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Blaming and Justification
Monday, November 03, 2014      0 comments

Today, my husband asked me to make pancakes for breakfast (his breakfast, my lunch, since he got up late). I was cool with. By 2pm I was nearly at my calorie limit because of pancakes being high calorie (peanut butter and syrup yo). Okay, so the... Read more
Journal Entry #13
Tuesday, May 08, 2007      0 comments

Infectious diseases. . . hmmm. . . lets see, living in filth, being sexually active and stupid. . . not getting vaccinated. . . I don't have to change my lifestyle to prevent infectious diseases. I keep clean, the only person I'm sexually ... Read more
Journal Entry #12
Tuesday, May 08, 2007      0 comments

Why is diebetes on tbe rise? Because people lead sedentary lives and eat whatever they want without thinking about what it is they are consuming. That, along with apathy. There's so much medical advancement nowadays that some people think that D... Read more
Journal Entry #11
Tuesday, May 08, 2007      0 comments

Well, my original goal? I am doing better on stress management, but I never bought a stress ball. I know, lame. However, what I ended up doing was creating a schedule and that really cut down on the stress issues I was having. I had everything p... Read more
Journal Entry #10
Sunday, May 06, 2007      0 comments

Illicit drug use. . . I have some peers who think that weed is okay, and then of course there are the nonillegal drugs, alcohol and caffiene. Both of which many believe is okay to consume, caffiene being the most socially accepted drug. My ... Read more
Journal Entry #9
Sunday, May 06, 2007      0 comments

Cardiovascular risks that I control? Well, I don't drink alcohol, smoke, or use any illicit drugs. So those sorts of things I don't worry about. However, it's my diet and activity level that I do control. I have a habit to just not care about ... Read more
Journal Entry #8
Friday, April 13, 2007      0 comments

Smoking. . . it's a terrible addiction, we know this. It's also terribly bad for you, as we know. Smoking laws are becoming more and more strict in California. Are they fair? I think so. Here's why, people always use the excuse "it doesn't... Read more
Journal Entry #7
Sunday, April 08, 2007      1 comments

Where do the pressures to improve my body image come from? They come from myself and also my husband. I do not want to be diebetic when I'm forty. I worry about my mother's health, and I don't want the same for my daughter. I want her to be... Read more
Journal Entry #6
Saturday, April 07, 2007      0 comments

Five strengths and weaknesses in my eating habits. . . Strengths: 1: I like vegetables and fruit 2: I enjoy whole grains and oats 3: I like cooking 4: Water is awesome 5: I don't mind eating in smaller portions Weaknesses: ... Read more
Journal Entry #5
Friday, March 23, 2007      2 comments

What excuses do I use not to exercise? Well, there's the whole time thing of course, but usually it's, "I'm busy right now I'll do it right after I'm done with this." Of course, something always comes up and I don't get to it when I should, or I... Read more
Journal Entry #4
Wednesday, March 21, 2007      0 comments

What risk factors do I have for obesity? Hm, well, I'm already for obese. So really the risk factors I have for staying that way are stress, stress, and uh, hm, stress? When I'm stressed or unhappy I have a tendancy not to pay attention to ... Read more
Journal Entry #3
Saturday, February 10, 2007      0 comments

What causes me the most stress? Finances, my inability to stay organized, not having a license (or anyone to teach me how to drive on a regular basis), family not understanding the time table I am on, family, homework. Some of these se... Read more
Journal Entry #2
Friday, February 02, 2007      0 comments

This is about psychosocial health, basically total well being. What has an effect? I bad talk myself. I am my own worst critic, and not only that, I am not always consistent. I falter all the time, but I have the worst time picking myself b... Read more
Journal Entry #1
Friday, February 02, 2007      0 comments

Okay, so, for my Health & Lifestyle Choices class I gotta make some journal entrys. I've decided that since they're health related I should post it here. I have the terrible habit of ripping out my hair and tearing my nails off when I am st... Read more
The last day or so
Saturday, December 09, 2006      0 comments

I haven't been so super perfect with my fast break goals. Yes, I'm now in Stage 2, but I feel that it's still important to follow those fast break goals! I didn't pick them for nothin' ya know? I missed a few of them (and some of my non-fas... Read more

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