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The 10 Biggest Mistakes I've Made While trying to get Healthier
Wednesday, November 05, 2014      4 comments

Hey Everyone, I was reading several articles from a variety of sources this week and it was interesting to me how people sabatage themselves when it comes to developing a healthy lifestyle and losing weight. What else was interesting to me... Read more
A Goal without a Plan is Nothing More than a Dream
Friday, October 31, 2014      2 comments

Hey Everyone, I used to have a boss who had this posted on the door to his office and it always stuck with me. This is why I wrote a very specific measurable plan for my healthy lifestyle. Notce I didn't say "to lose weight." I appro... Read more
Injuries: A Part of Being an Athlete
Wednesday, October 29, 2014      1 comments

Hey Everyone, Recently I wrote a blog entry about treating yourself like the athlete you are. I shared about stretching before and after working out, RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) for an injury, taking hot baths with epsom salts... Read more
Fitness doesn't have to be expensive
Thursday, October 23, 2014      3 comments

Hey Everyone, I have to admit something. I am one of the most frugal people you will probably ever meet. Some call me cheap, some don't call me at all. LOL I buy almost everything used, especially when it comes to workout gear. Did yo... Read more
The Scale is NOT your Friend
Wednesday, October 22, 2014      0 comments

Hey Everyone, I was reading in different chat rooms on SparkPeople today and saw the same issue over and over again, WEIGHT. I don't know why so many people are so hung up an their weight. They link a number on a scale to their self ... Read more
The Stress Challenge
Tuesday, October 21, 2014      1 comments

Hey Everyone, So, I started this new SparkPeople Challenge to reduce stress in my life. The first thing they have you do in Week 1 is take a stress test. I think the test has a few questions that don't really apply to my life, which increa... Read more
Turning back the clock
Saturday, October 18, 2014      4 comments

Hey Everyone, I was asked the other day what I meant by "turning back the clock." I have that phrase posted at the top of my SparkPage, it's also posted in my office and on my SparkWall in my home gym. So, what do I mean by that. Wel... Read more
Just Do It!!!
Friday, October 17, 2014      0 comments

Hey Everyone, We all have those days when we don't feel like working out, and you know, that's okay. It's alright to feel like skipping a workout here and there. But you know what that leads to... laziness. First it's one day, then it's a ... Read more
Variety is the Spice of Workouts
Tuesday, October 14, 2014      2 comments

Hey Everyone, All this month I have been writing about The mental aspect of being successful when developing a new healthy lifestyle. Notice again that I didn't say anything about losing weight of dieting. I believe that if you work at imp... Read more
Work out for the Seasons
Monday, October 13, 2014      2 comments

Hey Everyone, I responded to a question from a guy about staying motivated all year long. He was having trouble keeping up with his lifestyle changes, staying on his nutrition plan and workout schedule. He has actually had more success los... Read more
Free Yourself from your Trash
Friday, October 10, 2014      2 comments

Hey Everyone, Read a great Sparkpeople article today about getting organized, which fits right into my theme for the month of October about getting into the right frame of mind to get healthy. You might notice I almost never talk about los... Read more
Mental Success
Friday, October 03, 2014      0 comments

Hey Everyone, Sometimes I have a hard time thinking of a title for my articles, today is one of those days. Just a couple of notes before I start. When I write these blog entries I'm really just talking to myself. I make my living as a pro... Read more
Quit that Stinkin' Thinkin'
Thursday, September 25, 2014      1 comments

Hey Everyone, Today I would like to spend a few minutes on ATTITUDE. When I was a teen-ager I had a summer job at a swim & tennis club. A few weeks into the summer I asked the manager why he had me out mowing the grass so many days and not... Read more
Make a Game of It
Tuesday, September 23, 2014      1 comments

Hey Eveyone, The way I see it, being successful on SparkPeople is using every tool available to it's utmost. This is why I decided to do the best I can to max out on my SparkPoints every day. What ever the point value for each line is, tha... Read more
A Great Night's Sleep
Tuesday, September 16, 2014      0 comments

Hey Everyone, Today I wanted to remind you to neve underestimate the importance of a good night's sleep when trying to lose weight. Today on SparkPeople I read a good article on getting a good night's sleep and it got me to thinking about ... Read more

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