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Happy New Year
Tuesday, January 03, 2017      1 comments

Good Morning. Today is Tuesday, January 3rd, and it is the first day back to school in the new year. I'm excited to see the kids. I had a wonderful vacation, but am ready to be back to routine. That's a good feeling! I'm starting the year off ri... Read more
Monday, November 07, 2016      1 comments

I woke up ready to tackle the day! I love having the sun up in the morning again. I know that I will be shocked by the darkness tonight but I have a long rehearsal is a dark auditorium tonight so what's the difference! LOL! I over ate a bit yes... Read more
Thursday, November 03, 2016      5 comments

Yesterday I finally got myself moving! I did an extra 30 minutes of walking after school. I feel like I have a had a breakthrough! 30 minutes was nothing strenuous or taxing, but it was SOMETHING. My mindset needed to see it done to change gears... Read more
Wednesday, October 19, 2016      2 comments

Okay. Today is really the day of my doctor's appointment. I get so anxious over these things, it's ridiculous! I've stayed focused and motivated during the workdays this week and have felt great about myself sticking to packed lunches. Workout m... Read more
Tuesday, October 18, 2016      2 comments

I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. After a day of teaching, my blood pressure will likely be higher than they like. But I will do my best to stay calm all day (I get excited when I teach though)! Actually they didn't call to remi... Read more
Monday, October 17, 2016      7 comments

I have a to-do list. I have a plan. Lunch is packed. Food is logged. I have no reason not to succeed! I just need to squeeze in some extra movement after teaching and before Community band rehearsal this evening.... Read more
Sunday, October 16, 2016      2 comments

I have been generally unfocused for the last six months. I kept a wonderful exercise routine all summer, but paired it with eating too well. All good f... Read more
Thursday, Nov 19
Thursday, November 19, 2015      1 comments

It's been a decent but frazzled week. After our crazy busy weekend last weekend things have started to taper down for us, but I can tell I'm tired because I've made a silly mistake this week. Monday was a usual day with teaching and then a commu... Read more
Friday, November 13
Friday, November 13, 2015      5 comments

Friday the 13th and I teach all day in a Middle School. Eeek! Haha. Only kidding...I hope! Hubs and I had another rehearsal last night which meant a full evening out. We came home to a stubborn pellet furnace again so took the time to reall... Read more
Thursday, Nov 12
Thursday, November 12, 2015      1 comments

Good Morning! Up and at 'em today! I actually overslept this morning yet still managed to get out the door earlier that most mornings. Funny how that works...I overslept because I forgot to turn my alarm back on after yesterday's holiday. L... Read more
Blogging from the App
Wednesday, November 11, 2015      2 comments

I don't know if this feature is new with the update or if it has always been here and I have simply not noticed until now. Either way, I am very pleased as it will encourage me to blog more. I journal nearly daily, but making it public may help ... Read more
Thursday 4.9
Thursday, April 09, 2015      0 comments

Thursday 4.9 Yesterday I had such a wonderful, heartfelt post. I really opened up some fairly sensitive thoughts. I was all ready to publish the post and the server went down! I lost the whole thing. I simply didn't have the time or energy ... Read more
Monday 4.6
Monday, April 06, 2015      0 comments

Good morning! I am a regular journal-er on paper but recently discover that with my tablet I can kill to birds with one stone so to speak. I can easily type and pace at the same time. My head becomes clear by getting my thoughts down on"page" an... Read more
Wednesday, November 19, 2014      0 comments

The last blog I posted was months ago! July I think? In that post I was feeling accomplished because I had made many appointments regarding my health. I am still proud of myself... Read more
Knocking my to-do list out of the park!
Tuesday, July 08, 2014      1 comments

I am on a roll today! So far I have: scheduled annual doc appt scheduled eye appt scheduled car appt changed name on internet acct changed name on credit card acct changed name with aaa left message to change name with insurance... Read more

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