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Feeling fat
Friday, June 24, 2016      5 comments

I feel so terrible and so fat! I am so disappointed in myself today. Usually I can pull up my britches and say "just do what you did before, you know what to do" but lately I can't keep the momentum past 5:00! I'm not eating like crazy, but ... Read more
List of non-scale victories
Wednesday, June 15, 2016      2 comments

I have joined the plateau busting challenge as a way to try to get myself back in control. Too much snacking and too little exercise has the weight creeping back on and that is unacceptable. For day 3 of the challenge I am supposed to list... Read more
It's not just about weight
Wednesday, January 20, 2016      1 comments

A few weeks ago I went back and read The Spark all the way through again. This time I was looking for ways to improve my life, not just my weight or my diet. So much on this website will work in areas of life that aren't just about food and ex... Read more
SparkGuy's Ultimate Life Challenge
Wednesday, December 23, 2015      2 comments

You must have seen SparGuys emails and blogs about the Ultimate Spark Life Challenge. So far I'm finding the rules to be a bit loose, but it's definitely got me thinking and motivated! I was feeling a little like I was just reacting to life an... Read more
Motivation at Goodwill?
Wednesday, September 23, 2015      3 comments

I went to Goodwill to get some pants on Friday night, and I have been SUPER MOTIVATED ever since! I was getting lazy about portion control, tracking calories, and exercise, and I really didn't care. I gained back about 20 pounds from my lowest... Read more
Better than I was but not as good as I could be
Friday, July 31, 2015      2 comments

I am so much healthier than I used to be. I can fit into clothes that you can buy in a normal store, not just stuff in a plus size store. I am very happy about where I am. That said, I am not at my best. At the beginning of 2014 I was at 15... Read more
We ran a 5k!
Friday, July 24, 2015      2 comments

It’s still so hard to believe we ran a 5k! I never EVER thought it would be possible. About a year ago, after I got married, I mentioned to my husband that I felt like we should step up our exercise a bit and maybe try a couch to 5k program.... Read more
Too many calories, and 30 days is too long!
Friday, February 06, 2015      4 comments

I have been lazy about how many calories I eat. I'm not going all wild or anything, just have a few too many most days. I ended 2014 happily married with about a 15 pound gain for the year. I was warned that being married could make tha... Read more
What a great 2014!
Saturday, December 27, 2014      1 comments

I will miss 2014. It was such a great year. We rang in the new year at Disneyworld, I got married, my daughter started college, my finances are under control, I got a new car and everyone is healthy! I didn't talk about losing weight beca... Read more
Music really helps - playlist samples
Wednesday, November 05, 2014      0 comments

I have been walking almost daily for a couple years, and recently started a couch to 5k program with Jeff. We are taking longer than the plan to get through the running program, but the progress is really amazing! I can run (jog is probably a ... Read more
A busy 2014 so far
Tuesday, July 08, 2014      1 comments

So much has happened this year! Not in the weight loss category, but I can live with the maintenance I have done. I got married which took a lot of time and attention away from the weight loss - completely worth it! Now my new husband (JeffAl... Read more
My weight loss article!
Wednesday, February 12, 2014      12 comments

I have lost 73 pounds since I joined SparkPeople. I never thought I would be this successful. But what I really can't believe is that I am frequently asked about diet and fitness advice now! My company recently started another round of the Bi... Read more
Trust the process!
Thursday, October 24, 2013      4 comments

I have had great results with SparkPeople - 65 pounds down! I am much more active and healthier. I track my food, stay in my range, and exercise at least 10 minutes every day. I've been doing it for 18 months and I know it works. The pro... Read more
Crying in the Old Navy dressing room
Monday, August 12, 2013      22 comments

Yes I was. All out crying in the Old Navy dressing room in front of everybody. I was going to ask JeffAllen to write this for me because he's such a good writer but since I felt it I thought it would be better coming from me. So I wrote i... Read more
Hello 12!
Friday, August 09, 2013      1 comments

This is my version of the trip to the mall already blogged about by my friend JeffAllen. If you get a chance you should read his "32" blog, but this is my side of the story. In the last few months, I've found myself getting a little bored ... Read more

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