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Half Marathon...Check!
Sunday, December 15, 2013      5 comments

Today I got to check off a big one on my bucket list...I ran my first half marathon. This goal was a big one for me, as I've been wanting to run one for years. In the past I had signed up for 2 different races in which I didn't compete in (fir... Read more
Half marathon goal: 1 step back and 2 steps forward
Sunday, November 10, 2013      4 comments

Today is November 10th, the day I had planned on running my first half marathon. That didn't happen. My training was going really well, but then all of a sudden, my schedule got unbelievably busy and I got off course. I recently started... Read more
Random victory of the day...
Sunday, October 20, 2013      7 comments

It's been a while since I've written a blog so this is a good time to update the world on my progress a little bit. I've been maintaining my weight pretty easily for a while now. In a perfect world, I'd still love to lose a little more, but I'... Read more
Friday, April 05, 2013      4 comments

Today on Sparkcoach I was encouraged to focus on the positive and list 3 of my recent accomplishments. If I slip up I can refer back to these and remember the good things that I've done lately! 1. I've lost 44 pounds total! 2. I'm on... Read more
My tracking week was a success! ...and a message from my chocolate.
Saturday, March 30, 2013      8 comments

This past week was the 5% challenge's tracking week. I'm happy to say that I was 100% for tracking every bite and staying within my calorie range. Now that I have a little streak going, I'm going to do my best not to let it die. I'm on day 8 ... Read more
Always learning...
Tuesday, March 26, 2013      7 comments

This week's challenge (food tracking) is always a rewarding one for me, and I'm always learning something new. I try to track my food regularly, but whenever I do it for the challenge, I realize just how many small bites I'm consuming. Those c... Read more
Day 6: Do you need some motivation or advice? Ask for it!
Thursday, March 07, 2013      9 comments

Well I always welcome a little motivational push from others. :) I will need it this weekend though, because I have family coming to visit this weekend. My parents are coming and bringing my 2.5 year old niece! I'm so excited to see the... Read more
Day 5: What can you improve upon?
Wednesday, March 06, 2013      7 comments

What can you improve upon? For me tracking is key. I'm pretty good about it, except for weekends which is where I can improve the most. However, I do sneak in bites of stuff here and there that I should be tracking, or just not eating. ... Read more
How much do I weigh?
Tuesday, March 05, 2013      10 comments

Tonight my husband was filling out a form for our health insurance. He was asking me questions from the other room. How much do the kids weigh, height, etc. Then, "How much do you weigh?" In the past I would have hated this question and ... Read more
5% challenge: Blogging week, Day 4
Tuesday, March 05, 2013      7 comments

What are you doing day by day? Well first off, I'm check into spark people! I track my food. I exercise about every day, what I do depends on what day it is. I keep a journal that REALLY helps me stay on track. When I have time, I cheer... Read more
5% challenge: Blogging week, day 3
Monday, March 04, 2013      9 comments

What are you doing to encourage yourself and keep on track? When I was new to SP I was all about giving myself little rewards for the work that I was putting in. Now that most of that "work" has become habit and I don't need rewards as m... Read more
5% challenge, blogging week. Day 2
Sunday, March 03, 2013      6 comments

I missed day 1. Not a surprise really because this challenge started on a Saturday. I tend to tune out of Spark People a little on the weekends. In some regards I think this helps me stay sane, but by not tracking my food, I know does not hel... Read more
Not done yet. New goals.
Friday, February 01, 2013      6 comments

When I originally picked my goal weight, I chose it based on a few factors, but told myself I'd see how I felt when I got there and would readjust it if need be. I've been mulling it over for about a week. Now that I'm here, I feel great... Read more
Hello goal weight.
Friday, February 01, 2013      9 comments

This week, I hit my goal weight. If had imagined this moment at the beginning of my journey, I would I would have imagined me running through the streets yelling and giggling with glee, with balloons and confetti flying too of course. Th... Read more
What 25 lbs looks like on me. Photo update.
Friday, January 25, 2013      6 comments

These past 5 pounds since my last photo update have been tough. All of the holidays, birthdays, family visits had really stalled out my weight loss but I finally hit 148 today...just one pound from my ultimate goal weight! Yay! Anyways,... Read more

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