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New Mindset, letting go, and Pokemon Go!
Monday, July 25, 2016      1 comments

Yeah so it's been a while. I've completed all taught lessons of my masters in business administration just last friday and all I can say is, it's a load off my mind. Just have some assignments to hand in and a dissertation to write and... Read more
On the right track
Sunday, July 17, 2016      0 comments

It's the third week starting now that I'm on better eating. Weight is reducing modestly but clothes are definitely looser already. Feeling great.... Read more
Saturday, July 09, 2016      2 comments

So...obviously I knew that as we age our metabolism slows down....but I wanted to check again to what extent. I went online to check out my BMR. So when I was 20 it was 1553, and now it's 1511. That means...I'm burning 14,112kcal... Read more
Lost quite a bit but low carb is out
Saturday, July 09, 2016      4 comments

So last week I went on a kick start and lost 1kg to date. However I am not prepared to keep going as I think I won't be able to stop myself from grabbing a chocolate bar this week. So good result is in the bag now I just need to be vigilant w... Read more
Variety, variety, variety!
Saturday, July 02, 2016      2 comments

So yesterday I got really fed up with the idea that I'm not pushing myself hard enough and really need a "kick" start to weight from today I... Read more
10k steps
Friday, July 01, 2016      3 comments

Today I went shopping and decided to try a pedometer on my phone just for fun. 5 miles and 10, 000 steps later I realised how much fun it was - didn't feel that tiring! But it was a great workout nevertheless - my feet are sore now.... Read more
It's funny
Friday, July 01, 2016      2 comments

A while ago ....about 6 months ago, I was 67kg...and cursing my lack of motivation for losing weight and getting down to 60kg. It's ironic that since then I went up to 70kg and then tried do hard to get back down to 67kg thinking omg that was ... Read more
Good bacteria
Monday, June 27, 2016      2 comments

Calories in and Calories out is pretty simple. But there's more to it than macros, fat, protein and carbs. Recently a lot of research has confirmed that gut bacteria play a vital role in weight loss. And the key to better gut health are foo... Read more
Saturday, June 25, 2016      1 comments

Exercise can be a motivator. Where all other things require a lot of motivation....and sustained effort - exercise is a positive multiplier. It requires foresight, planning and motivation to begin with but then becomes a source of motivation t... Read more
Doubt needs to be erased
Friday, June 24, 2016      3 comments

Sometimes ...we inherently doubt what we can achieve...and it undermines everything we do. I work from son just started his summer holidays, and today I had a really bad day food wise...and emotionally charged with a fight with my... Read more
Lost 1kg!
Wednesday, June 22, 2016      4 comments

First progress after a long plateau. Lost 1kg and not backing down now.... Read more
Vanilla Cheesecake using fat free quark
Tuesday, June 21, 2016      0 comments

Egg, fresh, 2 large Granulated Sugar, 70g Tesco Healthy Living Enriched Sunflower Spread (UK), 50 g Breisgaumilch Quark 0,2% Fett, 375 gram(s) Morning coffee biscuits - per biscuit (Sainsburys), 20 serving 3 tsp vanilla extract Going to be maki... Read more
Target the subconscious
Monday, June 20, 2016      3 comments

Most of the decisions ...feelings, opinions and intuitions come from our subconscious. As mentioned in my last post...rational thinking or your conscious self has less to do with you sticking to healthy eating plans. So are we doomed by our in... Read more
It's not rationality that's the problem
Saturday, June 18, 2016      2 comments

About a year ago I wrote the blog entry that is below. I have to say. ..After nearly 3 years at sparkpeople...I can honestly say weight loss isn't about rationality. Ok so many people won't genuinely know the information that's necessary for w... Read more
Day 1: off to a rocky start
Thursday, June 16, 2016      0 comments

All day everything went well. I was below my range. A little later I got hungry - and went a bit over. I broke even basically. No harm done, dusting myself off and going for better calorie range today. Besides...what could've happened was g... Read more

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