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Bored, Injured, and ready to Pig Out!
Sunday, May 12, 2013      2 comments

I got on a plane to fly down and visit my family. On the first day my mother and I decided to take the dogs for a walk. The BOOM! ... Read more
Good Bye Carbs
Thursday, March 07, 2013      1 comments

So I have just added gym time into my schedule today. I feel good. I have realized though by cutting out most carbs (at least breads and pastas) I have been gradually losing weight. I have had the occasional ice cream, but my new dessert is a ba... Read more
Smooth Criminal!
Tuesday, February 12, 2013      1 comments

The Wii is definitely a fun way to workout. I spent over forty minutes today dancing to Michael Jackson on the Wii. Five minutes in and I was dripping. It was a fun and tiring way to get a good exercise in. After that I decided to take it down a... Read more
Oh Sweet Hobby of Mine
Sunday, January 27, 2013      0 comments

Becoming more involved in your hobbies while trying to lose weight has revealed itself to be most important. When I write, paint, or do something I enjoy, I find that my cravings for foods I do not need disappear. My advice, for what it's worth,... Read more
Showered by the Harry Dog
Sunday, January 27, 2013      1 comments

I finally get the house to myself and what do I do? I didn't rock out out to "CrazyTrain" on RockBand, nor did I watch a movie, or any sort of fun activity. I spent the entire day playing "Betty Crocker's Kitchen." I cleaned, then baked, then cl... Read more
Two Days Left!
Tuesday, January 22, 2013      2 comments

Two days left and I am done with the HCG drops. TWO DAYS! And I have been the biggest cheater ever. Yesterday I had Lone Star. A steak with a fully loaded baked potato and the delicious Texas Rose with ranch. Today I had pepperoni, home made ice... Read more
The Mighty Peanut-Butter Balls!
Monday, January 21, 2013      0 comments

So I gave in to temptation and cheated. You know, the buddy system only works if at least one person can say no, but when both say yes "Holy Macaroni!" I just had four peanut-butter and oatmeal balls, also made with sugar, and that is breaking t... Read more
Happy Mondays
Sunday, January 20, 2013      0 comments

Thanks to Civil Rights Day this Monday is a home day, and next Monday is the start of phase three on my little HCG Journey. I've been looking up all kinds of recipes, I am super excited. However, I have to admit I have been at a weight stall the... Read more
Cheese and Hot Dogs!
Friday, January 18, 2013      0 comments

In six days I can stop doing the HCG drops and be done with them, preferably forever. In nine days the leash will be loosened and I can finally have some dairy, and the meats list gets longer. Oh my goodness, I drool just thinking about a hot d... Read more
Hello 2013
Tuesday, January 15, 2013      3 comments

It is 2013 and the world did not end, so my weight issue remains intact. I've decided that it's time to take some dedicated action. I am starting this year off by doing the HCG diet. I have done this diet before and while I have always loved how... Read more