been mega-stressed feeling that it was his time and I have to learn how to let go. I'll make myself sick if I don't. Another hot day is in... Read more
Fur Baby Not Feeling Well, Bummed Out, Little Magic Fairy & Her Wand
Wednesday, June 14, 2017      10 comments

My 13-year -old Prince Harry Himalayan goes through mini-bouts that I think is the beginning (middle, end?) of the end. My past cat Ewok had this kidney disease that Himmies are prone to. I'll keep Harry as pain-free as possible, but not going... Read more
It Feels Too Much Like Hard Work
Tuesday, June 13, 2017      11 comments

Here's what sometimes happens when I get into something new. I've been excited about my run/walk regimen. But then I started to mentally put pressure on myself that I have to do it every day. Before you know it, I'm hating that I have to do i... Read more
14 Minutes Faster Now
Monday, June 12, 2017      11 comments

I took the weekend off from my new run/walk regimen. Just walked and walked. However, I looked forward to resuming today, which I did. Friday's run/walk was completed in - and I didn't believe my eyes - 15 minutes faster time. But today, ... Read more
When Does Intended Helpfulness Become Intrusion?
Sunday, June 11, 2017      11 comments

A few years ago, a loved one was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. After the initial shock of the diagnosis wore off, he took good care of himself. But as time has worn on, he's slid back into old eating habits and I can see the effects on him.... Read more
Beautiful Full Moon, but...
Saturday, June 10, 2017      6 comments's been a lifelong thing that I feel totally nuts during this time. Even when I don't know that it's a full moon, I wonder what's going on with me. For example, this week - starting Wednesday onward - I felt like an internal mess. T... Read more

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