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Week 55 - Hmmm...
Sunday, May 22, 2016      0 comments

I'm at a loss for blogging this week. I had a good week, pretty much stayed exactly where I wanted to, made my goals and even lost some weight. I don't have a new plan to try to figure out. I'm still working on the old one. I have no triumph... Read more
Week 54 - Ups and Downs
Sunday, May 15, 2016      0 comments

It's been a weird week. I've been overeating calories most of the week (cravings are killing me) but I've been pretty consistent with exercise. If I can combine the two I might actually see some weight loss again. I had quite a few non-sc... Read more
Week 53 - And Now a New Year Begins...
Monday, May 09, 2016      3 comments

So... it's been a whole year for my latest weight loss attempt. And while I didn't end up where I hoped to I'm going to call it a success. I wanted to lose 50 pounds this year. That was a pound a week, factoring in some weeks where I'd ... Read more
Week 52 - This Weight Loss Thing is Hard
Sunday, May 01, 2016      2 comments

Last week started off really well. It didn't end that way. I just lost the motivation to exercise and to pay attention to what I was eating. I just wanted to be me. Not the new me. The old me. It was easier to be the old me. There's... Read more
Week 51 - Almost Back to Normal
Sunday, April 24, 2016      0 comments

My foot's finally healed. My house guest leaves on Wednesday. Almost back to normal. There will be less tempting food sitting around. I won't feel bad about exercising in the evening. I won't have to deal with someone being worried if I go ... Read more
My Mini Triumph
Thursday, April 21, 2016      4 comments

Yesterday my youngest son was involved in an activity that prevented my husband from picking me up at work. I had planned to take the bus home. It's a two bus trip for me: work to downtown, downtown to home. I only take the bus rarely so ther... Read more
Week 50 - I Won't Back Down
Sunday, April 17, 2016      2 comments

So I essentially stayed the same weight this week. Not entirely surprising as I didn't meet my calorie goals on most days. My goals for this week are the same as the goals for last week as I didn't meet my goals. I did get my daily steps ... Read more
Week 49 - Just Keep Going
Sunday, April 10, 2016      3 comments

So it wasn't the best week. But it wasn't the worst either. I made my step goals every day. I made my water goals every day and I made my strength training goal for the week. I didn't get the calorie counting right. I wanted to see 191 on t... Read more
Week 48 - It Could Have Been Worse
Sunday, April 03, 2016      1 comments

So it wasn't the best week, but it wasn't the worst either. I'm trying to build on the positives and get myself back on track. I feel like I've been off track for so long that I'm really starting over.... Read more
Week 47 - I'm Not Quitting
Sunday, March 27, 2016      4 comments

I'm not quitting. I feel like it. I haven't been exercising. I haven't been paying attention to calories or water or anything. I'm blogging today because if I don't blog I'll have officially quit and I don't want to do that. So... foot ... Read more
Week 46 - Seriously!?
Sunday, March 20, 2016      0 comments

Every time I feel poised to make progress something happens to kill it. I was on vacation this week. I knew I would fall on the calories but felt I could hold steady with activity. I took my running stuff with me. I ran on 2 of the 3 days av... Read more
The Accidental Hike
Friday, March 18, 2016      2 comments

We're vacationing in a wilderness area right now. The days are spent swimming in hot spring water, taking a walk along a lake or through a wooded area and enjoying family time. Yesterday, with much protest from the 10 and 12 year old we set of... Read more
Week 45 - Progress
Sunday, March 13, 2016      1 comments

I had a pretty good week. I fell down near the end, and I'm not sure I can start this one off on the right foot but I'm going to try. We're going on a little family vacation this week. I plan to bring my running stuff with me. Today and tomo... Read more
Week 44 - I Feel Like Quitting
Sunday, March 06, 2016      0 comments

I won't. It's just getting harder and harder to put any effort into the weight loss thing. I know I should, that's why I blog my failures, but I really don't want to try any more. Instead, I'm going to post my "stats" here and I'll check ... Read more
Week 43 - So, How Are You Doing?
Sunday, February 28, 2016      0 comments

This year at work our floor supervisor was slow to order T-shirts for the Pharmasave Canucks calendar promotion. She had to order just plain Canucks T-shirts instead. She ordered a few with this logo: ... Read more

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