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Stop Thinking Like a Fat Girl
Friday, April 13, 2012      4 comments

I noticed something the other day. I THINK LIKE A FAT GIRL. When I'm starting to go down stairs, I think, "Now go slow, be careful, hold the rail - your knees are going to hurt." So consequently, I overcompensate and don't challenge my leg mu... Read more
Singing DOES burn calories!
Thursday, April 12, 2012      3 comments

Back in the 80's, my dream was to be a professional singer. I almost got there, but fell in love and life's roller coaster took over. About 10 months ago, I decided thatI wanted to sing again - no illusions about becoming famous now, but just ... Read more
Life Happens
Wednesday, April 11, 2012      1 comments

So things changed drastically yesterday for me. I'm moving my brother in with me this weekend. He has Stage IV Colorectal Cancer. But last night despite all the stress, I went home and took care of myself by continuing my fitness plans ... Read more
Encouraging Results!
Tuesday, April 10, 2012      2 comments

So I've basically been working on making a healthy lifestyle a habit for a little over a month now. The results are very encouraging - and even moreso because they are slow and steady, which lets me know they are PERMANENT, if I only continue m... Read more
Easter... An Interesting Day
Monday, April 09, 2012      0 comments

Easter was pretty quiet, and thus a challenging day for me. Had a GREAT day on Saturday - fitness wise and also socially. Enjoyed dinner out with a girlfriend and then went to hear a friend's band play. Sunday morning started with an email fr... Read more
More Spring Cleaning... Or Have Some Fun? (You Do The Math)
Saturday, April 07, 2012      1 comments

Okay... so I'm not in the mood to continue cleaning today. So I'm not! I got up this morning and went to a Fitness Boot Camp meetup group I found on the web last night. Thought it would be fun to try something different, and it was! One hour... Read more
Good Friday!
Friday, April 06, 2012      0 comments

Had the day off, which was lovely. Spent several hours cleaning and sorting. Still ate healthy even though I was home (always a challenge). I just signed up to do a new "boot camp" workout in the morning - can't wait!... Read more
Stumble, stumble... but didn't fall!
Thursday, April 05, 2012      1 comments

Last night was odd. All day long I was pumped and motivated and had plans to go to the gym. On the way home, it all changed - and I only live MINUTES from home. Now, it wasn't all bad - just weird. As soon as I got home, I was going to take ... Read more
Persevering Through the Pain
Wednesday, April 04, 2012      2 comments

Whether I like to admit it or not, I'm a half century old...AND my body has been carrying around way more weight than it was designed to from about age 6 on. So it stands to reason that I would have some issues with knee and joint pain. I have... Read more
Inspiring Others Feels Good!
Tuesday, April 03, 2012      2 comments

Had two people join SparkPeople just because I posted my blog to FB yesterday. Isn't that great? It's so important to have the support of others on this journey - and it also helps me to know that others need me. Yesterday was a good day all ... Read more
Back Again...
Monday, April 02, 2012      2 comments

Actually, I've been "back on the wagon" for almost a month now. But I was afraid to talk about it since I've been on and off before. But as I said on another person's blog today, the only failure is when you stop trying; therefore, the fact th... Read more
Trying Something New...
Wednesday, September 07, 2011      1 comments

Well, our Nutrisystem food came yesterday so today we are starting! Joshua is really motivated and I'm so proud of him. I packed my gym clothes, too. Here we go!... Read more
My Son Has Diabetes...
Thursday, September 01, 2011      1 comments

... and he's only 21. He is now more committed to getting fit, so I HAVE to do this. We are going to try Nutrisystem, because one of the biggest problems for us is schedule and portion control. This way we don't have to THINK about it. We ju... Read more
Rushing Headlong into.... Failure?
Tuesday, August 16, 2011      3 comments

Nah. Not going there. I haven't posted because life has been crazy hectic, and thus I've fallen into bad habits. Good news is that I'm not really binging... but the hectic nature of my schedule has made me lazy. I haven't been paying attenti... Read more
Still Fighting the Good Fight!
Thursday, July 21, 2011      1 comments

WARNING - GRAPHIC TUMMY ISSUES TO FOLLOW: Monday was interesting. I did great on my eating for breakfast and lunch. I did my “10 at 10” exercise in my office. Right after lunch my son called. He said he was fixing spaghetti for dinner “... Read more

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