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Tuesday, March 02, 2010      14 comments

Full disclosure - I have been in all-out binge mode the past few days, and I am nipping it in the bud this time BEFORE I gain back all the weight like I have done so many times before. I am back on track today and can really use the support of m... Read more
OK, I'm a Wife Now...Time for New Goals!!! :)
Friday, February 26, 2010      15 comments

I am just so happy and my coworkers tell me I'm "still glowing." Yay! My main goal is continuing to love my husband as much as I did on our wedding day for the rest of our lives, nuturing our relationship and feeling fulfilled in life. ... Read more
Tuesday, February 23, 2010      23 comments ... Read more
Motivator of the Day!
Sunday, January 31, 2010      21 comments

What a surprise and honor to be Motivator of the Day! Especially since I've barely used SparkPeople lately for anything but tracking my calories! The past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind of wedding preparations. I am so excited that... Read more
One Month to go!
Thursday, January 14, 2010      28 comments

It's the final month before my wedding! I wake up so excited every day! I don't really have time to plan during the week, but each weekend we make tons of progress but there's still so much more to do! My diet and exercise are going really wel... Read more
The Hidden Benefits of Exercise
Tuesday, January 05, 2010      8 comments
WSJ_hpp_MIDDLENexttoWhatsNewsThird ... Read more
I'm Back from Europe!
Sunday, January 03, 2010      21 comments

Well hello's been so long! Since I've last written, I had a really wonderful Christmas... First, I helped get things ready: Then my mom and me talking a... Read more
Me: On Track
Wednesday, December 23, 2009      12 comments

The longer I do this (been Sparking now for almost three full years!), the more realizations I make, and the more I learn about my own behavior and bodily needs, the stronger I become. Here's two realizations I've made recently: A few week... Read more
Birthday Recap
Sunday, December 20, 2009      16 comments

How to have a happy, healthy birthday, SeppieSusan style: Step 1. Treat the morning like a normal Saturday. Spend a bit of extra time in bed cuddling in the morning. Go to the gym, where when you scan your gym card instead of hearing the... Read more
Birthday Weekend
Friday, December 18, 2009      15 comments

I'm turning 32 tomorrow. Sigh. I'm getting farther and farther from 21! But you know what? I am liking my life more and more the older I get. :) My weight has been going nuts lately - it stayed the same for a long time, then down half a po... Read more
Odd but effective party strategy... and gym pet peeves!
Monday, December 14, 2009      18 comments

Yesterday I went to a daytime party where there were tons of refreshments. I have resolved that it is easier for me to say no to everything than it is to try to limit myself to a little bit, especially nine weeks before my wedding! So I decide... Read more
First five weeks of bride bootcamp: Done!
Saturday, December 12, 2009      17 comments

I've lost 11 pounds in the first 5 weeks, and I have 9 weeks, 1 day to go! I just keep doing all the common-sense healthy things to do, and they just keep working. Simple. :) A couple anecdotes: On an outdoor run a few days ago (I ran... Read more
Just Saying Hi :)
Thursday, December 03, 2009      18 comments

It's been a while, so I thought I'd say hi. Thanksgiving went well here and my plan is very solid right now. Wedding plans are coming along and so am I, toward my weight-loss goal. Today, right after lunch, I started to feel sick. I stuc... Read more
Wednesday, November 25, 2009      4 comments

I'm posting links to the recipes I will make this weekend, mostly for selfish reasons to make it easy to find these recipes in Internet-land again when I need 'em! Beef barley stew (I hardly EVER eat beef, but what a nice seasonal treat thi... Read more
Ready for some time to myself!
Tuesday, November 24, 2009      6 comments

It's Tuesday afternoon and I have the next five days off, YAY! (AND we have a teacher-only day on Monday the 30th and a teacher-only afternoon on Tuesday, Dec. 1...these kids have it so good!!) Even though I stuck to a somewhat normal sleep... Read more

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