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Sad for me but happy for Mom...
Saturday, March 26, 2011      12 comments

Hi friends. I had to let you all know that I lost my mom yesterday. She was 79 and until a year or so before her death was in good health. She developed severe dementia but still knew us (my sister, brothers and me). My sister had taken... Read more
It's Been a Long Time...
Thursday, March 03, 2011      9 comments

Hi friends, It's been a very long time since I've been online and even longer since I've blogged. But I have to tell you what's been going on. Last time I was on my Ron and I were living in a trailer in Albany, OH. Turned out our ne... Read more
So close ~ yet so far away....
Monday, August 02, 2010      2 comments

Hi friends, Although there are many things that fit the title of this, the one I am referring to is reaching my goal. I've been hovering between 173# and 168# for 6 months now and my goal, 165#, is laughing at me. But I WILL get there, of ... Read more
Hey Y'all, It's Really Me.....
Tuesday, June 08, 2010      5 comments

Hi friends, Has it been a long time or what? I've been around, just not on the computer. And I wanted to, while I AM here, tell you all that I miss you ~ a lot. Now, I'm not saying that I'll be on here every day, but what I am saying is ... Read more
It's Been a Long Time.....
Saturday, December 05, 2009      4 comments

Hi friends, I hardly know what to say, it's been such a long time since I've blogged. I've been reading a lot and playing the silly games (but I LOVE 'em) on Facebook and just hanging out with the family. Well, Shady, my Akita '... Read more
Another One Bites the Dust....
Tuesday, October 13, 2009      5 comments

Hi all, I haven't blogged for a while as I've been settling in. But yesterday was my monthly weigh-in and I just HAD to let y'all know that I lost another pound! YEEHAW!!! So now I'm 8 pounds from goal ~ and I must tell you, I never th... Read more
What Up Wi' Dat??? ;-)
Sunday, September 20, 2009      8 comments

Hi all, I've had some thoughts rolling around in the vast empty expanses of my brain emoticon and I thought ... Read more
Bummer! I Have to Move Again....
Friday, September 04, 2009      12 comments

Hi all, I just went to pay the landlord the rent, the 3rd one, and he informed me that as of "very soon", he'll be getting rid of both the mobile homes he has on this lot. He intends to build a duplex and raise the rent. Come On! A D... Read more
Two Great Days in a Row!
Monday, August 24, 2009      3 comments

Hi all, I've had a couple of great days and I wanted to share with you all. Yesterday a friend of mine that I hadn't seen in 40 years and her husband came to our house. I had such a wonderful time trying to catch up on the years! And b... Read more
Dollar Store Reading Glasses Are Better Than None....
Saturday, August 22, 2009      5 comments

Hi Y'all, I wanted to update my last blog and let you know that I took the trek to Family Dollar today for reading glasses. Family DOLLAR? I think not! They were $6.00, but worth every penny! LOL I'm an avid reader and I love m... Read more
Oh My Gosh! My GLASSES broke!
Friday, August 21, 2009      3 comments

Hi all, I went to bed last night and put my glasses on the coffee table and this morning when I got up they were broken. I mean the metal part is broken. Worst part is that I won't be able to replace them till September. You ought... Read more
Death in the Family.....
Wednesday, August 05, 2009      12 comments

Hi all, Just had to get this off my chest and onto paper (so to speak). Thanks in advance for readin' it. My Ron's nephew, Charlie, passed away night before last. He was only 24, WAY too young to die. But Charlie never knew anything... Read more
Can I Get More Relaxed?
Sunday, July 26, 2009      8 comments

Hi all, As you all know I've been pretty much inactive for quite a while now and it was really getting to me. But one of my teams ran a thread that really made me think and now I'm seeing things a lot differently, but in a good way. I w... Read more
I Gotta Miss My GHI Marathon! :-(
Tuesday, July 07, 2009      5 comments

Hi all, I just wanted to come here and tell y'all that I'm moved in ~ the stuff isn't situated yet. We moved from a 4 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom mobile home so it's stuff, stuff and more stuff! I guess I'm gonna go the Craig's List route... Read more
Going Offline For a Few Days...
Sunday, June 28, 2009      6 comments

Hi All, I thought I would come here and let you know that the move is nearly complete, 3 more days of it and we'll be in there this coming Friday. So, as of Wednesday, I'll be offline until I get hooked up at the new place. I have them com... Read more

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