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Believe For Your Hopes & Dreams Will Come True...
Monday, July 12, 2010      11 comments

After fighting with my cell phone company (for the 2nd Friday in a row), I have switched cell phone plans. One of my friends has added me onto her plan. I am excited because I will have a phone that allows me to check my email & go on the the... Read more
Going Forward & Getting Uncomfortable...
Thursday, July 08, 2010      12 comments

This morning I was playing catch up on my blogs. I am currently w/o phone & internet access at home so things will be tricky from here on out. Am I happy about it? No. Am I letting it get the best of me? Again, NO! So I was reading thr... Read more
Definitely Off The Beaten Path...
Tuesday, July 06, 2010      14 comments

I know I need to get on the right path. I know that I need to do a lot of things as far as my weight loss journey is concerned. And yet, I find myself very unmotivated to do what I KNOW needs to be done. I don't feel as though I'm in a good p... Read more
MIA for a few days...
Sunday, July 04, 2010      12 comments

Sorry I've been MIA. Friday was a pretty horrible day for me. I have been having some issues with my cell phone company and that coupled with an argument with my Mom, brought me over the edge. I was crying hysterically the last 1/2 hour of wo... Read more
Feeling Really Great Tonight...
Wednesday, June 30, 2010      12 comments

Words cannot express how much I appreciated the comments, suggestions, support and prayers on yesterday's blog. I had had a stressful day at work-due to issues at home-that had me in tears. I posted that blog before I left for the day. When I... Read more
Financial Stresses...
Tuesday, June 29, 2010      16 comments

Today's been a rough afternoon. My funds are ridiculous and I have no savings to speak of. I know in my heart I need to be saving $$. However, living less than paycheck to paycheck makes this very difficult! I took Dave Ramsey's Financial Pe... Read more
Marvelous Monday & The Start Of A New Week...
Monday, June 28, 2010      13 comments

This morning I found this challenge for the week in my Sparkmailbox: 1.Pantry raid!!! Go through your kitchen cabinets and your refrigerator. Remove all the junk and your trigger foods. Why leave anything around to tempt you? Be strong a... Read more
A Better Me...
Sunday, June 27, 2010      6 comments

After giving my Sparkpage a face lift today and coming up with a daily plan yesterday, I feel as though my mind is in a better place. This morning I decided to add one more thing from yesterday's blog goals. I want to have a certain amount of ... Read more
Moving Beyond Stuck On Stupid & Reaching For My Dreams...
Saturday, June 26, 2010      6 comments

Tonight I've spent some time rewording my Sparkpage so that it corresponds to my mindset now and not in the past. I changed up my pics a bit and I have been thinking about Daily Goals. 1)Focus on having a small portion of a food I'm cravin... Read more
Opening My Eyes To The Truth...
Saturday, June 26, 2010      11 comments

While stopped at a light, I noticed there were some high schoolers lined up on the sidewalk holing poster boards for their car wash fundraiser. My eyes fell on one girl that had an annoyed look on her face. She was dressed very cutely with sun... Read more
I CAN Do This!!!!!
Friday, June 25, 2010      9 comments

Wow. I can't believe I haven't posted a blog since Monday. Not like me at all. I've had a funky week. I've been a funk since Wednesday but I'm better today. I did some weighing of the minds and decided to WI at WW this morning. It wa... Read more
Marvelous Monday...
Monday, June 21, 2010      15 comments

First of all, I'm proud to say that yesterday I completed D1 of W1 C25K. emoticon I felt absolutely wonderful after... Read more
The Start Of A New Week...
Sunday, June 20, 2010      11 comments

I've been off since Friday and have been making a point of enjoying the time despite the heat & humidity. My plan for this morning was to do my first day of C25K. Well my bed was feeling too good and I didn't make it. Now, of course, it's way... Read more
Take The Chance & Make A Change...
Friday, June 18, 2010      6 comments

If you've read my blogs or if I've left a comment on your blog, I may have written "Shoot for the moon, reach for the stars" ... Read more
Long Week Leads To Long Weekend...
Thursday, June 17, 2010      9 comments

What a crazy few days it's been. Thank goodness the luncheon is over. There were some things that were left for last minute and hence made it MORE stressful! The past 2 days left me feeling blah. I went with a friend & DD to the store but wa... Read more

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