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lost in a haze without my scale/compass to guide
Sunday, July 13, 2014      2 comments

In November I started going to a dietitian. It went well, until it didn't and that's when I stopped going. During the process I realized how obsessed I was with the numbers on the scale. So I asked to be weighed in backwards the last few times, ... Read more
Meet the Ghost!
Monday, February 03, 2014      4 comments

From Brooks, the Ghost 6 is my running-shoes-to-be! I went to the running store today to find the perfect shoe. I love them. I'm not picking them up until Thursday. ... Read more
The 20 Minute Path
Sunday, February 02, 2014      5 comments

I started to weigh in backwards so I don't know how much I weigh at the dietitian's. I'm focusing on sticking to my food plan, making sure each meal lasts at least 20 minutes (very challenging for me as I'm always on the go). I also hav... Read more
Binges, Emotional Eating, Ideas for Recovery Please
Sunday, January 26, 2014      5 comments

Good Morning! I've been totally off it the past two and a half weeks and the 2 weekends before that. Meeting my nutritionist on Tuesday and am not looking forward to the results. Usually I manage to circumvent weight gain with wal... Read more
Sunday, December 08, 2013      4 comments

Thank you THINRONNA, LJOYCE55, HEALTHYNEWPAIGE, CHALKDRAWJUMPER for your support. Your comments and encouragements mean so much to me. ... Read more
scrapbook of how i feel after my first full day at the museum
Sunday, August 25, 2013      2 comments

how i feel: i'm mobile. here's to getting back what you put in. the leadership test. though there's risk, there's also sweet reward. you've started to make your ... Read more
setting up for a successful year
Monday, August 19, 2013      2 comments

Some things became clear. 1- I'm trying to race time without a functional hourglass. Need to learn to be ok with being in school longer. Take one semester at a time. Breathe. ... Read more
from the The Challenge of Harry Potter Team
Sunday, July 07, 2013      3 comments

1 hobbit, i mean habit. i've exercised more and eaten less but everything comes undone becomes of the five letter word: stress BEWARE: TAKEN TRUTH POTION. THINGS GUSHING OUT CAN'T BE SUPPRESSED. STAND CLEAR. I jam pack my sch... Read more
feeling positive
Thursday, June 20, 2013      6 comments

some days are like that. my friend is doing an internship at an architectural firm. she doesn't love it. she had dreams of working in an office that was chatty and social. working as a team member. but those are just the scenes they show in... Read more
therapy time.
Tuesday, May 28, 2013      3 comments

I went running before work. I am so much stronger than I ever was. emoticon I'm finally doing the Couch to 5k runni... Read more
Trending: the model (gasp!) I admire
Wednesday, May 22, 2013      5 comments

My friend works in Tribeca and is always posting pictures of the models she meets on the street. emoticon I usual... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts Missed you. Missed me?
Sunday, May 19, 2013      24 comments

It's been a while and so much has happened in so many facets of my life. here's a speedy rundown on diet and fitness: DIET - I went off dairy. ... Read more
new foods. cuz a healthy lifestyle expands your food horizens
Friday, February 15, 2013      6 comments

Goal: to try two new ingredients/recipes every week. Week 1: tried the hoisin sauce chicken from the weight watcher cookbook. I have never heard of or used hoisin sauce and some say it's an acquired taste. For those of you who are as unfami... Read more
Sparkpeople' radio! so awesome. who knew?
Tuesday, January 29, 2013      3 comments

I logged into sparks today and it featured sparksradio which I didn't know existed and am so glad to have found. I'm listening to Episode 14 about new year resolution. My new year's resolution was to take it slow. to "allow the spaciousness... Read more
The Biggest Loser tv show week 4 and vulnerable musings
Tuesday, January 22, 2013      2 comments

first off, I want to thank everyone who commented on my last blog for their support. I'm going to thank you personally iyh on your pages but for now I just want to update. My sister got me hooked on this season's Biggest Loser reality show.... Read more

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