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Finished the CP25K Program Today!!!
Saturday, March 05, 2011      1 comments

Today I completed the final run of the CP25K program—I finished! I can’t believe it! I took my time with the program (about 3.5 months), like Franky S. I did it my way, and in good time I finished—I finished! I have been thinking lately ab... Read more
My Plan for a Sub-30 Minute 5K
Friday, March 04, 2011      6 comments

I am only one run away from completing the Couch Potato to 5K program, and I can't believe it! I have been completing three 5Ks per week for the last several weeks, although I've been both walking and jogging according to the particulars of the ... Read more
CP25K--Week 9, Day 2 is Done!
Thursday, March 03, 2011      0 comments

I can't believe I'm almost done with the program but I'm only one run away! It was 25 degrees and overcast today, but no snow, so I jogged outside. I walked for 10 min, jogged for 30, cooled down for 9 and covered a total of 4.0 miles. Not exact... Read more
"CP25K" Week 9, Day 1 in the Bag!
Wednesday, March 02, 2011      2 comments

Yesterday I started the final day of the Couch Potato to 5K Program, and I can't believe it! It's been a long hard journey getting here and now I'm only to jogs away from finishing. It was warm yesterday, 34 degrees, so I jogged outside and was ... Read more
Slight Hamstring Pain Today
Tuesday, March 01, 2011      0 comments

This morning I woke up feeling a little pain in my hamstring, from the back of my right knee up about 10 inches. I'm due to complete a 30 minute jog today but we'll have to see how it goes. I plan to warm my legs up on my indoor bike trainer for... Read more
Jogging: CP25K Week 8--DONE and I Can't Believe it!
Monday, February 28, 2011      2 comments

Last year I tried to do the "Couch Potato to 5K" program but failed due to shin splints. This year I decided to try it again and yet I started to develop shin splints again. As cycling is my main sport and as I didn't want to risk an off season ... Read more
Cycling: Tempo-Endurance Workout
Sunday, February 27, 2011      0 comments

Did a simple workout on the bike trainer today. Here's how it goes: Rail Road Grade: This exercise is meant to mimic the gentle undulations of a typical rail road grade. Therefore, warm up for 5 minutes at 80-85 rpm and then increase your ... Read more
Cycling: Simply Cadence Workout
Saturday, February 26, 2011      0 comments

Yesterday I completed one of the more simple cadence workouts I do at this time of year. Here's how it goes: Cadence Intervals: After a 10 minute warm up, do 1 minute at 100+ and 1 minute at 90; 2 minutes at 100+ and 2 minutes at 90; 3 min... Read more
Jogging: CP25K Week 8, Day 2--DONE!
Friday, February 25, 2011      3 comments

Well, I couldn't help myself: yes it was only 18 degrees when I left the house and yes I do have a cold. However, I've cross-country skied in lot colder weather and didn't have any problem. So I figured: (1) since it's a beautiful day outside, n... Read more
Cycling: Another High Cadence Workout
Thursday, February 24, 2011      0 comments

Yesterday I completed another high cadence workout I do from time to time. This one can be done on the road but it's easier to do on a trainer because maintaining a particular cadence on the road can be challenging. If I could have, I would have... Read more
CP25K--Week 8, Day 1 is Done!
Wednesday, February 23, 2011      0 comments

I completed week 8-day 1 of the Couch Potato to 5K program yesterday and it felt SO good! I did have one spell where my blood sugar must have plummeted or something because I got fairly dizzy for about 5 minutes. It wasn't dangerous. I've gone t... Read more
Digging out of the Snow
Tuesday, February 22, 2011      3 comments

We got another pile of snow in Minnesota over the last couple of days, and being that Sunday night and Monday are my day off and that the wife and daughter both had days off too, we just let it pile up! Well, this morning I had some serious snow... Read more
Finished Week 7 of "CP25K"
Monday, February 21, 2011      3 comments

I did it--week 7 of the "Couch Potato to 5K" program is in the bag! I had so much fun on the final run of this week and here's why: W6D3: warm up, jog for 25 minutes, cool down--last half was very hard. W7D1: same workout--last five minut... Read more
Cycling: Body Position Workout
Sunday, February 20, 2011      1 comments

My main fitness goal this year is to increase my average speed from the 17.0-17.5 mph range to the 18.0-18.5 mph range. One mph of average speed may not sound like a lot but it is, and it takes a lot of time, focus, energy, and hard to work to i... Read more
Winter is Back!
Saturday, February 19, 2011      4 comments

Well, I'm glad I took advantage of a warm week in Minnesota--3os and 40s--and got out on the bike 4 or 5 times, because today we're back to reality. It's about 10 degrees right now and slated to start snowing/sleeting tonight and tomorrow, we mi... Read more

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