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Spark friends love and God's love...
Friday, January 29, 2010      4 comments

I was just reading some blog entries and notice how many of us have such emotional times right now. In those emotions emits a sense of honesty and truth about ourselves, and I am loving that these are being shared on blog posts in the Spark wor... Read more
To go the distance
Thursday, January 28, 2010      1 comments

I completed my first 2KM swim yesterday! 2KM!!!!! That's huge for me! I've been working on 1KMs for the past few weeks and have moved it up... and under an hour! My concern is my running though. I have no problem running 2 or 3KM at ... Read more
Where for art thou you lost poundage?
Tuesday, January 19, 2010      3 comments

Well, well, well. Isn't it nice to see you. Yes, that's right. You're no longer with me. Be it 20 lbs or a mere .6 lbs. I'd rather see you there than here. Yes... you were right here along side me, weren't you? So, what have you been doin... Read more
Triathlon #3 - You're kidding me! This is a race to look forward to?
Monday, August 10, 2009      0 comments

Windsor Triathlon 2009 was, without a doubt, the worst event I've been to yet. Though they had to change the venue to Tecumseh, due to a long strike by workers with the City of Windsor, their 14 year record of this event was unbelievable. ... Read more
Triathlon #2
Sunday, July 12, 2009      1 comments

By golly! If you have a chance to enter the Women's Triathlon in Kincardine, I strongly encourage it. The event was well-run! Aside from the 64 degree water temperature and the rain that appeared before the race, we had fabulous weather. The... Read more
Catching Up
Wednesday, April 22, 2009      0 comments

February - ran and swim a total of 85km (medal and pic in paper) February we also ran the 5km for Juvenile Diabetes. Terrible run... and it was cold But I found that after we had completed the 85km, training and exercise fell to the back bu... Read more
Nearing February...
Friday, January 30, 2009      0 comments

Feeling pretty goshed darned rootin' tootin' good... (Now I add... because I'm watching what I eat and I'm getting a heck of a lot more exercise.) In January, I have logged about 1,406 fitness minutes. This includes biking, running and s... Read more
Run #1 - 2009
Monday, January 26, 2009      1 comments

Jan 25, 2009 – Philly’s Haggis 5K run in Whitby, Ontario Temperature ~ COLD! -22C with windchill Road conditions ~ Race on road; clear of snow but maneuver around icy patches Hopes – to finish and live Goal – to finish and live Resul... Read more
Blog #2 of 2009
Tuesday, January 06, 2009      0 comments

Well, I couldn't log on to Spark for the life of me for a good 24 hours (ugh!). But, I got here and remembered what fitness had taken place and have recorded it. Day #2 - 25 minute run/walk and 20 minute swim. Well, I highly recommend tak... Read more
2009 is here!
Sunday, January 04, 2009      0 comments

My dear friend and I rung in the new year with a Resolution Run sponsored by the Running Room. It was friggin' cold! But, we did it! We now have an 8-week fitness schedule that we're working on. Though nothing was scheduled today (everyt... Read more
Weigh In #1
Wednesday, October 01, 2008      0 comments

Yes, my sister was right... I was wrong. I didn't realize that since my weigh in and measure back when I first registered at Spark (2006) obviously had changed and I should have re-measured. Today - I've weighed in at 155 lbs. and all my m... Read more
I think I can... I think I can...
Sunday, September 28, 2008      0 comments

Golly gee whiz Beaver. It's amazing what a little motivation can do! Gee Wally, you're right! Once you get started, it's an easy road to run. Translation. Did the second run tonight as per Spark's recommended training to run program. (3... Read more
Walking? Me? What?
Sunday, September 21, 2008      0 comments

Sparkpeople has a recommended 'learn to jog' program. My buddy and I are taking it on. Are we insane? I think so... this has led to the idea of competing in a tri-a-tri in July. Week number one completed (walk for 4 minutes, jog for 1 mi... Read more
Another weekend...
Sunday, September 21, 2008      1 comments

Well, here we are folks. Saturday night. My buddy and I are taking Friday (from about 2pm) to Sunday night off from our walk/jog. I tell ya... I can feel it. It doesn't help that there was a time for take-out on Friday night. The his... Read more
Good night Monday. Thanks for everything.
Tuesday, September 16, 2008      1 comments

Well, the weekend came and went. Fortunately the extra cardio allowed for extra calories. No, I didn't go overboard. I REALLY could have used a chocolate bar though. I actually turned down chips and something else. I guess it wasn't as impo... Read more

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