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A Friday Morning Thought!
Friday, July 09, 2010      1 comments

An enemy takes up more space in your head than a friend in the heart! Prov 18:24 says, "There is a friend that stickes closer than a brother". Prov 27:6 teaches us, "Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses". ... Read more
A Thursday Morning Thought!
Thursday, July 08, 2010      4 comments

Are you a player or just a spectator? Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God", say Rom 10:17. But what good does it do us just to hear and never put into practice what Jesus teaches us. James 1:22 teaches us, "Do not mer... Read more
A Wednesday Morning Prayer!
Wednesday, July 07, 2010      1 comments

Heavenly Father, help us to pray always from a right heart. Let us not cherish sin in our hearts for then you will not listen to our voice; but let us come to you with repentence seeking your forgiveness so that you hear our voice. We wan... Read more
A Tuesday Morning Thought!
Tuesday, July 06, 2010      0 comments

How shall we grow if our faith is not tested? Often, it is not announced like on the radio, "This is a test!" It just happens! Other times it is announced, or we know that it's coming. Sometimes we passed the test; sometimes we f... Read more
A Monday Afternoon Prayer!
Monday, July 05, 2010      5 comments

Heavenly Father, we are indeed grateful for the freedom we enjoy here in this nation, a nation which you established. We thank you for this freedom knowing that you have given us a greater freedom than that. You teach us that your truth w... Read more
A Saturday Morning Thought!
Saturday, July 03, 2010      5 comments

We mess up and someone yells, "Do Over!" But God gives us a new day everyday, not for a "DO OVER", but for a new start. There is a difference in continuing to grow and having to do things "OVER". Noah walked away from his past and star... Read more
A Friday Morning Prayer!
Friday, July 02, 2010      3 comments

Loving Father, we thirst for you: we seek you earnestly, our souls thirst for you, our bodies long for you, as if we live in a land with no water. We need your presence in our lives daily. We long for you more than for water in the dry ... Read more
A Thursday Morning Thought!
Thursday, July 01, 2010      0 comments

"Why are you angry?" That's the question God asked Cain in Gen 4:6. That's the question God is asking us today. Why are you angry? Someone in your life has done something you should or could have done....but you didn't. The... Read more
A Wednesday Morning Prayer!
Wednesday, June 30, 2010      0 comments

Heavenly Father, we pray that we may find the strength we need in Jesus to resist temtations. Create in us a pure heart. Renew a ssteadfast spirit within us. Do not cast us from your presence nor from the Holy Spirit. Restore in u... Read more
A Tuesday Morning Thought!
Tuesday, June 29, 2010      3 comments

Do we seek God's peace? God has assured us that if we seek we will find; if we ask we will receive; and if we knock the door will be opened to us. The problem is that although we know this, we do not live like we believe it. It would b... Read more
A Monday Afternoon Prayer!
Monday, June 28, 2010      1 comments

Heavenly Father, what a blessing it is to confessing our sins to you. When we acknowledge our sins to you and do not cover up our inquities, we are blessed with forgiveness from you and you remove the guilt from us. We don't w ant anything... Read more
A Saturday Morning Thought!
Saturday, June 26, 2010      3 comments

Life is a puzzle we need to put together. Do it right and you find a beautiful picture. Do it wrong and you have a mess. Never finish it and you will never know what life looks like. Share it and receive the joy that comes from it. ... Read more
A Friday Afternoon Prayer!
Friday, June 25, 2010      0 comments

Heavenly Father, we look to You our God as Our Protector. You see the oppression of the weak; you hear thr groaning of the needy; protect us from those who malign us. We are grateful for all the times you protect us from disasters. There... Read more
A Thursday Morning Thouht!
Thursday, June 24, 2010      3 comments

Be Faithful! Some say there are three stages in faith: 1. As a dependent child, who accepts everything and expects everything; 2. As a rebellious adolecent, who wants to be god; and 3. As a responsible parent, who faces the comple... Read more
A Wednesday Morning Prayer!
Wednesday, June 23, 2010      2 comments

Heavenly Father, we praise you for you give us songs in the day and in the night. When we seek you, you fill our hearts with songs, hymns and psalms, day and night; songs that delight the heart and soul and mind; songs that bring joy and g... Read more

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