9/9/12 and back again again
Sunday, September 09, 2012      0 comments

Have been fighting thrush for about a month now. My morning blood sugar is 124 and I've cut back on yeast and sugar but am still having problems getting over this. I have not been shopping for and eating good food at home - more eating out wh... Read more
8/5/12 Back Again
Sunday, August 05, 2012      1 comments

Was doing great then went through a slump now back to logging in and all that. Hate those slumps for whatever reason they happen.... Read more
Tuesday, July 10, 2012      2 comments

Have pretty much isolated my stomach upsets to Melatonin but need to know why I have insomnia when I've never had this much trouble sleeping before. Happy to say I'm staying in the 3 teens now. That's my pattern if I can loose down to the nex... Read more
Sunday, July 08, 2012      0 comments

I hit 319.4 this am and wish I could say it was self control but it's illness. I'm just not digesting food well right now. I'm going to try to eat more alkaline foods and am looking into HCL and Pepcin (sp) to help me digest. Think my stomach is... Read more
New Photo of me 3/18/12 at 325.2
Saturday, July 07, 2012      2 comments

My highest known weight was 367. This photo is the most recent taken and since I avoid cameras and mirrors I was shocked when I saw this. What must I have been like 40 lb ago? Anyway as Dr. Phil says you can't change something if you don't ackno... Read more
Saturday, July 07, 2012      2 comments

My grand neice's birthday. Acid stomach last night 2nd night in row. I just don't have this happen but saw a friend yesterday who suggested Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother - I have 2 bottles from a former attempt at health so even though... Read more
July 5 12
Thursday, July 05, 2012      2 comments

Sick last night so won't be eating much today. Just sips of water until I feel better. I don't know what's causing this but think my stomach was affected by the heavy pain pills I took after my fall 5 weeks ago. Need to see my Doctor but getting... Read more
Just talking
Sunday, July 01, 2012      0 comments

Very tired but actually using spark people as it was intended. I wasn't ready before. I'm glad they save all your stuff here once you've joined because I have changed a lot since I joined in 08 or so. I've lost close to 50 lbs. But I'm feeling... Read more
2nd Realization of Nov 2007
Thursday, November 22, 2007      2 comments

I started a journal on choosing2lose and have had 2, count em, 2 big revelations and a couple of changed habits in a little over 2 weeks of doing it. This is so amazing. I am locked in my head and having trouble putting feet to my motivation but... Read more
Why I'm not drinking Soda Pop
Tuesday, November 20, 2007      3 comments

I have cut way back on soda. I usually have one small pepsi a week and am trying to eliminate that. This helps me. By Ian Robertson, Managing Editor PhenForum Daily and the Weight Loss Club Both regular and diet sodas are borderline... Read more
Sunday, June 24, 2007      0 comments

I logged my last food May 31 and haven't visited here since early June. Something threw me for a few weeks and I don't know what but tomorrow I hope to get back in the saddle again. Weight is still the same blook sugar is way worse. Tried diabet... Read more
Son gone for l week
Tuesday, May 29, 2007      0 comments

My son went to the Star Wars Convention in LA. While he was gone I learned that I eat better when he's not here. I think there's a bit of stress when he is here just because he's a teen and I'm responsible. But I want to hold on to the better ea... Read more
Food Log
Monday, May 28, 2007      1 comments

I'm making it possible for people to see my food log. I'm nervous about this because it's not going to be pretty but I'm seeing if it helps me. I know being able to look at other's food logs really helps me. If I'm tired I won't put in exactly w... Read more
Needing Love but using Food
Thursday, April 19, 2007      2 comments

Do you ever talk to someone about your "relationship with food"? I did the other day to someone who doesn't have an eating disorder and realized that he as a normal weight person doesn't speak of food in terms of a relationship. Food is just sus... Read more
Easter and the end of magic think
Sunday, April 08, 2007      1 comments

I know, I know, I'm slow at "getting" things sometimes and have to learn every thing by bamming my head against the wall a few times first. Thank God my son isn't this way. Yesterday I logged my food keeping my calories between 1500 and 1800 ... Read more

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