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Ruby Slippers...
Monday, October 15, 2012      4 comments

I'm running on the treadmill trying to push myself to "the outer limits" and all I keep focusing on is how do I get better; how do I become a better person so that I can be proud of myself; how can I "complete" myself?? Then all of a sudden, as ... Read more
Sunday, October 07, 2012      4 comments

I have been thinking about my hero more today than usual. I don't know why, but I just have. Maybe it's because I am trying to get my life back on track to being the best it can be, and he is the one who always gave me the encouragement that I... Read more
What if....
Sunday, October 07, 2012      6 comments

....I took one day at time and realized that no matter what happens in this unpredictable world, I WILL make it. I will walk down "the path of life" one step at a time. There will be days that I am skipping; there will be days that I am running... Read more
My Fat Jeans
Saturday, September 08, 2012      5 comments

OMG! I just realized that my "fat" jeans are starting to wear thin in certain spots from being the ONLY pair of jeans that I wear because they are the ONLY pair of jeans I can get into (because of this I am constantly washing them). I REFUSE t... Read more
Not There Yet
Friday, September 07, 2012      6 comments

I am trying to get myself to drink 8 glasses of water. I am up to 6 glasses a day. It's so hard for me. I am just not sure why, but it is. My husband about fell over when I told him that I had 6 glasses today. (I believe his only comment/wor... Read more
Wednesday, September 05, 2012      1 comments

Today is the start of a 4-day vacation for me and hubby. The sun is shining and the weather is beautiful. I feel so blessed. It's going to be a great day!!!!! ... Read more
Discovering Who You Are
Tuesday, September 04, 2012      2 comments

... Read more