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Monday after seminar
Monday, May 23, 2016      7 comments

Hello friends, The seminar went well, although stressful. Saw a lot of "friends" who I speak with often on the telephone at work, so it was nice catching up with them all. While I was in Iowa, I had the experience that felt like I los... Read more
Waterloo seminar...
Friday, May 20, 2016      7 comments

Hello friends, Short one for today. In Iowa for the seminar. Already did my part. YAY!! Wish I could fly back today, but they're not finished with all of the meetings. Flew up with one of our head agents for this thing. Last meeting is ... Read more
Thursday entry..
Thursday, May 19, 2016      6 comments

Hello friends, Not sure that this is going to be very long. Depends on time. Today was one of those days that just can go away. Oh, right, it's almost over. Thank goodness. It's my "Friday" from the office. Not from work though. Tomor... Read more
Tuesday's entry
Tuesday, May 17, 2016      6 comments

Hello friends, Didn't make 10,000 steps today, although I did try. Did get to 7,589. It's getting late, though. Won't be able to get out of bed early morning. Heavy housework done after work, so I'm counting that. Have a good n... Read more
Monday's entry
Monday, May 16, 2016      7 comments

Hello friends, Thanks for commenting on the last blog concerning the Biggest Loser Challenge. I thank NEW-CAZ for getting me involved with this. And, although I haven't really lost anything...yet...I'm working on it harder, getting as muc... Read more
Biggest Loser Challenge....
Monday, May 16, 2016      6 comments

Good morning Sparkers! For those of you who are not aware of the Biggest Loser Challenge, keep reading. I've been lucky to have been part of this challenge twice now and am learning a lot from others on my team. It's all about how much "... Read more
Quote for the end of the weekend..
Sunday, May 15, 2016      10 comments

Hello everyone, Quick blog as it's getting later than I like to get to bed. This photo and quote says it all. Will post again when able. ... Read more
Thursday entry..
Thursday, May 12, 2016      4 comments

Hello friends, Quick blog tonight as it's late...again. Need sleep. Early morning tomorrow to try to get a workout in before I go for a mammogram, then to work. Was supposed to have tomorrow off, with two doctor appointments. One of th... Read more
Quote for today...
Thursday, May 12, 2016      5 comments

"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going" --Beverly Sills Something to remember in our day to day working towards our goals. Have a great afternoon. Will try to catch up later this evening. ... Read more
Tuesday entry #2
Tuesday, May 10, 2016      5 comments

Hi friends, Thanks so much for your comments on my "panic attack" blog earlier. Very much appreciated. Yes, I made it home and got a good elliptical workout in. No weights tonight, but a bit of body weight. And yes, I got into it. ... Read more
Tuesdays Entry...
Tuesday, May 10, 2016      11 comments

Hello friends, I'm sorry, in advance, that this is going to be a complaining blog. emoticon Found out ye... Read more
Sunday entry...
Sunday, May 08, 2016      10 comments

Hello friends, Quick blog as it's Sunday night and time for bed. Had a good Mother's Day, as I hope all the mothers out there did also! Did pretty well with calories today, even with daughter and her boyfriend taking me out to dinner. ... Read more
Friday afternoon...
Friday, May 06, 2016      8 comments

Hello friends, It's Friday! Yay! Almost an end to a long week. Heading into a not so good weekend. DH gave me his cold from last weekend, ... Read more
Quote for today...
Monday, May 02, 2016      12 comments

Good morning friends, This quote "spoke to me" this morning as we are all taking steps towards our goals. Sometimes we are "Tip Toeing" thr... Read more
Sunday entry...
Sunday, May 01, 2016      5 comments

Hello friends, Quick entry as it's getting late. Tiring day today. But I'm feeling better than I did Thursday and Friday. Got a good full body workout in today. About 1 hour and 45 minutes worth. Including a lot of core work. Some leg... Read more

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