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pants falling off
Saturday, August 11, 2007      5 comments

My pants slide right fun is that..but I'm not buying any new ones until i reach my goal of 299.... I set my goals high for this month, I have 12 more pounds to go....loosing 13 so far this month.....working hard...... getting ex... Read more
kicking myself in the butt
Friday, August 10, 2007      1 comments

silly me, I forgot my pediometer yesterday so this morning i put it I only have today and tomorrow to hit 50000 steps.....and right now it's at 28212.....ugh....ok a little more then that I'm sure i can come up with 5 1/2... Read more
today was a great day
Thursday, August 09, 2007      0 comments

I made the day accountable, I didn't eat anything except for a couple pieces of chicken, and drank one can of v8 juice, why?...because for reals, I was so busy today that i wasn't even thinking about food, amazing enough, I have been doing my re... Read more
Aim for of one mind
Wednesday, August 08, 2007      0 comments

UGH!!!! my perfection is loving me for whom I am, and what i look like....from the inside to the outside, the good thing about perfection is we aim for it, but it's something we will never be... I hate PMS.....I'd rather deal with aunt... Read more
Illegal substance past my lips today.....
Tuesday, August 07, 2007      5 comments

Good afternoon everyone, well, today I bought 20lb's of hamburger, cooked it all up, and rinsed it off, i don't like the fat hanging around my 2 cups of ground beef into packages and now i have them in the freezer.....and tomor... Read more
letting life begin
Monday, August 06, 2007      0 comments

picture of kids starting homeschooling today This morning just around the house cleaning and such I have done 3500 steps...thats burning just about 300 calories..... The goal is too loose 4lb's this week, I'm not sure if i will or not,... Read more
starting week 2
Sunday, August 05, 2007      1 comments

picture of the problem at craft fir yesterday...rain Good morning everyone, well I lost 10 lb's in 7 days....very hard work, but my body decided it's gonna do the hard work..... so this morning I'm starting at weight of 314lb's my go... Read more
10824 steps and 10lb's
Sunday, August 05, 2007      0 comments

well I was hoping to hit 10000 steps yesterday, which I did...woohoo.... was a very busy day with craft fairs, eating ata bbq..... this morning weighed in.... down to 314 1b's gone..... ... Read more
steps per day
Saturday, August 04, 2007      1 comments

picture side view from august 1st ok the goal is to hit 10000 steps today, should be a breeze considering I'm going to a big craft fair and walking around thermopolis today...and then going to the pagent wedding of the we wil... Read more
back sliding
Friday, August 03, 2007      2 comments

picture taken yesterday this is the 3rd blog i have written today, and for some reason i keep crashing on this is my last try for the aunt flo coming this weekend, will gain the normal 5lb's, so good thing i lost... Read more
8 pounds since sunday
Thursday, August 02, 2007      3 comments

Picture taken 5 minutes ago well it's good to know that I have lost 8lb's so far this week, hard work, but I'm not starving myself either....I'm eating 6 meals everyday, and drinking plenty of water......I'm not throwing up either or anythi... Read more
duh moment
Wednesday, August 01, 2007      1 comments

This morning as I was editing my homepage, I forgot to save everything, so I'll have to start all over again.....but it's 4 am and I need to sleep for a bit more, since i have been up since 2:30am..I just can't I didn't save Read more
Tuesday morning here i come
Tuesday, July 31, 2007      1 comments

Another tuesday morning, and another day for perfection....I'm ready and rearing to go walking this morning, since sunday I have lost 6lb's.....loading up on loads of water, we had pizza for dinner last night, I ate 1 and... Read more
getting ready for a perfect day
Monday, July 30, 2007      1 comments

ok boys and girls, I'm getting ready to start my perfect day....yes i mean perfect....BOLD ain't I, this is perfect day to me is, just getting out of bed and getting ready to go a morning walk....that to me is a perfect day, no... Read more
falls downs a mountain, and wanting to conquer it again
Monday, July 30, 2007      0 comments

Good morning everyone, well I'm back in the saddle again.... 6 weeks ago I fell down a mountain, literally, got hurt, but i finally got the ok to start exercising again, full speed ahead, I might have to be slow this week though, had sex for t... Read more

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