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Feelin' like a food Nazi
Wednesday, January 09, 2008      2 comments

I am so excited about my clean eating that I just want to share it with everyone. I thought people would be excited and want to know more.... NOT. "You have so much self-control - I just don't have enough self-control." = 'No, seriously, sin... Read more
Can this be correct???
Wednesday, January 09, 2008      1 comments

The scale says that I'm down to 167 (166.9). I weighed myself 3 times. Can I be losing weight too fast??? (3 lbs in 4 days?) I feel really good and don't feel deprived at all.... Read more
Good Start
Tuesday, January 08, 2008      0 comments

I got up at 4:05am to do some cardio... I messed around on Spark for about 30 minutes (yikes) and only got in 30 minutes. Kindof a bummer. But I did something. Now I'm off to the shower after tracking exercise. I'm still not sure what's ... Read more
A super Sunday
Sunday, January 06, 2008      0 comments

So I'm doing the usual 'get ready to go out' dance... looking through my closet at all the clothes that I hate - either because I feel fat in them or because they are too tight and I feel fat in them. ON a whim I pulled out a kahki skirt that w... Read more
A little bit sad...
Sunday, January 06, 2008      0 comments

First off - I am proud of myself. Stayed clean today and within my calorie range. Drank a TON of water (quit tracking at 8 glasses though), took my multi-vitamin and got on the treadmill. So what's up? Tonight we had our bi-monthly small... Read more
In My 'Thinner' Jeans
Friday, January 04, 2008      0 comments

Yep... I have lost about 6 pounds since I started this Clean Eating and this past week I noticed that my favorite pairs of jeans were hanging a little low. So I pulled out the 'too small - but barely' jeans just to see, and they fit! Now I've... Read more
January 3
Thursday, January 03, 2008      0 comments

Finally, we're home! It's been a long week, and I've got so much catching up to do before school starts. Good news first - I stepped on the scale when we got home (I ate really well - even with the traveling, and probably less because my choi... Read more
December 28
Friday, December 28, 2007      2 comments

Got on the scale again this morning. I'm back up to 174 (from 172) YIPES! I know that the sodium has been crazy since Christmas (from the turkey - my lean protein - of all things!) and I'm hoping that is the main reason. I stayed within my c... Read more
December 27 - last time
Thursday, December 27, 2007      0 comments

Well - I did it. I stayed clean. My parents invited us over for pizza and we accepted. It's snowing like crazy and we had to put off our road trip, as did they. So nobody was prepped for a big dinner. We went over and I made my OWN pizza. ... Read more
December 27 (again)
Thursday, December 27, 2007      0 comments

Well, I'm sitting in front of the computer with my pile of exams getting ready to put them in the virtual gradebook.... yippee. Notice what I'm doing instead. AFter this I'll be done with that. Now on to planning for the new semester. I'm ju... Read more
December 27
Thursday, December 27, 2007      0 comments

A little depressed... I KNOW that this not the end-all, but it seems the scale is creeping back up. I know I weighed myself too early (3 days). I KNOW that I am eating much better and exercising and that is the important thing. But it is stil... Read more
Wednesday, December 26, 2007      0 comments

Day 3 of normal blood pressure... only 2 weeks and 4 days to go til I reward myself with....???? Need to decide that soon. Thinking a message or a pedicure.... Read more
Wednesday, December 26, 2007      0 comments

Yeah - I'm nervous about this trip. I know I can control most of it, but the parts that I can't control will be a challenge. S is eating pumpkin oatmeal right now. Hmmmm.... E loved it and asked for thirds. It's still a work in progre... Read more
Merry Christmas
Tuesday, December 25, 2007      0 comments

BP tonight - 122/66 Day 2! I went ahead and figured out the calories in the mousse... I just couldn't let it go - I even tracked it. I'm not too horribly over my range. I am really proud that I served myself 1/8 of the mousse (says it se... Read more
Merry Christmas
Monday, December 24, 2007      0 comments

BP tonight... 118/68! Day 1 and counting... NOw I've just gotta think of a reward...... Read more

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