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Dr. Oz Calorie Calculator
Thursday, May 16, 2013      2 comments

Anyone else see this episode? I forget the guy's name but he said in order to determine the amount of daily calories you should be eating you multiply the weight you WANT to be by 12. For instance, I want to weigh 140 so my calorie intake is 140... Read more
How do you find contentment?
Friday, April 19, 2013      0 comments

I know there is no magic pill to take so you are content and happy with yourself, but how the heck do people do it? How do you cut yourself some slack? How do I begin to like me? Any ideas?... Read more
Can't Get Started Again
Wednesday, April 17, 2013      2 comments

I just cannot get through day one. I do well all day and then I get home and it goes all to hell. I binge. I don't work out like I tell myself I am going to. Ugh.... Read more
Saturday, March 05, 2011      1 comments

That is how I feel today. Tired and don't want to work out....whatever. Have 300 calories left for the day...whatever. Just whatever whatever whatever. I will care tomorrow I am sure but today it is whatever.... Read more
My cats are plotting against me
Friday, March 04, 2011      3 comments

No really, they are. Today I got home with my subway sandwich that I have been looking forward to all day long. I went into the treadmill room to do battle with my gym equipment. I turned on the fan and the tv and turned around to find Stanley, ... Read more
He Lived!!!
Thursday, March 03, 2011      7 comments

OKLAHOMA CITY – Hundreds of people from the United States and Canada want to adopt an Oklahoma dog that survived an attempt to euthanize it. The puppy was one of five stray dogs that Sulphur animal control officer Scott Prall put to sleep F... Read more
Bananas, who knew?
Wednesday, March 02, 2011      4 comments

Read this article on yahoo claiming bananas are the best snack for fighting hunger: Ever grab a snack but then feel hungry again 20 minutes later? Next time, reach for a banana. It’s loaded with Resistant Starch (RS), a healthy carb that fi... Read more
Um, can you run that by me again?
Monday, February 28, 2011      1 comments

I have a rant. I was reading a blog, I have never read this member's blog before. The topic was that her body hates her because, um, Flo came to town a week early. Then she puts in ( ) that maybe it is a miscarriage and in that case thanks... Read more
Figuring out what will work for me.
Monday, February 28, 2011      1 comments

I hate the treadmill. When I had a gym membership and my beloved elliptical was taken I would get on a bike vs the treadmill. This is how much I hate the treadmill. But since my gym closed and I am too embarrassed to join a new gym right now I h... Read more
Why do I do this to myself?
Saturday, February 26, 2011      5 comments

I was watching Heavy on my computer and once that was finished I decided to check out the other shows available on A&E. There was Paranormal State. Now, during the day or when someone is around, nothing bothers me. However, my roommate is gone f... Read more
Can't Sleep Again
Friday, February 25, 2011      2 comments

Did 43 minutes on the treadmill. I was going for an hour but my calves started cramping up. This is weird....I never get cramps in my calves. I don't know if I set the incline too high to start off with or if I haven't had enough water or what. ... Read more
I need to get on the right track
Thursday, February 24, 2011      2 comments

I have a good day then I have two horrible days of over eating, not working out, etc. I can't stay motivated. I want instant results and I know I am not going to get them. Being fat sucks.... Read more
Insomnia + Treadmill = 90 minute workout at 3am
Tuesday, February 22, 2011      5 comments

Yep, I have not even had my morning coffee yet but I have worked out twice as much as my daily goal!!! Sometimes insomnia works to my advantage.... Read more
In the first place.....kiss my booty lady!!!
Tuesday, February 22, 2011      7 comments

This is a rant. It is just a rant. I feel the need to post this disclaimer. So, a few days ago I posted that I was going to go on a 900 calorie diet for a couple of days. I put my reasons why and stated it was just for two days. I felt the ... Read more
Jewels from My Name is Earl
Monday, February 21, 2011      2 comments

So, as you know I am sick today so I am spending the day watching old episodes of my beloved tv series I have recorded on my computer. Right now I am rewatching Season 1 of My Name is Earl. Now, the series turned to poo starting in Season 3 and ... Read more

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