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A Day of Firsts
Monday, June 28, 2010      5 comments

I reached a couple big goals today! First, I weighted 197.5 lbs this morning. It definitely is nice to have dropped a bit more weight since my last official weigh in, but the most satisfying part about this is that it was the fourth day in... Read more
Waving Goodbye to Week 3 of the BL Summer Challenge
Wednesday, June 23, 2010      5 comments

And so another Biggest Loser Summer Challenge week comes to an end. This week will not go down in the record books as a stand out. I ate near or over the top of my calorie range the whole week. Most days I just seemed hungrier than usual, but... Read more
Day 4 of 4-Day Sleep Makeover and "Final" Thoughts
Monday, June 21, 2010      4 comments

As planned, I was in bed at 12:30am last night and woke up with the alarm at 8:30am this morning. Yay! I am no longer staying up until between 1am and 3am, having trouble getting to sleep or getting up in the morning. This is next to amazing ... Read more
Day 3 of 4-Day Sleep Makeover
Sunday, June 20, 2010      4 comments

Last night was cutting it close, but I actually crawled into bed at 12:36am instead of by 12:30am. Not too late, but not on time either. However, when my alarm went off at 8:30am, I quickly turned it off but did not go back to sleep. Not long... Read more
Day 2 of 4-Day Sleep Makeover
Saturday, June 19, 2010      5 comments

The goal: to be in bed at or before 12:30am, then wake up at 8:30am. The reality: in bed by 12:25am, but asleep by a few minutes after 1am, then woke up at 9:20am (after turning off the alarm when it went off at 8:30am, because "I didn't want ... Read more
Day 1 of 4-Day Sleep Makeover Challenge
Friday, June 18, 2010      4 comments

Last night was the first night I was supposed to go to sleep at or before 12:30am. How hard is that? It shouldn't be, but at 12:30am I got up to go to bed and just had to pet the kitties goodnight. Too bad for me that the kitties are so adora... Read more
Plan To Fix My Sleep Schedule
Thursday, June 17, 2010      5 comments

A few days ago I wrote a blog about my "Trouble Goal," which is my sleep non-schedule and how it negatively affects my life. Several people offered very good suggestions (thank you Leah, Nan, and Lynne). I also just read in "The Four Day Win,"... Read more
Persian Kittens
Wednesday, June 16, 2010      10 comments

Hubby and I adopted two Persian kittens on Saturday. The kittens are more than we could have hoped for. They are little love bugs, jumping up into my lap and purring like crazy. They love to be pet and scratched, which is great because their ... Read more
BL Challenge Week 2 And Some Down-In-The-Dumps Thinking
Wednesday, June 16, 2010      3 comments

Today's Turquoise Titan challenge for the Biggest Loser is to write a blog about the past week. It's been a rough one. Actually, maybe this week, on the whole, hasn't been that bad. This week started swimmingly, then Hubby and I adopted t... Read more
My "Trouble Goal"
Friday, June 11, 2010      4 comments

One of this week's action steps is to blog about my "trouble goal," the goal that I struggle with, why it happens, what problems it causes, and what I can do about it. My first instinct was to say that my "trouble goal" is not drinking 8 glasse... Read more
Three Big Victories and One Small One!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thursday, June 10, 2010      10 comments

I am SO proud of myself! I lost 3 pounds this week. That puts me at 200 pounds even. I saw 200.5 flash. I even saw 199.5 flash. But I weighed myself twice and 200 pounds it is. I'm so close to Onederland that I can practically taste it... Read more
Today's Workout and Books
Wednesday, June 09, 2010      4 comments

This afternoon I put on my workout clothes and started to move. I was going to move until I felt my body was not up for it anymore. I am happy to say that, although I took things much slower than normal, I actually completed my entire strength... Read more
Totally Random, Cold-Addled Thoughts
Tuesday, June 08, 2010      5 comments

This cold I've been dealing with has really made me appreciate how good I've been feeling lately health-wise. I'm so looking forward to a not-too-distant time when I can breathe freely and exercise with total abandon. Today, instead of goi... Read more
The Time Has Come For Pictures
Monday, June 07, 2010      10 comments

In August 2009, Hubby took a picture of me enjoying a ferry ride from Saint George to Hamilton, Bermuda. I was feeling good that day. Imagine my shock and surprise when I saw the photo and realized that I looked much bigger than I felt (aside ... Read more
Sick, Sick, Sick...Oh, and Skinny Cow!
Saturday, June 05, 2010      8 comments

Yesterday I was supposed to do strength training, but I didn't. I was just too tired and feeling like I was getting sick. Ears, nose, throat, bleh. Today I was supposed to jog for 23 minutes. Yeah, like that was going to happen. I would... Read more

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