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Don't Panic
Thursday, December 17, 2009      7 comments

Don't panic -- track! I knew I had overeatten on Monday eve. Because I tracked I knew it was about 700 calories over and I would have about 1/4 pound to lose. But Tuesday morning I was up more than 3 pounds. I figured it was sodium. Wasn't too w... Read more
Hitting the Ole Trail
Wednesday, December 16, 2009      4 comments

Today I ventured across the highway with my new bike on my new bike rack attached to the trunk of my car. I wasn't sure I could do it, but I had to try. I had no trouble lifting and securing the bike, driving with it, parking, and getting it dow... Read more
Exercising Restraint
Tuesday, December 15, 2009      4 comments

This morning, while watching my dear granddaughter Natalie, I decided to get caught up with my SparkPeople strength training. Natalie was playing happily with PlayDough and I thought I could get in a set between checking on her. Well, my f... Read more
Gaining Confidence
Monday, December 14, 2009      6 comments

My mom just left after a 10 day trip from Tucson to our home in central Florida. I cooked a lot, ate out a lot, had less time than usual for exercise, and my food tracking was spotty -- the worst tracking I've done in over a year. Yet, this morn... Read more
Great Present!
Sunday, December 13, 2009      3 comments

Wow have I been blessed! My mom gave me a present I really like - a new bicycle. It's "flat foot" technology - I can stay on the seat at the stop signs with my feet on the ground - and its "pedal forward" design is really comfy. I did a couple m... Read more
Mom's Here
Saturday, December 05, 2009      8 comments

My mom is visiting from Tucson. That is wonderful. I don't get to see here near as often as I'd like. It's a long way from Tucson to central Florida. I know, though, that there will be challenges over the next 10 days. It may be hard to ge... Read more
Sweet Treat
Thursday, December 03, 2009      3 comments

I was just really wanting something sweet, but healthy. I took 9 oz. of a huge sweet potato and microwaved it. I cracked 3 walnuts and put the pieces on the soft, warm orange flesh. I topped it with 1/8 cup Smucker's Breakfast Syrup sugar free... Read more
Waist or Waste?
Tuesday, December 01, 2009      6 comments

When I was growing up, we'd save any leftover food. But almost every meal there was at least one thing that there was just a "dibby-dab" left. Mom would eat it or talk one of us into eating it so she didn't have to store it. Throwing it out was ... Read more
Celebrating in Threes
Monday, November 30, 2009      3 comments

1. Hurricane season is over! 2. Yesterday was cool outside so I grabbed a jacket out of the closet. A year ago I couldn't even get that jacket around me. Now it is definitely too big! 3. And best of all, after 30 days of SparkPeople strengt... Read more
I Once Was So-So-So in Control
Sunday, November 29, 2009      4 comments

Although this may not be the profound words I promised, I feel like typing. I've got eating things to think about. Yesterday I was feeling so-so-so very in control. I'd completed almost a month on SparkPeople and not gone over my calorie, c... Read more
5,000 Points
Saturday, November 28, 2009      6 comments

I made it! I just got a new trophy for 5,000 SparkPoints. Now what does this mean? I am something of a reward junkie. There are times I write a blog because I have something to express. Sometimes as I put things in writing they become clea... Read more
It Disappeared!
Friday, November 27, 2009      3 comments

I just spent 15 minutes writing a delightful, insightful commentary to include in my blog. Just as I was proofing it, it disappeared! Oh, well. Let me think about what I was saying. Maybe the universe is warning me not to put that out there. Sta... Read more
Thanksgiving 2009
Thursday, November 26, 2009      2 comments

This year I'm not cooking. Cooking the holiday feast is a wonderful and terrible challenge and chore. If I had never gotten to do it, I would feel that I had missed something major. But, I've had the honor many times. This year I am thankful tha... Read more
Me? Push Ups??
Wednesday, November 25, 2009      5 comments

I never could do a push up in gym in high school. My arms were really weak. I had trouble getting the car door to close. My swim team coach said if he had one swimmer with my legs and my sister's arms, we'd have a swimmer. When I tried out for c... Read more
Turning Lemons into Lemonade
Tuesday, November 24, 2009      3 comments

Often it is easier to see the down side. Maybe your alarm didn't go off, or the car is running rough, your favorite figurine got chipped, you friend forgot your birthday, your stock went down, you got an impossible assignment at work, you broke ... Read more

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