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Saturday, May 01, 2010      7 comments

Hi Everyone Good Morning,this is a new month and first blog, Last night I have my Treat for the month, this is a pledge to my self to have a treat every month, and yesterday was the last day and so I treat my self to some ice cream and... Read more
Hi Everyone, I'M Not In Greece
Tuesday, April 20, 2010      9 comments

Good Morning Everyone,First I must say the trip to Greece have being Cancelled because we could not get the flight to leave today,and the next thing they did not want to keep the body so long,so my husband decide not to go,we all a... Read more
Saturday, April 17, 2010      10 comments

Good morning everyone, I'm so Stressed today I can't Believed it, and I am not the type of person who get stress and upset,as you all know my MIL died in Greece, so my hubby and I will be leaving on Tuesday I did not want to... Read more
Friday, April 16, 2010      13 comments

Good morning everyone,hope everyone is doing very good today,I have some sad news my husband mother died in Greece yeaterday,so we are thinking of going away for a couple of weeks,I am not sure as yet,I don't know if they can keep the bod... Read more
Good Morning Everyone,
Monday, April 12, 2010      6 comments

Good morning everyone,I am so late logging on this morning,I was talking and playing with my Granddaughter, so I just finish giving her bath do her hair,and now her mom is feeding her,I am having a wonderful time with her,she don't live in flo... Read more
Hi Everyone I'M Back,
Friday, April 09, 2010      5 comments

Hi Everyone, Good afternoon to you all,first I must say I am much much better today, I woke up this morning feeling stronger no ache no pain,I am very happy today,my Granddaughter is here and my sister also is visiting me so I am very ... Read more
Tuesday, April 06, 2010      12 comments

Good morning everyone,just a short blog,I am letting yo all know That I am sick I went to the DR Yesterday and she told me that I pick up a virus,but I don't have a cold,my head hurt I am very dizzy and I am weak in my whole body,I can't s... Read more
Happy Happy Easter To Everyone,
Sunday, April 04, 2010      3 comments

Hi Everyone Happy Easter to you all,Hope everyone is having a good day,I am not so well I woke up this morning with some dizzy feelings in my head, I took my BP and it was on the high side I don't know why, so after log on to Spark this m... Read more
Hi Everyone I'M Back Home,
Sunday, March 28, 2010      7 comments

Good Morning everyone, I am back home and very happy to be home because there is no place like home,First I must say thanks to all my Spark friends who stop by my spark page and leave me a note and Congrats on my first place win,th... Read more
Good Morning Everyone,
Sunday, March 21, 2010      6 comments

Good Morning everyone,and Happy sunday to you all.I had a wonderful week, my exercise plan was good, my eating plan was also good,my water goal was very good so I had a great week, I will be going away next week to visit with some fri... Read more
Thank You Thank you Thank You,
Wednesday, March 17, 2010      5 comments

Good morning Everyone, I just want to thank each and everyone for stopping by my page,and giving me Congrats on being walker of the day,I could not do it without you all,Thanks to my team Leader for choosing me, you all make my day,I j... Read more
Did You Hear About This,
Tuesday, March 16, 2010      8 comments

Hi everyone How you all doing, just sharing some news I heard this morning on the TV this lady that live in NJ she weigh 600 pounds and she want to weigh 1000 pounds so she eat like 2500Calories a day,and her food bill is over $700 p... Read more
Take A Look, Another Suvey,
Friday, March 12, 2010      0 comments

Not as easy as you might think! Copy and Paste into your own blog, change the answers to suit you. It's really hard to only use one word answers. Where is your cell phone? Table Spouse? Wonderful Your hair? Curly ... Read more
Thursday, March 11, 2010      2 comments

Good morning everyone,I start my day very good with drinking 16oz of water,anyway I was disappointed when I woke up early this morning went down to the gym there was a sign on the gym door no one can go in the gym before 7am,not even 6am but 7a... Read more
Wednesday, March 10, 2010      8 comments

Hi everyone, I just found this poem and I want to share it with you all, "When things go wrong as they sometimes will When the road you're trudging seems all up hill. When funds are low and the debts are high. And you want to smi... Read more

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