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When three is a heavy number
Saturday, August 24, 2013      3 comments

It's been awhile since I posted but that doesn't mean I haven't been working towards my goals. I've been doing my first round of P90X since June 17th. I am just finishing up Week 10 of 13 weeks! ... Read more
Back Again
Tuesday, October 09, 2012      0 comments

Hello world! I'm back, after a long hiatus. The last time I checked into Spark People and blogged was more than *gasp* a full year ago!! I feel pretty bad about that, but instead of wallowing in that guilt, let me just take a moment to rev... Read more
Getting to 170 by August
Wednesday, July 27, 2011      0 comments

Talk about a huge hurdle. I don't think I have my scale dip below 170 since high school, and I won't say how many years that has been! Although I want to give my body "room" and not be too hard on myself considering I am generally staying w... Read more
Review of Weeks 3 through 5
Wednesday, July 27, 2011      0 comments

Again, it has been two weeks since my official blog check in. But in reviewing what has happened I am pretty pleased with my progress towards my healthy life style and my fitness goals. Goal #1: Eat Better I am making more conscious choi... Read more
Review of Weeks 1-2
Tuesday, July 05, 2011      0 comments

So it's been almost two weeks since my last check-in. Overall, I have been trending towards a pretty steady exercise regime (though not as intense as I should be doing) and my calories are kept in check. I can crack down on both for sure, which ... Read more
Embarrassing confessions but I'm still hopeful!
Tuesday, June 21, 2011      1 comments

Alriiiiiiighty then. Even though Spark People is set to my home page, apparently I haven't tracked my fitness or food for 3 1/2 weeks and haven't updated my status for 34 days. Whoops! I even have my username and log-in saved for goodness sake's... Read more
My new 90-day challenge
Sunday, May 01, 2011      1 comments

I'm starting a new 90-day challenge that will take me from May to the end of July. My goal is to get within a healthy BMI for my height -- 165 pounds. This means 1.5 pounds per week, 17.5 pounds total, and 10% weight loss! Please feel free to ch... Read more
DONE! A 45-day fitness fest
Sunday, May 01, 2011      0 comments

On March 18th, I weighed 189.2 pounds AND I started a 45-day challenge. My goals were "to do a 45-day challenge where I focus on healthy habits that I have been neglecting lately: (1) Exercising and (2) Healthy eating. My hope is that I can use ... Read more
Dear Future Self, If I don't want to run again, here's why i do it
Tuesday, March 22, 2011      0 comments

To my future discouraged, lethargic, self who will inevitably find any excuse not to continue to run, here are some reasons why you should keep going: ... Read more
Score! Reassessing the week
Monday, March 21, 2011      0 comments

This week was my work up to my 45-day challenge, which started Friday. I have several goals during this month, but mainly I am trying to keep it simple: Exercise and Eat Healthy! So how did I do this week? ... Read more
Eat your heart out Rachel Berry
Thursday, March 17, 2011      0 comments

So I actually think the idea behind Sweet Tomatoes is evil. Why, you ask? Well, two reasons: 1) You have to pay $10 for a salad; and 2) Once you pay $10, all you have to eat is salad! I went tonight -- not my choice -- and guess what I ate? A SA... Read more
a BIG reality check
Tuesday, March 15, 2011      1 comments

So I began tracking my food again on Monday, though I wasn't really thinking much about what I was eating. After logging everything this morning, I realized that I had almost two full breakfasts at the same time (cereal + english muffin) and for... Read more
Calories In and Calories Out
Sunday, March 13, 2011      1 comments

So I'm going back to a basic math problem: How many calories can I get away with eating and how many calories must I burn in order to keep losing weight? ... Read more
KISS for Feb
Friday, February 04, 2011      0 comments

Thanks to KARVY09 for the vernacular, but I want to KISS this February as well! Too many excuses have gotten me 7 pounds up from my last weigh in in November. The holidays do a number on ya don't they? So here are my Feb KISS goals: ... Read more
Help me get back in the saddle
Saturday, November 06, 2010      0 comments

So it's been a while since I've logged onto Spark People consistently. About full two months. And it's starting to show. Thankfully, I haven't gained a lot of weight. In fact, I'm just fluctuating between 2-3 pounds from when I stopped intensely... Read more

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