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On the run....
Sunday, May 31, 2009      6 comments

Well, tomorrow I will not be gettting in my usual workout. I turned age 50 in November and my doctor kindly reminded me that I am due for a colonoscopy. I knew it was coming. So, tomorrow, I will be literally "on the run" to the bathroom.. Lol. ... Read more
Food Journaling works!!
Friday, May 29, 2009      7 comments

I've been doing this wt loss thing for 3 yrs now. You'd think I'd have figured it out by now. But there I go getting all smart, thinking I don't need to food journal any more. Hey! I can just do it mentally in my head. Even w my nutritionist tel... Read more
OMG!! New fitness facility is AMAZING!!
Sunday, May 24, 2009      3 comments

Got to the new 12 million dollar fitness facility on base this am. WOW!! That's all I can say. It's HUGE, GORGEOUS!! Wide open. There is a 1/8 mile running track on the second floor. From there you can look down below at all the weights, and som... Read more
Been on a puppy vacation!
Friday, May 22, 2009      3 comments

Well, I gotta admit. I 've been lazy this week in the exercise dept. I've been taking care of our new yellow lab puppy "Max" and haven't made it to the gym all week. Been going for lots of walks w him around our block and getting him used to us.... Read more
Sunday, April 26, 2009      11 comments

I'm so happy. So proud!! I did it!! I completed the 3 mile walk in the Icebreaker Road Race here today. Wooohoo!!! It was a balmy 43 degrees. No snow, but it was earlier this am. I had 2 tshirts on, plus a hooded sweatshirt and 2 pair of socks, ... Read more
ICEBREAKER Road Race Bound!!
Thursday, April 23, 2009      3 comments

Yep, I'm ICEBREAKER bound! Every year here in Gt Falls, Montana, there is a nationally sanctioned road race appropriately called the ICEBREAKER. It's snowing here today. Go Figure. The race is this Sunday and the weather calls for 50 degrees and... Read more
Thursday, April 16, 2009      8 comments

Okay, I just wanna get thru the month of April. Father in Law has surgery tomorrow for a blocked carotid artery in his neck. He will be 77 yrs old this June and is a widower. Then... Hubby is having surgery on April 27th to fuse 2 discs in his n... Read more
Gravitron Assisted Pullups and Tricep Dips
Saturday, April 11, 2009      5 comments

Awesome workout today! Been doing the Gravitron for almost a year now. Seeing much success. My wt difference is now 30 lbs on it. Today I did 30 assisted pullups (3 sets of 10 reps) 30 tricep dips (3 sets of 10 reps) So... That's 6 ... Read more
I'm feeling awesomely strong today...
Tuesday, March 31, 2009      6 comments

Wooohooo!! What a great workout today at the gym. Over a 2 hour workout!! I did my 45 min cardio on the arctrainer, intensified it a bit and upped my calories burned (595 calories in 45 mins!!) Then off to the wt room. Did my lower legs ro... Read more
Happy 2nd SparkAnniversary to me...
Sunday, March 22, 2009      5 comments

Happy 2nd Sparkanniversary to me... la la la la....Yup. Today is the anniversary of the lucky day I found Sparkpeople and signed up. I was just surfing the net, looking for healht and fitness sights and I came across spark. It was one of the bes... Read more
Just when I think I can't get any stronger...
Tuesday, March 17, 2009      6 comments

What an awesome day! Had a great workout at the gym. Here I have been feeling bad, thinking I'm not gonna get any stronger, that I've plateaued and then BAM!! Something wakes me up!! Today I did a half hour on the arctrainer. Now that machine R... Read more
Those little moments....
Monday, February 23, 2009      3 comments

Those little moments.... when you set out and plan to get in a workout. Then its time to get at it and you start... but you don't want to... you REALLY don't feel like working out... you say to yourself.. "Aww.. I'm not gonna". But then that lit... Read more
Back from vacation..back to reality
Tuesday, February 17, 2009      4 comments

What an awesome, amazing, fantabulous vacation I had!! It started off by getting greeted in Baltimore when we got off the plane by my brother, niece, and special surprise... our son, David!! He had been in Colorado for some military training, bu... Read more
Leavin' on a jet plane...
Thursday, February 05, 2009      4 comments

Hubby and I will be flying out this Sunday, Feb 8th to go to Pennsylvania for a week. Will be visiting my family and helping my Mom celebrate her 90th birthday. I will get to see both brothers and my sister whom I haven't seen for 2 yrs. I'm rea... Read more
Sunday, January 11, 2009      5 comments

Oh my gosh. Today I woke up to check my sparkpage and I see a sparkgoodie from my good buddy Dance, saying that I finally am a Sparkpeople Motivator. I practically have tears in my eyes. It's been one of my goals for so long. Wondering if I insp... Read more

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