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I am free! Thank God I am free at last!
Monday, June 18, 2012      2 comments

For anyone discouraged. For anyone down-in-the-dumps. For anyone feeling like food cravings are just too big of an obstacle to successfully and permanently overcome - It's all lies! DO NOT believe the lies. Be free by running in the opposite dir... Read more
And so, He called it ... Dad
Sunday, June 17, 2012      4 comments

Walter; My most precious prize "Possession" Mom and Dad Jaraway ... Read more
In the silence of nature’s embrace
Wednesday, June 13, 2012      1 comments

We all see things about ourselves, I know I do; relationships, in my personal worlds, that we want to change. Often, this desire first leads us to take action toward self-inner reconstruction that we need to do or toward some external goal. Have... Read more
Do you get it? You got it? Good! Now Go Get The Results!
Monday, June 11, 2012      5 comments

Yesterday I came toe to toe eye to eye with the enemy and conquered 'em Told you what that enemy was...about that. Another member blogged something similar and it helps sums it up EXCELLENT! ... Read more
Let your inspired thoughts about the future propel you today
Sunday, June 10, 2012      3 comments

I guess I'm just feeling inspired and passionate about the future today, and my muse is giving me that energy as fuel to move us forward. There ends up being a lightness and joy to everything I do and every thought I have when my, our futures lo... Read more
I have met the enemy toe to toe, eye to eye and eliminated him!
Sunday, June 10, 2012      3 comments

My muse was working full speed ahead this morning so had to share what she is needing to overspill. It comes straight from the heart and personal experience. We've all gotten to a point in our weight loss journey when things are chugging al... Read more
Coming out the other side.
Friday, June 08, 2012      4 comments

Sitting with our sadness takes the courage to believe that we can bear the pain and we will come out the other side. The last thing most of us want to hear or think about when we are dealing with profound feelings of sadness is that deep... Read more
Change: It's a process this progress
Thursday, June 07, 2012      1 comments

Sure, we all want to change. And yet, when we make these decisions-enthusiastically in the middle of night, scribbled down as an absolute-to-do list in the margins of an old magazine (where are the Post-its when you need one?)-we tend to wake... Read more
Taking back expended energy
Wednesday, June 06, 2012      1 comments

God, being a sensitive person in this world can be very draining due to the fact that I am very receptive to the energy of the people and environment around me. Still, want to be part of situations that involve one on one, small or large groups ... Read more
The Gift of this Journey is the journey
Tuesday, June 05, 2012      3 comments

There is a gift in not remembering who we are when we are born into this lifetime; the gift is the journey. Ever wonder why we do not remember who we were before we were born? Or ever wonder what it was like to be a soul without a body a... Read more
Your whole world changes....
Tuesday, June 05, 2012      5 comments

From The Secret Daily Teachings Isn't it great to know that you cannot control your world from the outside? To try and control things on the outside feels impossible because it would take so much work, and in fact it is impossible according... Read more
Our connection to the divine higher powers that be
Monday, June 04, 2012      1 comments

Meditation and prayer on an individual level offers us different experiences but both are powerful tools that help with our life's existence. Prayer and meditation are similar practices in that they both offer us a connection to the divi... Read more
It's all about the climb
Monday, June 04, 2012      3 comments

Have had a stellar blow-out day of emotions.....again. Can't seem to reign them in lately. I've got so much going on at once here it's become greatly overwhelming. Kid sister's emotions, moods & attitude with her frustration over her weight loss... Read more
As long as I am Conscious
Wednesday, May 30, 2012      2 comments

Each morning when we awake, we have an opportunity to create our day with what inspires us the most. You know that moment, when our eyes flutter open first thing in the morning and we come into consciousness that it is a precious opportu... Read more
Goodbye our dear friend, boss/dad
Saturday, May 26, 2012      3 comments

"I'll lend you for a little while, this child of mine" God said, "for you to love the while he lives, and mourn for when he's dead. It may be two or three short years, or seventy-two or three, but will you, till I call him back, ... Read more

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