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Exercise Funnies!
Saturday, May 24, 2014      8 comments

... Read more
Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis 90 day program - on sale now (Wichita)
Monday, May 19, 2014      1 comments

Spent some girlfriend time today at Bed Bath & Beyond in East Wichita (N. Rock Road), and Lo! and Behold! They had Tracy Anderson 90 day Metamorphosis program on sale today. It retails $59.99 and I had waffled the past few months about it, seein... Read more
Am I an obnoxious exerciser?
Friday, May 16, 2014      6 comments

Today, in the Dear Abby column, there was a discussion about doing one's floor exercises while visiting at relatives: (Quote) DEAR ABBY: When my husband and I go to visit my mother (in another city) every other month or so, my broth... Read more
Live Like You're Dying - The Scripts
Friday, May 02, 2014      1 comments

Check out this video on YouTube: Sent from my iTelephone. Nearly all contextual, typos, and grammar errors are free for your amusement, courtesy of Apple's Random Wor... Read more
Open your eyes....and then it will be a beautiful day".
Saturday, April 26, 2014      7 comments

My Mom sent me email today with a wondrous video, and I want to share it with you. To all my deaf, hard of hearing, and ESL friends, it is also open captioned / SDH. TIME-LAPSE PHOTOGRAPHY Sit back, take a deep breath, and think... ... Read more
Your Water Consumption...
Tuesday, April 22, 2014      2 comments

It is good to drink plenty of water during the day... A horrible paen to water, sung along to a religious school song commonly sung in USA: "Water's good for me, I know, For SparkPeople tells me so... If we drink it plentif'ly ... Read more
A dad at age 16? nothing and everything to do with weight loss!
Monday, April 07, 2014      5 comments

I was killing time, and clicked on my MindBodyGreen email and saw in it a blog link "3 Things I Learned From Becoming A Father At 16".
rom-becoming-a-father-at-16.html ... Read more
The Layman's Ten Commandments
Friday, April 04, 2014      5 comments

(Someone sent me this email. A lot of insightful thoughts to consider in my life. If it blesses you, so much more the better.). The Layman's Ten Commandments. Someone has written these beautiful words. It's a must read. Try to... Read more
This Night Owl Needs To Wake Up Early
Wednesday, April 02, 2014      8 comments

My husband sent me a link to an interesting news article on a recent study... To slim down, it helps to get up early and see the light, study says
on/-1/article/p2p-79803674/ I think we'v... Read more
Irish Prayer
Monday, March 17, 2014      9 comments

Saw this today in "Dear Abby", and I have seen this before in other places. IRISH PRAYER Take time to work, It is the price of success, ... Read more
Friday, March 14, 2014      8 comments

HANDBOOK 2014 Health: 1. Drink plenty of water. 2. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar. 3. Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants and eat less food that is manufactured in plants. 4. Live... Read more
Links to Recipes for various Persian, Middle Eastern dishes
Saturday, March 01, 2014      4 comments

This is really more a collection of links for me to remember to go check out later - I am fixing to make up some Ghormeh Sabzi (Sabzee), which is a green Persian soup, lots of herbs. I had it at this restaurant in town. I thought it looked disgu... Read more
You Asked: Can Yoga Help Me Lose Weight? - Best SPBlog Ever
Sunday, February 23, 2014      3 comments

I just read the best Yoga blog here on SparkPeople:
an_yoga_help_me_lose_weight It's really encouraging for me. I've always "somehow known" that yoga was good ... Read more
A safer alternative to bariatric surgery?
Friday, February 14, 2014      5 comments

I get these cool articles from the Israel21c website. Recently I received a link to an article about eating a bigger breakfast. After reading that, I did a search and got these additional links on various research being done on obesity - ... Read more
Ouch! Protein Deficiency??
Wednesday, February 12, 2014      7 comments

I read an article today - after I had already maxed out my SparkPoints for articles to read (so I can click on this tomorrow and get my SparkPoints then...). From the article "How Much Protein Do I Really Need?" by Becky Hand: "Diagnos... Read more

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